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  1. T

    Question Computer started randomly freezing or being slow

    My computer has started for a month, freezing randomly, giving BSODs at times and being very slow. I have done checks for both my HDD and RAM and they showed up fine. I have to mention that freezing has stopped a few days ago but the system feels slower nonetheless, although I can still play...
  2. C

    Question Mouse randomly stops working, freezes, makes a windows hardware remove sound, and after 2-3 seconds unfreezes

    I got this new mouse, I really like it, suits me very well except that it randomly freezes every 15-20 minutes, makes the sound and unfreezes. I tried changing USB ports but it keeps doing it. Might be a software issue, what could I do to fix it? Although it makes the hardware remove sound, it...
  3. L

    Question Freezing and monitor audio distortion

    i have a recently built PC and for awhile now I've been experiencing lag spikes that freezes everything for about 1-2 seconds and goes back to normal. when i get a lag spike I've notice the audio from my monitors speakers distort but not my headset. On most occasions my computer gets noticeably...
  4. R

    Question pc freezing for no reason. Please help!

    My PC keeps freezing for no reason. i got new ram sticks and i cant seem to figure out why its could be in the middle of a game, watching YouTube, and even surfing chrome. here are my Specs
  5. I

    Question Been experiencing stutters and short freezes after BIOS update, should I roll back?

    I built my new PC a couple months ago and the last part I got was the GPU. After installing it and realizing I didn't have all drivers, my games were crashing and giving me issues so I reinstalled windows, updated my BIOS from the oldest version to the latest, and used the implemented ASUS...
  6. Timotytimotyy

    Question Immense SSD Freezing and Slowdown

    So i've had issues ever since i bought my new PC. I only got 1 SSD in my PC and it seems like it's performing horribly :/. First off i have assured that it's connected with the right cable to the right port. SATA 6.0 Gbit/s I also confirmed that it is infact my SSD that is giving me freezes and...
  7. S

    Question PC noob looking for the pros.

    Okay guys, so long story short here is my setup Cpu- intel core i7-3770 @3.40 ghz Evga 1070ti motherboard -Intel Joshua - H61uATX Hyper Evo 212 Fan 2 (4gb) Corsair Venegence memory at 1330. So Im having a hard time diagnosing my problem of this random crashing. I will be as clear and detailed...
  8. J

    Question Graphics Card Freezing

    Hi guys, For a couple of months my graphics card (at least that's what I think has been the issue), a Sapphire R9 280x Vapor-X, has been behaving quite erratically. Sometimes, especially when loading a video game (eg. loading video game menu, loading a new map in a video game like Counter...
  9. H

    Question Need help accessing an HDD

    A couple of days ago my computer seemed to have... 'bugged' out, my Windows froze and when I tried to boot it up again, it would be stuck on everything, from launch Windows, to trying to format, to repairing, but that part has been fixed, with a consequence. It was my HDD, for some reason, the...
  10. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] PC crashing, black screen, and display glitches

    My friend needs help with a problem he's having with his PC. His PC will start freezing when doing anything like browsing or gaming, especially when loading a programme up. The display will make a weird visual glitch and freeze that looks like this: View: before he...
  11. P

    Question Every game crashing

    Hey, I built myself a new PC for Christmas. At first I was using my old GPU (Radeon R7 370) because I wasn't able to get a new one. Since the beginning I was experiencing random freezes and then crashes while playing every game. Even fricking Minecraft. I've tried everything I could find on the...
  12. K

    Question New Mob, RAM, & CPU. Computer hard freezes and other things. Help!

    I'm going to say this in order of time. Time span is less than a week. Started last Tuesday. I download parsec software so I can use my computer when I'm at work. Next day I install new motherboard, CPU, and RAM On the same day as the new hardware my computer starts to stop audio playback for...
  13. TanskiTee

    Question Game Freezing / Programs Freezing

    Hey guys, just recently I have built a brand new PC and have a come across the problem of all my programs freezing for no longer than 4 seconds at a time, when this happens I can still move my cursor and interact with other programs but once I click them they freeze for a short time as well. I...
  14. R

    Question My PC freezes randomly

    Hello guys my PC keeps on freezing randomly and only i can do is hard reset... the freezing interval varies from 5 to 20 minutes. Sometimes it even freezes in bios when left for a while in Boot options menu.. the temps are normal 40C at normal usage and 65C (max) while gaming.... I suspect my...
  15. D

    Question New PC - Graphics Troubleshooting

    Hello all- I pieced together pretty much a brand new PC. All new motherboard (MSI X370 GAMING PRO CARBON), video card (the 1080TI), RAM (Gskill ripjaw V), CPU (I7 AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8-Core 3.7 GHz) and power supply. Hence why I'm worried that one of the pieces is defective, which would be hard...
  16. D

    Question My PC keeps needing repair/only boots in safe mode/

    Admins Sorry for posting too many times keep this one please and delete the others as this is my most detailed yet. Dell OptiPlex 3020 Okay so basically when I brought my pc home with an asus q87me motherboard it was fine when iw as at my friends house then it booted up at home fine just lan...
  17. crumb_

    Question PC Freezes up when playing games

    Ever since I upgraded my cpu to a i7 9700k and reset my pc I get random freezes that force me to power off my pc. Happens when im playing games so im guessing its when its under load? Maybe turn down the clock speed on cpu?
  18. F

    Question PC freezes and then restarts at least once a day (Windows 10)

    Hello, The past few weeks my computer has been acting up by crashing all of a sudden. Both of my monitors freeze and then my PC restarts by itself. When this happens, I can't do anything, the Caps-Lock key won't respond and I just have to wait for the restart. When checking Event Viewer, the...
  19. tushar0071

    Question Is Anyone facing any issues or specifically saying "Screen Freezing" with gtx 900 series?

    I've been in a trouble since i built a rig with strix gtx 970, not like right after i started using it but within 9 to 12 months i started getting issues like freeing screen all of a sudden. I always kept my system clean. At least once a month or two. so since that time i've been replacing my...
  20. Lenny Confetti

    Question help pc freezing

    this is a really annoying problem that i've had for about a week now basically my computer freezes for 2-10 seconds at a time whenever it feels like. it usually does it once or twice every couple of minutes. as you can imagine this is extremely painful when playing games. i've discovered that it...