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  1. C

    Computer USB's and Moniter Not Working But Mobo gets power

    I just finished my build using a Gigabyte Mobo and the mother board is getting power, Fan, CPU, Hard drive but the USB's and video cards to connect your computer to a Moniter isn't working and some of the LED's are not turning on. Please help.
  2. R

    Blue Screen Nightmare

    Hey all, I'm getting the following with the Blue Screen of Death for my windows7 computer - any thoughts on how to fix this? I've been getting this about once a day now. Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated! Extra info: I did notice that when I'd "wake up the computer" after it...
  3. D

    i need a modular PSU

    i have R9 270x FX-8350 and i want a modular psu to work well with these... ideas?
  4. Danny OShaughnessy

    System suddenly shut off and won't start

    Hey guys, This morning I was browsing the web on my PC when it suddenly shut off for no reason, all lights, fans, everything shut off. I unplugged the power cable temporarily and put it back in, the lights and fans came on for about half a second then went off again, and this happened a few...
  5. R

    3-Pin Fan Header Control?

    So after having another thread about heating and noise issues, I am wondering if there is a way to control a 3-pin fan connector like a 4-pin with software like EasyTune6, SpeedFan, or OpenHardwareMonitor. [Motherboard] - [Case] - I am also...
  6. andreaszero

    Need help for cooling solution.

    Hi, I need help finding a good cooling solution for a 4690k. I plan to OC it to 4.2Ghz-4.5Ghz. I am between the H75, H80i and Noctua NH-U14S. The NH-D14 and D15 are too big imo and will make my case(450D) look bad and also affect the airflow in a bad way so I'm leaning towards liquid cooling...
  7. N

    Highest performance 30 mm thick radiator

    Requirements :30 mm thick :have both 120 and 360 mm flavors : Higher performing than the Black Ice ​GT Stealth​ XFlow radiators Thank you for your time.
  8. C

    How Many Fps In GTA V

    i3 2100 4gb ram r9 270x How many fps do you think it can run GTA V at High/Very High Settings I'm on Windows 8.1
  9. P

    What is the smallest PC case type?

    What's the smallest of the PC case types? I'm going to say it's one of these: ATX Mini Tower HTPC MicroATX Desktop MicroATX Mid Tower MicroATX Mini MicroATX Slim Mini ITX Desktop Mini ITX Test Bench Mini ITX Tower Thanks in advanced!
  10. S

    Is a GTX 850 Capable of playing games on 1920x1080 ?

    Note that the CPU is an Intel Core i7-4510U
  11. J

    Lenovo Z50-70 vs HP Pavilion 15-p189sa

    Hi, I am trying to decide which laptop I should get. I am currently studying Computer Science at University. which one should i get? HP Pavilion 15-p189sa 15.6” Laptop - White. Windows 8.1 Intel® Core™ i5-4288U Processor Memory: 8 GB Hard drive: 1.5 TB...
  12. R

    7870 Tri-Monitor Setup problem

    Hello, I am trying to connect 2 Monitors and 1 TV to my video card. I have both monitors connected to DVI ports and the TV connected into the HDMI port. I can only get 2 displays to be used at one time. Windows 8.1 Video Card Specs: Radeon HD 7870 ■2x DVI output ■1x DisplayPort output ■1x...
  13. R

    Transferred hardware to new tower, Video card not being detected

    Transferred my Motherboard, GPU, and CPU to a new tower. The only thing that's different, aside from the case, is the hard drive, which is bare at the moment. For some reason, when I turn the computer on, the monitor says there are no VGA or DVI devices detected, and it goes to sleep (orange...
  14. D

    ram not working

    dear friends plz help me out i have 4x2 8 gb ram install in my pc but its showing only 3.25 usable in system property why plz help me
  15. J

    Will a USB 2.0 ports Case run with a USB 3.0 motherboard?

    And how would it run like? USB 2.0 or 3.0?