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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Can you microcode a RISC processor and make a CISC processor?

    Since x86, CISC processors are microcoded, could you microcode a RISC processor and make it a CISC processor? I feel like I am missing a lot about this topic so please don't bash me (a.k.a. I'm a newbie to microcode).
  2. A

    Question New 2nd hand GPU facing issues

    Good day to everyone on this sub! I appreciate your time trying to help in advance! There is a performance issue that i cannot seem to mitigate with my new GPU, whenever i play games, MOST games will stay at 50% or less usage and perform awfully such as Dishonored, Dishonored 2, Fortnite, ALL...
  3. Seacatyew

    Question New cpu high temperature with thermal paste..

    I just bought a new cpu 2 days ago and it has a very high cpu temp whenever I open games like league for example (should stay at 50c) The cpu is an i7-9700k and today I bought some thermal paste and thought it would help the temp go down whenever I play stuff and at first it was around 40c...
  4. T

    Question PC Wont boot when ram is in dual channel

    Hi, my pc was running fine for a couple of months and yesterday my daughter knocked down pc (pc was on the floor it didn't fell from desk or any height just knocked on the side) and i couldn't get it to boot. I tried to take out 1 ram stick and it booted normally. So after couple of minutes...
  5. Question PC Won't boot, boot drives aren't booting either

    Giving as much detail as possible, I'll try to showcase what I'll believe to be the most important information Intro (2nd paragraph gets straight to the error code): As of a few hours ago, I had trouble installing a classic WoW beta update on the launcher. To fix this error I began...
  6. Y

    Question Help me sell my pc! (Please)

    Hi Im new to the whole pc selling market and also these forums ( used to use them years ago, idk what category im supposed to be in) Can someone help me find the worth of my current pc im trying to sell show the best website to post it while keeping extra fees in mind (Im from Belgium...
  7. A

    Question PLZZZ HELP. My pc won’t turn on. Spent 4 hours and won’t turn on!

    The Rgb on the motherboard turns on. The white lights on the gpu turn on. And the glowing power button turn on. However the Ram rgb , all the fans including psu won’t turn on. Also no display. Parts: Strx z-370-e Rmx 650 Strx 1080ti I7-8700k H100i pro Trident z rgb 16 gigs 3 Ll120 rgb fans Lian...
  8. T

    Question Spilled dip spit on motherboard, Help if you can, it would be appreciated.

    Pc specs: I5-6400 16gb ddr4 2400 rx 580 ( when it works I guess) Gtx 750ti ( when nothing else works) A stolen intel core 2 duo heatsink with some hydraulic bearing fan that is quiet unless temps go above 60c which they don’t Windows 10 Tried reinstalling, reseating, holding my thumbs in my...
  9. J

    Question Micro Stutter (without fps drop) in game

    Hi people. (this may be a long read) I'm new to all this pc stuff so bare with. Iv got an issue which has haunted me for months now and is really grinding me down. I ended up buying 5 pcs all pretty much the same just with 1 different part each time, and each time Iv had micro stuttering...
  10. Seacatyew

    Question About my cooler with an i7-9700k i just got

    Hey! I recently upgraded my i3-8350k with a cooler master tx3 evo cooler to an i7-9700k and on hwinfo it said my max temp was around 85c and voltage 1380 which I don't think my current cooler is good for. Do you guys have any tips on how I can like lower the voltage or something like that until...
  11. J

    Question Screen flickering on and off boot loop? Help!

    When I get on my desktop after I log into my PC it keeps flickering every 7 seconds or so and I cant do anything. I've tried a system restore and I'm thinking going back to windows 7 any suggestions? Heres a video of the issue
  12. W

    Question NVIDIA GTX 2080 - Black Screen and Fan Overdrive

    Windows 10 64bit I7-8700k @ 3.7 32 gb ram NVIDIA GTX 2080 8gb Hey everyone. I'm having an issue that is happening intermittently over the last few days. I run a dual monitor set up. I was watching some youtube videos on monitor 2 and my computer all of a sudden blackscreens and the fans on my...
  13. C

    Question No connector for extra case fan

    Hello, I got my PC up and running today however I have 2 case fans and only one connector on the motherboard. Is this correct and if so is there a way around this? Gigabyte H310M S2H 2.0 (Sorry couldn't attach image) Thanks
  14. S

    Question Why is my download speed slower than the upload speed?

    Title, pretty much. Paying for 100/100, I have 100/100 on other devices connected to the same router via the same cable, but on this PC I get 5mbit/s down and 110mbit/s up. I'm not downloading anything, I'm not running anything in the background. It's a freshly formatted drive with nothing but...
  15. C

    Question 4 pin power connector in 6 pin CPU socket

    Hello, I recently broke my motherboard :( however I ordered a new motherboard Gigabyte H310M S2H This motherboard has a 6 pin connector for the cpu however I only have two 4 pin connectors from my PSU. Could I run one 4 pin? CPU: i5-8400 GPU: GTX 1070 Thanks!
  16. N

    Question RAM & CPU is not working to its potential from benchmarks

    So, ive had this built since late 2018, probably sept or nov 2018. Never really thought I had any issues with my computer but recently its been acting weird. One issue was that it occasionally happens is when I turn off my computer it takes its time to switch from the asrock loading screen (the...
  17. parkerw

    Question Using my PC earlier tonight, now having issues with it

    Hello, i upgraded my pc a few weeks ago cpu: amd ryzen 2700 gpu: nvidia rtx 2070 ram: corsair 32gb ddr4 mobo: asus x470f i was using my pc earlier tonight with no issues whatsoever.. but going to turn it on i got through post, windows logo, and then no signal. I am able to boot it into safe...
  18. S

    Help picking best 1080p HD Tv out there?

    My TCL tv some how fried by me accidentally knocking the cable out of its outlet, gently, and won't turn on. I don't want a 4k tv as they suck for normal TV watching .I want something with just really good picture/colors. I'm looking to be around 40-50" Want to buy one by friday and willing to...
  19. pwncakes

    Question Help for buying 2nd Monitor

    Hello there guys! I would like your opinion on what should I get as my 2nd monitor. Currently I have the ASUS VG278Q with 144hz refresh rate. Basically, the main reason of buying a 2nd monitor would be streaming for me. Instead of spending tho 250$ for a simple monitor to do my work, I could...
  20. S

    Question Issues installing network adapter driver

    So, I’ve known that my pc has some kind if problem installing drivers, specifically network adapters for a while. NordVPN didn’t work because the driver wouldn’t install and same with Hamachi but that wasn’t of too much importance. But yesterday, I tried updating the driver and it just stopped...