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  1. otDan

    Question Stack memory probems

    I am starting to experience randomly on all windows applications random "memory stack errors" Chrome, Discord, Games ecc.. What component could be causing this? If you have any way of testing what could be causing it please tell me.
  2. D

    Question Is this graphics card compatible with my motherboard?

    My motherboard is 2ABF would a GTX 1650 be compatible with it? My system is a HP Pro 3400 MT Intel core i5 2400 if not, what would be a good card that is compatible with my system? I have a stinky GT 530 in right now :disrelieved:. Please help Thank you
  3. Swaggmaster64

    Question R7 DUAL-X GSoD while gaming.

    Hey, I recently got a lot of GSoD while playing League of Legends and GTA V, mostly on GTA, since yesterday. This occurs on gta V when i am in game, not in loading. My computer specs: -MSI 970A-G43 -AMD FX-6300 -Sapphire R7 265 DUAL X -8GB of DDR3 I think my drivers are up to date (No update...
  4. R

    Question PC shuts down randomly, all fans spin up.

    Hi people, So ive started to have this weird problem with my PC. Built the PC back in oktober 2019 and had no problems with it, untill now... The problem first occured when I booted the new Zoo Tycoon game, after running for about 3 minutes the PC would shutdown(could still hear the sound of...
  5. JodeToad

    [SOLVED] 2 in to several out hdmi switcher or any suggestions!

    Wanted to know if this was possible I currently own a 1 in 5 out hdmi switcher, but I was wondering if there's one where you can have 2 in and more than one out through searching I've only seen ones with either 1 in or 1 out never multiple on both sides. See as I have a small room and I have a...

    Question need help with choosing a gpu

    I want to buy a 1660 super card in my price range I have 2 options Gigabyte gtx 1660 super oc 2x fan a(1830mhz) and Asus Tuf gaming gtx 1660 super oc @(1845mhz) now the problem is gigabyte gpu priced at 20199 ruppy and Asus on 22699 now Asus have a copper heat pipes to reduce heat now should I...
  7. TyroNNN

    Question Please Help!! My PC randomly shutts itself while playing games

    CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB SSD: Corsair Force LE 240GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 2TB RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400 C16 2x8GB MBD: Gigabyte GA-B365 M AORUS ELITE-CF PWS: Corsair 650W | 650txv2 This is my specs I tried everything thru internet to find the...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] is my pc good enough for an RTX 2060 OR GTX 1660 SUPER?

    I still didn't decide on which GPU Upgrade should I go for. I want to go either for an RTX 2060 OR GTX 1660 SUPER. With this upgrade, I am also planning on getting a new Power Supply (500W-600W) & More Ram (16-32GB). I Mostly want to know if my MOTHERBOARD & My Cooling is suited for an RTX 2060...
  9. B

    Question Upgrade advice for old gaming system with very limited budget!

    Short version: 9 year old hardware that needs upgrading but with limited funds, what to prioritise with £200 budget. SPECS CPU: I7 3770k MOBO: P8Z77-V RAM: 2x 8gb DDR3 1338MHz (currently XMP at 1800MHz) GPU: Zotac 1650 Super 4gb (Brand new) PSU: 850W (no idea...
  10. F

    Question I ran into an issue with my custom built PC. NOT POSTING, BOOTING TO WIN 10

    I was playing games on my PC and then I decided to restart my computer for a nice refresh and then my PC didn’t want to boot to windows 10. I want to check on the cables for the hard drive SSDs and it’s looking fine but still not booting up the windows. now I ran into another issue it’s not...
  11. S

    Question Are these upgrades okay?

    Hello! I am upgrading my old desktop computer: Hardware Experience: 0 Computer: ASUS CM6870 with completely original parts. Ideal Budget: $800CDN ($600 USD) Max Budget: $1000CDN ($750USD) Goal: Capability to run AAA videogames. Questions: Are these upgrades okay? Should I be looking at...
  12. eibelbilly

    [SOLVED] Help upgrading

    My system is a amd fx 6300, evga gtx960ssc 4gb, 8gb ram, on a msi sli krait edition., Call of duty warzone has random frame dips on anything above verry low settings what can I do to fix that. My ideas where more ram from 8 to 32, a better gpu like a evga rtx 2060 ko and possibly a fx 8350...
  13. OctanGaming234

    Question My CPU cooler is stuck onto my motherboard.

    So, I have a Asus P8H61-I which I have kept to use on my brother’s new rig, It currently has a i3-2100T along with a GTX 750Ti 2GB, 8 gigs of ram and a 250gb Ssd. I have recently bought an i7-2700K to replace the slow asf i3 however the intel stock cooler is stuck into the motherboard after...
  14. Fervals002

    Question I need help with my monitor not working

    My problem is that 1 of my monitors stopped working I have at home 2 identical intel nuc 5 and 2 identical hp pavillion 2xw monitors At first i thought it was a cable issue so I tried my first pc on the second monitor and everything worked perfectly. So that discarded the cable issue or a pc...
  15. Moraisomatador

    Question How to overlock a Ryzen 3800X

    Hey, so since i've got my 3800x i've been searching on-line for a guide to overclock it, since i've never did an overclock before i just dont feel comfortable doing it by myself. The thing is, i can't seem to find a guide that explains everything that i have to do in order to do it right. All...
  16. S

    Question Recommended Power Supply for a GTX 1660 Super?

    I am planning on upgrading my GPU and I want to know what power supply will be good for a GTX 1660 Super? I've read that the recommended PSU is 450W. CURRENT SPECS: CPU: i5-8400 2.8Ghz, CURRENT GPU: GTX 1050 TI, COOLER: Arctic Freezer 13 CPU Cooler, MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte H370 HD3 LGA1151v2...
  17. LuukVL


    Hey guys so about 2 days ago my pc suddenly operated really slow. When i start it up it takes like 3 minutes to fill in my password then when its finally working it takes another 5 minutes to load all the pictograms. When i open chrome it takes 5 minutes untill it finally loads the tab. Its...
  18. sendhelppls

    Question My RAM went from 8gb to 1.5gb, what just happened?

    Hello, i need help or someone to explain to me what is happening. IDK how to start, but after i installed windows from the 8gb(6.9gb usage), the ram just cut of to like 5gb without the usage thing,just 5gb. I was confused and thought that there is something to do with the drivers so i did all...
  19. really stupid

    Question rainbow six skipping frames

    rainbow six siege is skipping frames see here feels like i’ve done everything i can, i have dynamic tick off, platform clock off, disabled game bar completely, reinstalled drivers with ddu, changed rainbows cpu priority, edited power plan, reinstalled, tried vsync, happens on vulkan and normal...
  20. Tini

    Question Upgrading my PSU

    Can HP XW4600 WS 475W Power Supply 80 PLUS fit in my hp compaq elite 8300 cmt ?