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  1. MKUltra2.0

    Question Intel Core i3 Gen 9 upgrade went wrong!!

    i have an Intel core i3 gen 9 CPU and am going to upgrade it to an i7 9700k CPU is this okay? It has the same LGA 1151 socket but I’m just posting this because I already got a CPU that was an i5 7th gen with the same socket but it was incompatible. If someone can tell me if this is a compatible...
  2. S

    Question Help i think my power supply is dying

    Hello I noticed when i touch my case i get shocked and I've noticed that my power supply gets really hot after like 15 minutes after i start the system Is my power supply dying And If my power supply is faulty could it fry my components ? And also resently when i shut my pc down for a while...
  3. O

    Question Bizarre problem getting new system to boot to the BIOS ?

    This is a continuation of another thread about the same subject that's gotten to be nearly 4 months old. I took a pretty long break from this project due to how much it was frustrating me, but recently I took it to a professional, and thought that I had the problem solved on two separate...
  4. khauamx5

    Question 10400f + 64GB RAM vs 13400f + 32GB RAM for 3D work ?

    Hi, so I am planning on building a new computer for gaming and 3d work (zbrush, maya, substance painter, unreal engine 5), I am in doubt between a 10400f + 3080 + 64gb ram vs a 13400f + 3080 + 32gb ram, both ddr4, plus the 10400f will have a 2tb m.2 and the 13400f only a 1tb sata ssd, these are...
  5. svpreme

    Question Every few hours, all USB connected devices seem to turn off and restart after a few seconds?

    I've seen this error happen to a few others so thought I'd see if anyone has solved this type of issue. I recently built a PC a few days ago, with: Mobo: GIGABYTE Z790 UD CPU: Intel i9-13900k GPU: 4090 PSU: InWinClassic Basic Series CB-1250W 80+ Platinum Modular This error just started...
  6. A

    Question No display or POST on new build ?

    Hey, I'm in the middle of building myself a new rig and it's becoming a complete nightmare. At the current moment, everything seems to power up okay, LEDs, etc but there's no display or POST. Since I have an Asus motherboard, the power is flashing rapidly indicating that the DRAM has an issue...
  7. S

    Question PC refuses to conduct BIOS checks, after randomly switching off?

    Recently made my second ever PC after 8 years. It was running fine in Win 11 and I left it to start downloading my apps ect. When I returned, it had powered off and now refuses to switch back on. I have literally tried to reseat everything on the rig (except CPU) but it refuses to boot. It...
  8. H

    Build Advice PLEASE HELP. I have built 10 computers over 15 years and I have never not been able to diagnose the problem, until now. Computer won't turn on, + more

    Hello, I am earnestly asking for any help anyone can give me here. This problem has skyrocketed into many hours and days of frustration and exhaustion. For reference, I have been more than 10 computers in the last 15 years and am an enthusiast. I decided to upgrade some components, primarily GPU...
  9. Potates

    Question Recently upgraded my laptop's RAM but it still registers my old RAM amount ?

    I recently upgraded my laptop to have 12GB of RAM and installed an 8GB stick in it but for some reason it still registers as having 4GB. Is there any fix to this ?
  10. Rich45682

    Question Newly built pc just made a loud bang

    This isn't a completely new built pc, I just changed the PSU, Case and bought a surge protector power hub. After I finished assembling the pc, I opened the bios and after a few seconds, a loud bang came from my pc. No smoke came from it. Instantly turned off the power hub. These are my specs...
  11. OldLinuxDistros111

    Question *again* Can You Help Find Me A Laptop To Buy?

    ------------------------------------------------------ Here Is Information Filled Out ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm Under The Age Of 16 So I Can't Work For A Job q 1. What is your budget? a =...
  12. klasek

    Question Crooked pcie slot

    The pcie slot / Hello, i recently bought a second hand computer. Along the way the pcie slot got bent in a way that the gpu doesnt work. Do i have to buy a new mother board ?
  13. D

    Question CPU Underperforming

    Hello. This is my first post so sorry if I’m doing anything wrong. So I built this pc about a hear ago (first build) the specs are: CPU: Intel i5 10400f GPU: RTX 2060 6GB RAM: HyperX 16GB 3200Mhz Mobo: MSI B560m Pro E PSU: A bronze rated MSI 650W psu I use the stock intel cooler for cpu...
  14. I

    Question GPU logo light shuts off, screen goes black and fans run at full speed

    I've been having this problem for the past couple of months where the "GTX" light will shut off, my monitor goes black, and my case fans start spinning very fast. Sound still works. I have tired to do a fresh install on my drivers but this problem still happens. Sometimes it happens multiple...
  15. Alessya

    Question Random freezes while gaming and I have to force a reboot ?

