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  1. velocci

    Question can't delete a folder

    Hi all, I'm logged into my PC with my own account that has admin rights. I have this folder on my desktop called windows.old. I'm trying to delete it but its saying I don't have access to delete it and I need permission from [my own account that i'm logged in as] to delete this folder. how...
  2. R

    Question WinRAR Command: Do Not Delete?

    I ran this command: "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe" a -r -s -ep1 "[target filename].rar" "%appdata%\Thunderbird\Profiles" It created the .rar file - and then deleted the Thunderbird Profiles source folder. Is that the expected behavior? I thought it defaulted to not delete. WinRAR's Help...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Preparing for liquid immersion cooling - how to disable GPU Fans?

    So I’ve just received my liquid cooling immersion tank with all the Therma Safe dielectric fluids and I’m keen to get it set up. I’ve got indium foil (0.1mm) to replace the thermal paste on my GPU but to remove the fan case, I need to disable the fans to avoid errors coming up. What is the...
  4. D

    Delete Account

    Hello, I would like to have my account deleted. Thank you.
  5. D

    Account Deletion Request

    I would like my account to be permanently deleted please. Thanks.
  6. O

    [SOLVED] Log / history for previously installed software?

    Hello everyone I have installed different kind of software on my system, throughout the last year. Often I had to delete or re-install some of the software, because of lack of space on my SSD. I use Windows 10 home. Where can I see, what software previously was installed on my system, that is...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] how to recover deleted file that has been overwritten?

    hello, i accidentally delete videos that i make and its very important. i tought it was gonna go to recycle bin but its not! i think because of the size is 40+gb? and i already use easeus, recuva, diskdrill and no result. i think its been overwritten. i cant use system restore because of the...
  8. D

    Account Deletion Request

    I'd like my account to be fully deleted. The deactivation option can be reversed, but I'd like to have it permanently deleted. Thanks.
  9. S

    [SOLVED] 2 Windows folders.

    Hello and sorry if this might be worded a little poorly. So i recently re-installed windows, I didn't save anything on my C drive, I kept all my games on my D. C: has 460 Gigs total [HDD] E: has 464 gigs total [HDD] I formated C completely, installed windows on C: but and that was that but...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] How do I delete a second copy of WIN10?

    I migrated my WIN10 from a SATA SSD to an NVMe M.2 SSD using AOMEI Partition Assistant, so now I have 2 copies of WIN10, one on the SATA and one on th M.2. Is it safe to delete the WIN10 on the SATA SSD?
  11. Emshe

    Question How to delete folders that cannot be accessed by the system?

    Long story short Xbox game pass for PC has problems when uninstalling games a certain way. No space was freed up from uninstalling a 37 gb game. When I go to reinstall I just get an error. After digging around I found where I think the game files are being stored. C:\Program...
  12. ABFlier

    Question Programs automatically delete in new Internal HDD (Seagate Barracuda 1Tb 2.5")

    Good Day! I installed a new internal HDD in my ASUS Rog Strix GT531, and made a new folder for program installs. However, whenever I install a new program into that folder, it automatically deletes on reboot. None of the other files on the HDD are touched. Its just the applications that...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] Problems with backspace

    I have the problems with backspace key on my Microsoft Surface Go (with Windows 10 in S mode), which is a work computer. Whenever I try to delete something in the middle of a word or a sentence in any textbox or text editor, too much gets deleted. One letter in front of the cursor is deleted and...
  14. M

    Question Kepping my important files

    Okay, so I want to change my OS, and in my PC i have two hard drives, one is just for my current OS, and the other one is for my files and games. So my question is how do I keep all my files after the installation of Windows? Do I just unplug my Hard drive with files, then install new OS and...
  15. EyyMunchian

    [SOLVED] How to delete a certain file in Windows

    Alright folks, I'm getting extremely frustrated in trying to delete a file off my computer. I reset my version of Windows due to maintenance reasons (happens annually) and there is one stubborn file which keeps the Windows.Old file from being completely removed. I have given my all the required...
  16. Y

    PC does not see hardrive

    I connected my old 250 gb WD caviar to my pc via coolmax and all my files including windows XP were still on there, i didnt care for it so i decided to use this drive as extra space. I cut all files from it and pasted them into my trashcan, it took like 30 minutes because i had to skip or allow...
  17. D

    Is 3.4V output on 3.3V rail safe?

    I have a pc with the following config: core i5 3450,asus p8b75-v motherboard,12gb ddr3 ram,gtx 960,1+2tb hdds,seasonic s12ii 620w psu(the newer model). Earlier i had a power corsair vx 450 psu but i replaced it with the seasonic unit last year in january. Recently while monitoring the output...
  18. S

    Do you think this is a MB error?

    Hello, Ihave a Win 10 box that crashes (mainly when performing high CPU load tasks such as handbrake conversions). The system cuts out suddenly, then reboots, then cuts out after aprox 2-3 seconds in a loop. If I leave it for a while then it seems ok until handbrake is used again. Build: H97M...
  19. J

    Security key password

    I found my security key but i must have wrote it down wrong can't get it to take how do get to it it's not my wifi tried it several times but it want take please help for a laptop 28rvo6rs
  20. H

    Does my router's lan port limits the wired speed to the same as the wireless max?

