Question PC freezing entirely during games, but otherwise "stable" ?

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Nov 22, 2015
I'd made a previous post but I wanted to do a quick refresh with some updated information (hope that's okay)

So I can leave the system running for days with no issues what so ever, no freezes nothing of the sort and it'd be fine. I can play low impact games like Crusader Kings II. I can still watch 4K videos, whatever else I want to do. Just when I try to game the system freezes and it requires a hard restart.
Like I'd mentioned in the previous post's comments I was able to notice the extent that it happened this evening when I launched Outriders, because outriders has chroma rgb integration it syncs my keyboard and mouse to the games RGB, but when the system froze the keyboard and mouse went back to the profile I'd set, rather than just reverting to the default like there'd be a complete system crash.
Also, it freezes but the display remains on, just stuck and I can't CTRL + ALT + DELETE or anything, but I can hear the audio still, it doesn't stop, be it when I'm watching a movie or anything.
To be honest I haven't cleaned the system in a few months like, literally clean and dust it out it's just been a little hectic, but even so the temps don't seem to bad, I was monitoring them during the last crash, the CPU was running at 68 (currently at 56 idle) and the GPU was at 76 (currently at 57 idle) so I don't think it could be the components overheating hopefully.

I'm leaning towards RAM or the PSU being the culprit, but now I'm reluctantly considering the GPU and I just want some additional opinions. Also, I had turned on RAM caching prior to wiping my system and I'm not 100% sure if that had an impact but I was gaming a bit with it, mainly modern warfare and 2k21 so I don't know if that helps any.

The components are:

Ryzen 5 2600x
16GB CORSAIR RAM (I believe this is faulty because it refuses to clock above 2133 no matter what I do, xmp profiles, manually setting it, nothing works. It just black screens the systems and kicks my fans up to max I have to pop out the cmos battery and hope the bios resets)
very old 450W power suppy, no idea the brand, bummed it off of a friend almost 6 - 7 years ago, meant to change it out, and here we are.
GTX 1060 6GB (has more dust than I'd like)
120GB kingston SSD.
3 x 1 terabyte WD HDDs

Couple of case fans, none RGB, three have leds, I think?r. Dunno if that counts.
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