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  1. T

    Can I use aura sync on Asus rog strix 1070 with MSI z270 sli plus motherboard?

    Can I use aura sync with Asus rog strix 1070 on msi z270 sli plus motherboard?
  2. C

    Ryzen 7 1700x Ram?

    I went and looked at the AMD Ryzen 7 1700x on AMD's website, it says there max ram speed is 2667 mhz, I was looking at Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666, but some people said you can get ram that is 3200 mhz with overclocking, my question is am I overclocking the Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666 mhz to 3200...
  3. K

    only one fan spinning

    my 980ti i have 2 fans. when i start up my pc 1 fan goes max speed and the other one is like trying to start it spins for 2 sec and then take a break and reapet. the tempature is not an issue its at 25°C. but the thing is that it makes a really loud sound almost like a vacuum cleaner and when i...
  4. S

    Setting up linux firewall

    Here's a a map of the layout of my current internal network: I am trying to insert a linux centos7 machine to act as firewall for my internal network using iptables one NIC going to the router, modem, internet and another going to the internal network. when i enable things, all the wired...
  5. L

    970 motherboard AMD FX-8370 BIOS WON'T BOOT

    My Gigabyte 970 Gaming SLI just arrived and was placed in a build with a FX-8370. The bios won't boot because it is an older version that isn't comptible with a vishera cpu. What should I do now?
  6. P

    Budget Build for Sons' Minecraft Computer

    Hello, I would like recommendations for a budget Minecraft (modded [FTB]) build. I have the case, 500gb hard drives, 400 watt power supply (2 sets). I have to buy 2 sets (for both of my boys). Just for reference, here are their current systems: Current Computer 1 CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000...
  7. P

    [New User] - New PC build issues!

    Hi everyone. New user here, frequent viewer however! I have been having issues with my new PC build and was hoping anyone would know a solution to these rather irritating issues. This was my first complete gaming build and I researched my hardware to make the best "Bang for buck" setup I could...
  8. S

    NO POST--Ryzen 5 1600x--MSI x370 Gaming plus--EZ Debug CPU & DRAM on solid

    I have recently received all my parts to put together my first Ryzen build. Upon assembly, and first boot, CPU fan and all 3 case fans power up and stay on, GPU fans spin for the first 10 seconds roughly and then stop. The LED strip in the bottom left of the MB comes on and stays on, and the EZ...
  9. P

    GPU wont hit 100% usage in game

    My new GTX 1080 FTW won't hit 100% usage and hovers around 40-50% usage in game (PUBG). I have disabled Nvidia power plan and windows power plan. I am trying to get my performance to look like this https://youtu.be/P-j53T6Ii3Y?t=11m28s But it barely reaches 60 FPS on Ultra/Low settings. I tried...
  10. kewlguy239

    Best Gaming Desktops (Archive)

    We tested pre-built gaming desktop PCs with our typical gauntlet of real-world and synthetic benchmarks to measure overall system performance. Best Gaming Desktops : Read more
  11. J

    confused mom help

    how do i hook my soundbar up to my tv without a cable box all i have is tv and soundbar
  12. L

    PC Doesnt know how to restart properly

    So ive had this issue for years now and its always bothered me slightly but i could never find any info on why my system does this but when i attempt to restart my pc by going onto the power button on start menu and clicking restart the computer goes to the screen as in its gonna restart but...
  13. B

    Stuck in the pre-bios screen

    Hi, im stuck in the pre bios screen after the 5 way optimisation of asus. My compenents Strix z270e Gtx 1080ti I7 7700k ] I'm new with pc ao I don't know what to do
  14. N

    Should I upgrade ????

    So first things first i will give you all my Specs: Intel I7 870 P55-CD 53 Motherboard Hyper 212 LED 500 W 80 plus certified PSU 8 Gb of corsair XMS3 ram Windforce 1050 ti 4gb Graphics card So today i was scrolling through facebook and i saw that there was a listing for a 8350 Black Edition a...
  15. G

    Need replacement speaker for 1967 magnavov stereo

    How obtain or replace with new speaker for 1969 magnavox stereo. All of it works just one speaker blown. Thx gayla
  16. LikeABossNT

    Looking for a new camera for 400-550€

    I'm currently using just my phone, but since it's quite low quality and blurs the edges of the pictures it's unusable for texture photos, so I'm looking into upgrading into a real camera. I will be using the camera mostly for two things: reference photos for my art (landscapes, people...
  17. J

    Black screen on startup

    Hello. My issue is as in the title. I just have black screen when i press the power button. Yesterday it did the same thing but when I disconnected and connected the cables it worked again. It is just black screen. I only see my monitor's logo and that is it. Is it possible that my graphics card...
  18. D

    Warning about MSI 1070 and their horrible customer service

    Hopefully my experience can help someone else not suffer through this... Bought a 1070 MSI armor card in january. Turned my pc on 2 days ago and the card caught on fire. Literally smoking, sparking, I'm sitting there trying to put out a fire with my shirt fire. Tried to submit an MSI rma and...
  19. rcald2000

    Samsung 960 EVO - Need PCIe card to RAID 0

    My rig has a X99 chipset (signature below) and therefore has a single M.2 slot. I just ordered a Samsung 960 EVO 1 TB from NewEgg tonight. However, I was thinking of buying 2, 3 or 4 960 EVO's, so that I could RAID 0. Question: Is there a PCIe card that would allow me to RAID 0 those drive (I...
  20. J

    Looking for a suitable CPU

    I'm looking for a cost efficient cpu that can handle a gamer that plays MOBA's.