    I have a 300 mbit/s max speed router but soon I'll get a 500 mbit/s wired connection. I'll use my router as a switch, so the wire comes in my house, go into the router and I'll get the connection from the router with wire for my PC. Will the router limit my wired connection speed (so it's lan...
  21. Kyleplier1985

    What Anti-Aliasing is best but low overhead?

    I have an Asus Dual GTX 1050 2GB GDDR5 128-bit 1404Mhz Core and 1514MHz Boost clock. I play BF4, which can run at 2560x1440@60Hz via GeForce Experience and I also play Battlefront. I can witch custom setting run at 2560x1440@60Hz. What could get me better quality on both titles without adjusting...
  22. H

    8gb with 7700

    Hello Will i7 7700 and gtx 1070 work fine with 8gb ram? For gaming
  23. Mc2203

    How do i get my graphics card working???

    Hello. I am a having trouble with installing my graphics card in a computer desktop. My dad had a desktop and gave it to me. I wiped out all the data and i just want to play video games and stream the web with it. The desktop is an HP p7-1227c. The graphics card i bought is the Gigabyte Radeon...
  24. R

    looking for price

    i have a sabbertooth 990FX gen 3 , its a very rare motherboard , im looking to sell what price can i expect to get for it ? i will be selling the AMD CPU thats attached to
  25. A

    Can you guys tell me if my pc parts are compatible? Thx!

    Hey! this is my first build and I don't fully trust PC part picker. Can you please tell me if my parts are compatible and if I will have and troubles during the build? I appreciate it! (gaming PC) These are my parts: -Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor -CRYORIG H5 Universal 65.0...
  26. B

    Will my setup limit an asus 1070 gpu?

    Hey guys im very new to building rigs. I wanted to upgrade my radeon 6970 to a asus rog 1070 gpu. My stats are: i5-2500k cpu Corsair vengeance 2x 4gb ram Thermaltake tr2 600w psu Z68MA-D2H-B3 Mobo Windows 7 OEM NZXT guardian mid tower case Is it worth it to only upgrade the gpu or do you guys...
  27. J

    Graphics Card Advice

    Can anyone recommend a graphics card to fit this machine - - to be able to play GTA etc with no probs? Thanks
  28. G

    'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR' Is Free on PSVR

    Activision's "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare--Jackal Assault VR" debuted as a free download for PSVR owners. 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR' Is Free on PSVR : Read more
  29. P

    Games Crashing Windows 10

    I got windows 10 And most of the games i like play are crashing Plz help me
  30. Kiril1512

    I7 4790K how to OC but remain 0.8Hz in idle

    Hello guys. I have my setup for 2 years and I will upgrade my GPU to an 1070 (provably MSI) and today I want to OC for the first time my cpu... I have a good cooling for that and a nice case so the airflow is really good (see pc spects in signature). I want to oc my I7 to 4.7 or 4.8 depends how...
  31. B

    How To Best Team Builds For Overwatch

    The thing about Overwatch is that there is no 'best team' to build, but there are key points every team needs, and not having them can spell defeat right from the hero select screen. Even more so if the people playing are too rigid in their choices to switch to whatever it is that the team does...
  32. K

    Computer crashes randomly

    Yea this is probably something you guys get asked a lot but recently my computer has recently started to crash randomly during games. When it first started I took apart the computer and kind of cleaned everything out and put it back together. Didn't help. It happens on games that don't even...
  33. Paulboomer

    Is this mobo compatible with the fx 6300? Is the motherboard in this list compatible with the CPU? and if not, what is a good substitute?
  34. S

    Hello people, I have an issue with shortcuts

    My every folder in my PC including the external Flash Drive..... every time I try to open a shortcut file it says it has been changed or moved i preinstalled windows several times but nothing changed
  35. MajesticLemons

    Building a Gaming PC, and I want to make sure all the parts are compatible.

    I'm first time building a gaming pc (I have help from somebody who has experience building pcs), and I want to make sure all the parts are compatible with each other, here are my components and prices (I'm buying this all from Newegg): Motherboard: GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 (rev...
  36. T

    Is this a good build for the money?

    CPU:AMD FX 4300(4x3.8GHZ) i selected this CPU mostly because its AM3+ socket ,so i could upgrade in the future Motherboard:Asus M5A78M-M LX3-i selected it because it suits me well.It has PCIe x16 2.0 port(which is almost as good as the 3.0 :D) and it has legacy bios but i found gpu that will...
  37. Iver Hicarte

    Intel 750 or Samsung 950 Pro???

    i have narrowed down my 2 final choices for my ssd and its the samsung 950 and the intel 750, so which is better. (which has a better performance?)
  38. M

    Will This Build Work?

    Hi! I am building my first gaming PC and am wondering if this build will work. As a first-timer I assume I'm missing something here or making a bad decision on this build so please let me know. Case...
  39. S

    Wi-fi not working on pc

    My Dell Inspiron 11 is connected to the internet. I have had no problem with it before, and other people are able to connect, but i can not actually use the internet.
  40. K

    Graphic card won't output image

    So I was cleaning my PC and I took the graphic card out so it wouldn't annoy me. After I decided to clean the contacts, so I took some cotton swabs, soaked them in isopropyl alcohol and wiped the contacts, finishing all of this with the tissue paper. But then I tried to turn on my PC, and the...