    Hi guys. Lately I've been experiencing some random crashes while gaming. No black screen, no blue screen, no reboot, nothing of that. It just freezes (my cursor freezes too) and I have to force a reboot from the case power button. I never had a problem like that before, i used to run heavier...
  16. Kermit7

    Question No video signal on new build ?

    Hi! I've been working on a new PC for myself, here are the specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-13700KF 3.4 GHz 16-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Corsair iCUE H115i ELITE CAPELLIX 97 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler Motherboard: Asus PRIME Z790-P ATX LGA1700 Motherboard Memory: Corsair Vengeance 32 GB (2 x 16 GB)...
  17. Armoredhound

    Question B550 motherboard advice ?

    Hello there! I'm on the edge of buying 3060 TI + Ryzen 5 5600X - but I can barely even squish them in my budget, so there's not much I can do about the motherboard itself. I'll present you a couple of options for a couple of B550 motherboards, please advise me on what I could get. I am not...
  18. C

    Question GPU power hook up question

    Bought a XFX Merc 310 7900 XTX GPU Also bought a MSI APG 1000 PCIE5.0 ready fully modular PSU GPU has (3) 8-pin connections (6+2). On the PSU I have 2 remaining 8 pin connections and a +12VHPWR connection available. What cables and connections do I use? I was thinking you would hook up an...
  19. J

    Question Need help finding drivers

    I got a new router and now even though my download speed has gone up, my upload speed is at 2 MBs. I figured updating my ethernet driver could help fix the issue and sure enough the driver it's currently on is from 2015. Can anyone help me find the newest driver to download? I looked up the name...
  20. cwebb40

    Question My PC Won't Start After Installing a New CPU Cooler

    EDIT/FIXED: I tried a new PSU, but found the same issue so I ended up having to replace my motherboard. As soon as I put everything on to the new motherboard, including the new AIO cooler, Corsair fans, and Commander Core XT, the pc booted and began to run like normal! EVENTS UP UNTIL FAILURE...

    Question Integrated GPU is being used over my primary GPU, and weird GPU driver problem ?

    Does anyone know why this is happening? After a recent Windows 11 update, my integrated GPU from my CPU is being used before my GPU is. I uninstalled the new Windows update, and now NZXT Cam isn't showing my GPU temperature or clock speed, but it does show it for the integrated GPU. The driver...
  22. jackalopespoke

    Question Bios update required for new ram?

    Hello! Quick question, I am updating from 16gb of 2133mhz ram to 32 gbs of 4000mhz ram on a b450 tomahawk max. I have never updated the bios before (and am kind of terrified of updating bios) and was wondering if it was going to be required to run at this speed. I have not found anything online...
  23. beranrd

    Question is this good or bad pease, im playing games and i dont know

    HWinfo Memory clock 666.o MHz 666.o MHz 666.o MHz 666.o MHz Memoryclockmultiplier 6.67 x 6.67 x 6.67 x 6.67 x
  24. Knives12

    Discussion Very High Ram Memory & Cpu usage

    Well then I will explain to you what happened, recently I had problems with a lot of random and strange computer crashes that were not there before (I have a good specification that's why I suspected because before I had no problems) The computer would suddenly freeze, Google and Discord windows...
  25. Jeffbro100

    Question SSD not being recognized by bios and have to install fresh windows 10 install on brand new pc… what’s going on?

    SSD not being recognized by bios. I just finished building my brand new pc and was waiting on my nvme ssd… installed and bios doesn’t even recognize it. I don’t know what to do. Also I used an old hdd and it works but is EXTREMELY slow. Is it possible the actual ssd slot isn’t working? I had...
  26. ProSenpai94

    Question Rocket league the worst game ever

    I recently downloaded rocket league from epic games but like every other game it was not working but to double check it i downloaded it again from torrent and it worked fine but with win 32 folder And when I checked the epic games rocket league folder it didn't include win 32 folder. Now the...
  27. Stefano G.

