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  1. A

    Help, 500 - 1200 budget CAD$

    Budget: 500$ - 1200$ Purpose: School, Youtube, Multitask. Minimum Specs: i7 intel Ssd hd any size 13 - 17 inch monitor 8g ram Preferences: Quiet, Sleek, No Overheat, reliable and good value. Canadian Currency and availability. Here are some that I found. I would like your...
  2. PaulAlcorn

    Nvidia Announces GeForce RTX 2070 Availability, Pricing, Specs

    Nvidia announced via its @NVIDIAGeForce twitter account that the GeForce RTX 2070 will be available on October 17. Nvidia Announces GeForce RTX 2070 Availability, Pricing, Specs : Read more
  3. 0

    Failed Windows Recovery

    My pc started booting to Recovery mode after I disabled testing mode, and I tried to recover my files and got this error : 0x80070003
  4. S

    Mini DisplayPort to Two DisplayPorts Both 144hz

    The title pretty much says everything, I would like to find out if I am able to connect my laptop to two 144hz displays with displayport, I currently have one 144hz monitor hooked up using a mini DP to DP but I want to know if I can connect two 144hz displays using an adapter maybe? Like a mini...
  5. M

    Will NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 TI WINDFORCE OC 4GB fit in my pc-case?

    Hello, I am planning to buy the NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 TI WINDFORCE OC 4GB to replace my old Geforce GTX650. The thing is that this card seems kind of big for my case, and due to the fact that is expensive I thought to ask you experts first. In addition, the PCI-express slots and the PCI slots...
  6. J

    First pc build help (portable - MicroATX size) (budget ~£1000)

    I've done some basic research but I am still confused about parts that are compulsory and parts that are extra. I have looked for ideas and builds online for a good portable pc build, but there's a lot of information and I'm getting overwhelmed. I study abroad so I travel on the plane quite a...
  7. A

    520w to hold 770

    Will my seasonic S12II hold the Palit Jetstream Gtx 770 ? Other specs : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/NcbdGG
  8. M

    Annoying "Ads by Royals" pops up after a google search

    When I search anything on Chrome a second later at the top of the search list a few links pop up which is very annoying cause you accidentally click on their links instead of what you actually want to click. https://i.imgur.com/f85kzp3.png
  9. S

    Eatx12v psu recommendations?

    I have a Corsair gs600 psu and a asus p8b75-v motherboard. It's has a eatx12v connector for what I assume is my cpu power? But my current psu does not have proper cables to connect it. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a new psu? I'm trying to stay cheaper since I dont have...
  10. G

    Fractal Design R5 has a bad airflow

    Hello, I have got a Fractal Design R5 case and today I have found out about a big issue of this case. The thing is that I have a watercooled GTX 1080ti with a 240mm radiator which is mounted on the front. What I have noticed is that if the front door is closed the GPU is poorly cooled which led...
  11. H

    dell inspiron 15 3521 panel

    my sister got new laptop she giving me the old one but screen is broken, i need a new panel for the laptop can i use any panel i want ? thanks
  12. P

    HiFi CD nil volume, tape and radio fine

    I have a 20 year old Technics ST-CH530 CD player as part of a CH530 hifi set, but not used it for about 5 years and its use has always been light. It has always been in original packaging when not in use and during numerous house moves, yet it now gives no sound at normal setting whilst radio...
  13. W

    Are my Oldschool Ga-z77x-ud5h motherboard and new GeForce GTX 1080 compatible?

    I am upgrading my old, though high-end computer at the time (2012), with a new SSD, windows 10 and a Geforce GTX 1080. According to the bottleneck charts and some extrapolation my CPU (I7 3770K) should rarely bottleneck the GTX 1080, so i believe it is optimal. But, will the new graphics card...
  14. C

    wipe ssd and reinstall os on separate drive

    I currently have a single ssd in my pc for everything. i bought a second ssd that i would like to run just the os on, and wipe my current drive completely and use as a second drive for just media etc. ive already backed up all the data i want to keep to an external hd. Im just not sure the...
  15. M

    any changes you'd recommend for my build?

    is there any recommendations for my build to swap something out? especially to make it a bit cheaper if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/6mXWfH
  16. R

    Can’t Figure Out Motherboard Size - ASUS G11CD

    I’m looking into buying a new case (as a first step towards upgrading my entire system) but I can’t figure out what size my motherboard is. I’d assume it’s a micro ATX (it’s the OEM board inside a ASUS G11CD) and from the looks of it it’s related to the H110 line. However that’s just a complete...
  17. S

    Asus prime Z370-A Yellow DRAM LED Error; No boot

    Hallo, I am a noobie pc-builder (first time) and I recently finished building a PC, yet when I attempt to boot, there's no display, I can't access BIOS, and the yellow DRAM LED glows. I've checked compatibility with pcpartpicker before I purchased them, so everything should be compatible (?)...
  18. K

    Pc build advice

    I am going to buy my second game pc and i made a build just asking for some improvements or advice.(Its around 2300 dollar in my country) CPU: Amd Ryzen 7 2700x 3.7GHz CPU cooler: Corsair hydro 100i v2 RAM: G.Skill 16 Gb DDR4 3000 MoBo: MSI X370 Gaming Plus socket AM4 Power supply: Corsair...
  19. T

    pc talks everyting how to stop it ?

    how to stop my dell from talking
  20. R

    MBR Gpt queries. Pls help

    I have a Wd blue 1tb formatted as mbr and when i try to install windows 10 on it a message is shown that windows cant be installed on this drive. Now I have bought a ssd to give my pc some room to breathe. Now my question is that if I install Windows 10 as UEFI on ssd( formatted to GPT) will...