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  1. T

    How to format an SD card

    I bought a new SD card anytime I turn on my phone, it says my SD is corrupt, I tried formatting it but it won't format how do I format it
  2. X

    Is there any problem with my vga ?

    hey I just did a benchmark test in www.userbenchmark.com and the result is like this Game 37% Desk 56% Work 32% Intel Core i3-7100 69.1% Nvidia GTX 1050 35.9% Seagate Barracuda 1TB(2016)109.1% Ram Samsung M378A1K43CB2-CRC 1x8GB 43.4% Mobo Gigabyte GA-H110M-Gaming 3- CF in this benchmark shows...
  3. L

    Confused about which bios update I need.

    Do I just need the last one? The last two appear to be from the same date. I currently have update 1707 from 2013. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z87A/HelpDesk_BIOS/
  4. I

    buying a used ps4, should i worry about the used HDD ?

    Hi everyone so i'm affraid that the used hdd will die on me and lost all the games cause i don't know how many years it have been used do you recommend buying a new hard drive too wich will cost more or i'll be fine with this used one? does playstation hard drives dies often as the pc's do? any...
  5. revolultrablue

    1080ti msi gaming x, does it have master and slave switch?

    I just learned that 1080ti's have master and slave bios switches. I looked at my card and cannot find it. Does my card somehow not have this feature? I cant find any info in the manual or online. Anyone that knows your help would be appreciated.
  6. W

    Asus S551L won't turn on with AC power when internal battery low/caput

    The Asus S551L has internal(non-removable) battery. When its battery is low or no charge, even with AC power adapter plug in, It won't turn on or it turn on for few seconds then off itself. I leave it away for 20 mins with AC power and later can turn it on normally. The full battery only last 30...
  7. S

    Is my computer good enough?

    Hi, I am going to be building my own PC and of course I am not as smart as a computer expert but for anyone who has built their own PC and has experience in building their own will maybe be able to tell me weather the computer specs that I am going for our good enough. Can you please share...
  8. R

    What should I go for

    A r5 2600x with a h100i v2 or a r7 2700x without Or even an i7 8700k with a h100i v2. I will use it for gaming, some video editing and maybe streaming.
  9. Z

    Looking alternative way to display using vga without the converter

    Does vga input will work? The situation where a laptop has hdmi output only. Vga output is not but the motherboard of that laptop has a hole that prepare for vga pin. If i want to solder the vga female connector to the motherboard, i need to cut the laptop case for vga output. If that so, will...
  10. C

    Reseating cooler fixed temps, but problems continued on the second day

    Hello. I suddenly faced problems with my CPU temperatures 2 days ago. The CPU was idling at 45 degrees and skyrocketed to 100 degrees when starting up games and eventually resulting in a blue screen error(CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT). I replaced the thermal paste on my cooler(H100i) with the NT-H1...
  11. W

    My usb 3.0 ports don't work but my usb 3.1 port does work

    usb 3.0 ports dont work, also my frontpanel usbs don't work. But strangely my usb 3.1 port does work. I moved cases, i bought a new one put everything in there but then suddenly all my usb 3.0 ports didn't work anymore. It's an Msi z170a pro carbon board? please help me? last time i installed...
  12. I

    Foreign Exchange student looking for laptop

    So next year I will be a foreign exchange student in Germany and I need a laptop to do both all my school work communicate back home and play my games. I’m coming from a i7 4790 and 1060 6gb with 144 hz monitor. I can’t get everything but point is I like my games and I’m willing to make...
  13. A

    X370 killer sli memory issues

    Hi, be gentle! I haven't built a pc for must be nearly 15 years. I thought it's time for an upgrade. So I bought a x370 killer sli mobo and a ryzen 5 1600x cpu and some gskill trident z F4-3000C15D-16GTZR I didn't realize it wasn't on the qvl until last night. I've updated the bios to 4.6 but it...
  14. G

    Seeking Advice For New Laptop

    Based on suggestion, revising post to reflect updated information. I've had pc towers my whole life. I own/run two websites... looking for a laptop to replace my current rig. 1. Budget: Can go up to 3K... perhaps a little more for the right setup 2. Screen-Size: 15" & Higher 3. Screen...
  15. E

    PC Not starting/ Keyboard failing

    Backstory: I was using my laptop a few days ago, when it suddenly shut itself down. I tried starting it back up. During boot, it said something like “scanning pc and repairing” (or something similar; I can’t remember it all too well at this point). But when it got to the login screen, the...
  16. gm-madi

    Ryzen 1600 stability

    for over 10 days i was running my ryzen 1600 @ 3.9Ghz with 1.32v which is actually great. Aida64 stress test runs smooth no crashes, 72°c max, but with Prime95 ( slow FTT) it crashes after 5 mins and touch 82°c but it run stable 3.9 at 1.35v 83°c. i actually played a lot of BF1 with 3.9 at...
  17. L

    Power SSD/HDD from the PSU PCI-E connector

    Hey, Changed my PSU to the cooler master real power pro 520w. However the sata power cables that came with it doesnt fit my ssd or hdd for some reason. My old sata cables has a 6pin cable going into the PSU and my new one is using some sort of horizontal 5pin thing. There is however 2 PCI-E...
  18. L

    Asus Prime Z270-A not posting, DRAM light always!

    I just bought new components to build my pc gamer. I paid a guy to put everything together, but after the whole installation, the DRAM led is lit and it doesn't post. I have tried with 1 and 2 RAM sticks, tried chaging de slot, tried pressing MEM OK button. Nothing worked. Can anyone help me...
  19. R

    PC Build help

    My current GAMING PC GPU: GTX 970 Case: Thermaltake Commander G42.(MidTower) CPU: Intel i5 4690 Powesupply: Corsair CX850M Motherboard: Asus H97 Plus RAM: 4 GB DDR3 corsair vengence RAM x2 I want to Upgrade it. I feel like its getting outdated, I have had it for years. Iwant DDR4 so I know I...
  20. P

    New builds mobo powering on and off

    Hello. I'm kinda stuck on this and could use some help. I've just purchased new equipment to replace my old equipment (which lasted almost 15yrs). I bought the following 3 days ago: Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 3 with Intel 370 Chipset Intel Core i3 13-7300 4.0ghz Viper Elite DDR4 2666mhz RAM...