    Question My PC crashes after opening games

    This strange thing started happening yesterday, I turned on my pc and opened a game, and after the loading ended, my screen went completely black and there was no way of turning it back on. The pc was still on but there was no image output, I tried to turn it off and it worked, but when I tried...
  28. S

    Question HELP!!! Harddrive stops working after connecting it to a Smart TV

    So, I gave my hard drive to a friend because they needed the movies on it. When i got it back, i realized it did not work. Plugging it into all my ports plus a usb hub made no difference. It would show the led indicator blink like 5 times, and just stay on. Checking task manager, i saw that...
  29. XLifted

    Question Grinding down sharp spikes on PCIe card

    As all of us know many cards have those annoying sharp spikes on PCIe card (where there is no backplate. Can I grind them down, or wire cutter them off? I want to create a custom backplate, and that will help me as well. They are very sharp on my card (unlike in this picture) It is not a gpu...
  30. P

    Question Z790 Tomahawk ddr4 wifi, LAN port issues

    so i built a new pc and it runs amazing. i have one small problem. - i have perfect connection over wifi but whbe i plug in ethernet it somewhat breaks. -no chromium apps will load (discord good operagx or login services that use chromium) - all my other games and apps will still work over...
  31. Wombat Magic

    Question No audio on computer ?

    Sorry, I am not very technologically literate. When I turn on my pc and plug in my headset it doesn't register it as an audio device. It's not a headset problem as I tried it with multiple. The only audio it has is Realtek audio 2nd Output, the computer doesn't have a speaker or anything. I...
  32. T

    Question BIOS keeps resetting when PSU is switched off ?

    Any changes I make to the BIOS will stay until I shut the PSU off, after which all the settings will go back to default. This is a particular problem with my RAM speeds. I already replaced the CMOS battery and that fixed nothing (I forgot to unplug the PC when I did this, although the PSU...
  33. WolfManJL

    Question No Display, Mouse and Keyboard not working.

    Recently I experienced a circuit breaker popped and when I booted back up my PC it showed no display, the RGB on my GPU and AIO work with all the fans but my keyboard and mouse weren’t working at all, since then I tried removing all connected connections to the tower then switching it off and...
  34. T

    Question Need help, pc keeps restarting when gaming. Afterburner log available.

    Hi guys, lately, on most games my PC randomly restarts. I was sus that it could be the PSU but from the log doesn't look it is, but then again, I'm not too sure if I can read the log correctly. Could anyone give me a hand? MSI Afterburner log - High on life...
  35. CoraHanson

    Question Zoom icon appears at the bottom of whatever monitor I'm focused on and causes some applications to flicker ?

    I'm having an issue where a gray box that says "zoom" keeps popping up at the bottom of my screen just above the task bar but only on whatever monitor is currently in focus and with some applications, specifically Firefox will briefly flicker as if the resolution of the monitor is being changed...
  36. solo4sss

    Question No WiFi available on new build ?

    i just built a pc but it’s showing there’s no wi-fi available i even uninstalled and installed the drivers and it’s still not working ?
  37. gracefulsausage

    Question System external input overload ?

    I've been having this problem for a while, but am running into it more often now. Whenever I am playing a game, and have my camera activated, and usually when theres multiple people in a discord call with a camera on, or im running OBS, with discord open, my camera will disconnect, freeze, and...
  38. thomas_gregory

    Question FPS drops to below 10 then back to 100+ causing stuttering ?

    I have been having this issue for about 2 years now and its really annoying. every game i play i and running well over 100 fps and then all of a sudden my fps drops below 10 and my screen freezes for a second. i have updated all my drivers and reset windows multiple times and the problem is...
  39. BeastHotDogGUY

    Question Can i leave my PC running Minecraft for a week while I'm away ?

    Minecraft isn't really a heavy game except for the CPU (and not even that) so I just wanted to know so i could stack up rewards on a server. The only other thing is that i have a ton of spawners so I don't know about that. Specs: Mobo: B550 matx CPU: Ryzen 5 5600G GPU:1660 Super RAM:16GB...
  40. TolleSache

    Question Help

    I have a Z490 tomahawk, I9-10900K, 32gb ballistix system and I keep getting BSODS, freezes and crashes randomly... I'm unsure if it's caused by temps or the fact that for CPU power i only have the 8pin not the 8+4 due to my PSU only being a CX550