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  1. K

    Question New GPU won't connect with my mobo

    I got the new AMD Radeon 5700 ( ) and tried to install the hardware to my PCI slot on my micro-atx Gigabyte mobo ( ) but it won't work. The GPU is getting power because I plugged it into...
  2. T

    Question Black screen with cursor after fresh install

    I reset my PC because of some lag issues and everything was fine. Got all my applications and everything back installed. I shut down my computer (Windows shut down, not a hard reset) and when I turn it back on I get some error saying something happened and windows cannot boot properly. I...
  3. D

    Question CPU fan spins very fast and I lose video signal. It basically crashes

    I have had my computer for about a week now and haven't done much with it yet. Yesterday I played for about 5 hours and the fan spun very fast and I lost video signal, my friend also couldn't hear me anymore and after a few seconds I lost audio. I turned it off and tried to play and it...
  4. Y

    Question Upgrade my CPU or GPU?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering what I should upgrade first; CPU or GPU. My current setup is: -i5 7500 -6GB GTX1060, MSI Gaming X edition -16GB of RAM I did some research into the upgrades and I don't want to upgrade a little bit, for instance from my 1060 to a 1070 or from my i5 7500 to a...
  5. A

    Question I have 2 Sticks or RAM and they both work individually but not together

    So I had to take apart my PC last night and everything was working at 100%. When I put it back together only one of my 8GB sticks of RAM works at a time I have reset my BIOS to default and enabled my XMS in the BIOS but still nothing I have tried with multiple sticks or RAM of two brands. When...
  6. S

    Question PC freezes for 4 seconds, shuts off, restarts, and shows no display

    So I bought a new gigabyte G1 Geforce GTX 1060 6gb graphics card, and recently problems have started occuring. First of all, when I boot my pc after it turns off, there is no display, and I have to unplug and replug my dvi cable back into the gpu for it to turn on ( ive tried other cables but to...
  7. D

    Question Blue screen B1

    Hello, I have problem with BS, First time happend when i was playing cs go. then i tried start and pc and everything seemed ok, but after a few minutes BS came out. now its ok, but i think when i turn on csgo on it will come back. I was trying play cs go a few times but it was the same BS or...
  8. M

    Question weird ghosting effect in games

    I have this weird ghosting effect on rust and its bugging the S out of me and its all in rust! I know Rust is unoptimized but this is the worst thing I have ever played on my laptop. setup: MSI GL63 8RE-629 videos for the problem : Ghosting effect #1 (sorry for the noises) Ghosting effect #2...
  9. N

    Question RTX 2080 TI - Shuts off under load... help :(

    I bought my PC on finance a couple of months ago as it was the best financial option for me at the time, however the turn around time for a repair is too long, therefore I would like to eliminate the problem myself if possible, therefore I have tried all I can to find out the problem and have...
  10. P

    Question My Pc has started to crash every time I use my theater room

    So this has happened on many different occasions now where I plug my theater room's HDMI to my pc and use it watch netflix. After being done using my theater room i unplug my hdmi and go about my way using my pc again, when trying to open application/games directly after, everything on my pc...
  11. G

    [SOLVED] Need help, Low FPS despite High-End PC

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this community so this post might be in the wrong section. But I'm starting to get desperate for help. Recently I've looked at some Benchmarks on YouTube and noticed, that the fps they get is way better than mine, despite having the same GPU and CPU. That being said...
  12. aeromaster03

    Question Mouse jittery when I press down a button and move the mouse in FPS games

    I've been having this problem over different keyboards and different mice so I think it must be my PC, but when, for example, I press W to move forward and drag my mouse to the right, the mouse has jagged movements and I continue walking even after I've released the W key. Any help on this...
  13. R

    Question Suggestions welcome! I need a more tolerable machine.

    Hello, I’m finally at my limit and I cannot tolerate my machine anymore. I’m getting a new and I was wondering if anyone had any advice or thought about parts. Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: don’t mind Budget Range: let’s keep it under $7000 System Usage from Most to Least Important...
  14. S

    Question Computers Fans Turn on But No Display

    Hello, I am building a pc and have plugged everything in. The cooler turns on and so does the gpu but there is no display. I have tried to use the hdmi on the motherboard and the gpu but nothing. Here is my build
  15. D

    Question My Ryzen 5 2400G integrated graphics aren't performing like ones in YouTube videos, what's causing this?

    Hi All! First-time poster so please excuse any mistakes. :D I've just completed my first ever PC build and under a very tight budget I decided to go for the integrated graphics on the 2400G as opposed to buying a graphics card (for now at least) Anyways, in videos, people can get 50 ish frames...
  16. J

    Question Which PSU to get for my HP 8300 Elite SFF

    I am not sure what would fit and be compatible. My current PSU only has 240 watts, and I am looking for 350-500 (Planning on upgrading graphics card to GT 1050 or GT 1070) Current specs: i7 3770k GT 1030 1 TB HDD 16 GB ram Windows 10
  17. G

    Question Is my build fine or do I need to change???

    Hiya, soo my current spec is: I7- 6700 16 GB Ram 1TB HDD RTX 2070, which I recently upgraded from GTX 980. Corsair VS 550 watts power supply (do I need to upgrade it?) Motherboard.... umm, I’m not sure. It’s ASUS something. (Don’t really know how to check it) I will probably add SSD soon...
  18. S

    Question Can I run my computer on my motherboard box?

    I have every component needed except my case and that’ll take 4-7 days to come in the mail so I was wondering if I could use my asus rog crosshair vii hero motherboard case and just run it on that until the case comes?
  19. Jlg823

    Question Ant/Dust stuck in monitor, any help?

    As you can see here, View: there's something stuck in my monitor. It doesnt appear to be a dead or stuck pixel so I'd assume it's either dust or a dead ant stuck in here. Any solutions? I've tried using my phone's vibrator to see if I can knock the Dust/Ant...
  20. S

    Question Will my computer keep up with my 144Hz 1080p Monitor?

    My build - Ryzen 5 3600 Rtx 2060 SC Ultra 16GB (2x8) 3200Mhz Cl16 Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero Planning on using Medium-High settings on every game. Thanks for helping if you comment!