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  1. OamenRS

    Question Getting low frames and Windows 10 keeps freezing?

    I'm not sure why bot after my so called system upgrade I've been having lots of problems even though I keep the OS and all the drivers up-to-date. I've been getting low frames in games and my windows explorer will randomly free every now and than. Any help is appreciated. Components...
  2. M

    Question Laptop is freezing

    My Acer laptop is freezing, and once it does that, I can't even move cursor. It restart time is also too long. I was planning to upgrade to Windows 10. Can that be a solution? Specs are: Intel Pentium N3540@ 2.16GHz CPU 4GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB HDD Windows 8.1 OS
  3. KrosGin

    Question PC randomly buzzing and freezing for less than a second

    Hello, I'm running w10 x64 on an MSI 470 gaming pro , gskill trident z 3200, MSI rx 570 armor oc. I clean install w10. Check registry, SSD , HDD, I changed my PSU to thermaltake toughpower Grand 750, I changed the sound drivers, and the device manager uninstall all the software display and...
  4. B

    Question My new gaming pc keeps freezing during everything except gaming

    I built my first pc about three weeks ago with some affordable parts, and the second I started using it it began freezing from 5-10 minutes each time I would turn it on, when it freezes, I can’t do anything except just completely shutting down the computer. I started to notice that I could...
  5. X

    Question Please help - computer freezing

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here so I’m sorry if I have posted in the wrong place, I am so desperate for a solution due to needing this computer to work from home in the current global crisis. So a few days ago I dusted off my computer (windows 10) to start working from home and it was...
  6. Gunnarie

    Question New PC keeps crashing (freezing) and won’t turn on after the crash

    Hello everyone, I recently build a PC(will list components below), no issues with the building, small difficulties with installing windows but everything turned out fine. I was able to use the PC without any issues for the first 2 days or so, it ran smooth/fast and gave no issues whatsoever...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] Computer freezing and crashing with buzzing sound when opening game

    Hello, So recently i purchased a new case and moved my components from my old case to the new one. Everything started up good and everything ran fine. However, i opened COD Warzone and every time I open it, my graphics card (i think) does a weird noise then the PC freezes and does a weird...
  8. L

    Question My Pc keeps freezing during games

    During a gaming session my pc keeps freezing randomly, sometimes I can play the whole day (10 hours) and sometimes I can only play games for an hour. After I restarted my pc and play the game again my pc is gonna freeze more frequently that means each freeze is gonna reduce the time that the pc...
  9. D

    Question My comcomuter spontaneously freezes in csgo so i havr to hard reset

    My computer is by no means a bad one. I have a ryzen 2600, 16gb of ram, and a 960 which is the only thing that is dated. Ill be playing then it freezes in the middle of the game. No audio either after that. I run the game well over 100 fps. Ive been comp banned twice because of this. It takes...
  10. palafoxnikarlo

    [SOLVED] PC permanently freezing when playing games

    i have this problem for 2 weeks now, i haven't got the time to look for a solution as i was busy. but for the last 3 days i have been observing and troubleshooting the problem and sadly, nothing seems to work. it's perfectly fine when watching videos and using MEMU an android emulator. it was...
  11. G

    Question PC randomly freezes, sound loops

    Okay, It's been a month since this problem started. I've got this PC jan/2018, and never had any problems with it. But last month I started to get some stutters playing games which was weird, tried updating drivers, clean installs, updated the BIOS but the stutters would never go away. Decided...
  12. J

    Question Why does my computer keep freezing?

    I bought a pc secondhand and it seemed all right when i tested it. However afterwards i discovered that it frequently freezes. The only way to get out of this freeze is by force shutting down (by holding the power button). So I was wondereing if the problem could be a compatia bility issue...
  13. K

    Question Pc freezing in games AND off game

    My pc is normally running fine, but lately I can see some weird things in it: most games will freeze after 1 hour or so of playing them and they will completely stop working. The only way to close them is to go to the task manager and killing the process there. Sometimes, way less often, my...
  14. Whale Service

    Question Computer intermittently freezes (mouse still moves)

    Hi all, I've been having a strange problem lately that seems to be getting worse where my computer will start to stutter, and then after a few seconds will freeze. The mouse still moves, but nothing reacts to my clicks, I cannot bring up the task manager, and it stays frozen until I do a hard...
  15. R

    Question problem with freezing

    So I somewhat recently built my pc. I have an i7-9700k, on an asrock z390 phantom gaming 4 board. I've been having issues with freezing every 5-10 minutes or so for a few seconds, my cpu is idling at 40 C and maxes out around 60 C. I don't think this is a high enough temperature to cause this. I...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] GPU or PSU problem?

    My screen sometimes freezes and display a random color or anything at all, sometimes it show some glitches or artifacts, but it does not happens everyday and when it happens it's two or three times a day. Some minutes ago i was on bios and it showed some glitches, implying that it is'nt a driver...
  17. Z

    [SOLVED] My pc freezes for a few seconds, then continues

    (Apologies, if this is not the right place to address this problem.) I recently bought brand new parts and assembled the system all by my myself. I will first give you the specs and then tell a bit more about the problem I have with it. Specs : Motherboard - ASUS S1151 ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] PC Randomly halting, freezing and restarting

    PC SPECS: Case: Corsair Carbide Spec 01 Motherboard: Asus Prime B350 Plus CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X GPU: Asus Cerberus 1050ti RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8gb (16GB Kit) 3200MHz PSU: Corsair CX550m 80+ Bronze Storage: Samsung 960 evo M.2 1TB SSD & Kingston 480GB SSD I have been experiencing this...
  19. AdamLoksa

    [SOLVED] SSD or Other Hw failure?

    Hello. My laptop is not working properly for the last month. It started freezing randomly while using Google Chrome or Adobe Creative Cloud programs. After the freezing started, other problems started to appear - booting for several minutes, freezing in login menu, disk error checking...
  20. J

    Question My pc games freezing

    My pc games freezing every 20 seconds for a few seconds, i have a good pc and good network connection so why does this happens? Watch the video and skip to 0:35