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    Discussion Custom Laptop based build. Need advice.

    Okay so I have returned. I usually only like to show up when things aren't working.... I'm a great member of this community stop judging me! A n y h o o I had a busted 2016 ed. HP pavilion laptop with an a10 AM960PADY44AB (www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-A10-Series%20A10-9600P.html), 6gb...
  2. A

    Question Low Cost Gaming Laptops

    Hey ! How you doing? Me good since fortunately i managed to get the money to buy a bit better laptops, so now im choosing between these 3: Acer Nitro 5 AN515 Core i5-8300H 8GB RAM 1TB HDD NVidia GTX 1050 4GB HP Pavilion 15-cx0056wm Core i5-8300H 8gb RAM 1TB HDD NVidia GTX 1050 4GB MSI GV62...
  3. Zimrathon

    Question Calculating gpu to monitor capabilities of rtx 2080

    Hi, new to the finer details of gfx card tech specs so sorry if this turns out to be a stupid question, but how do you work out the max capability of a gpu applied to a monitor/monitors set up. For example, the way I see it, from my layman’s view, if I have 3 monitors at 1920 x 1080 resolution...
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    Question Looking for a waterblock for a Gigabyte Aorus 2080ti

    The actual part number is: GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 TI DirectX 12 GV-N208TAORUS X-11GC Video Card I did find a site selling this card with a Bykski full cover Gpu block from aliexpress..... But it's $2,415 making the block costs $1,100?! Anyhow, tried locating just the block and no...
  5. T

    Question SSD vs HDD for External Storage HD...???

    My external HD is really old (got it from a old laptop) and my Gsmartcontrol program says it did not past 'mustard'. The health tests show it is about to fail and the hard drive lights up red. So I need to upgrade my external HD as soon as possible since it is literally my 'life line'. I am...
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    Question Pc shutting down

    OK so its been 2 weeks i started facing this problem. I can browse enitre day, watch youtube videos or keep the pc idle it wont heat up or shutdown. But as soon as i start any game like dota or fortnite or apex legends literally like 5 mins into it it crashes like it just shuts down. when i...
  7. bludyvenom

    Question Blurry text and icons in Windows 10 - FHD Display

    I have a 20 inches LCD with ratio 16:9 working fine and a recently bought 24 inches FHD LED. Now as I have connected the former one with a VGA cable and the latter one with an HDMI cable with my graphics card Zotac GT710 2 GB DDR3, the FHD seems very blurry and unusable. I've changed the...
  8. [SOLVED] Bad stability of my new PC build.

    Hello all, This is first time I asking for a help. I was able to fix things by myself until now. A few weeks ago I builded brand new PC (components are bellow). First, I installed Win 7 x64. I experienced crashes during gameplays, freezing programs etc. Because of this, I bought Win 10 x64, I...
  9. T

    Question Why when I run my 144hz at 60hz on a 60fps cap game, the lag is crazy?

    When I had my original setup with my 1600x900 monitor, capped at 60hz I never seemed to have any issues. Since then I now run 1920x1080 144hz monitor, but am trying to play a game that is capped at 60fps that I used to play on my 1600x900 60hz monitor and had no problem, but now cannot find a...
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    Question Stream settings

    I starting streaming recently, and my game never lags, my frames don't drop or anything, my computer runs exactly the same as when I'm not streaming. However, when I look at my stream, the quality is great, but the fps is terrible. I have watched multiple videos and tried many different settings...
  11. C

    Question Laptop memory slot not recognizing RAM

    I posted this a few days ago and haven’t received ay replies. I have an ACER Aspire M5-583P-6428 operating Windows 10 Home (x64) Version 1803 (build 17134.590). The task manager shows 4GB RAM and the control panel also shows Installed memory of 4GB. Researching inform me that the laptop has...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] Is my video card failing

    I apologize if this was already answered, I did not find a thread that was similar, maybe I got impatient. My question is, how do I tell my video card is going out or not? I have heard stress tests can cause damage to the video card and also heard they do not. So I had just purchased a video...
  13. J

    Question OS on Hdd, trying to get it on 4096 byte/ sector ssd

    I got a sabrent nvme pcie m.2 2280 ssd drive and I was trying to clone the os from an hhd to it. It came up that it was a different storage size and wouldn't work. I found a thread here that suggested making an image of the hhd instead, to get past the difference in bytes/sector issue. I tried...
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    Question Black spot on lcd

    Hey, I'm using Acer Predator Helios 300 and have an opaque black spot on my lcd. I've tried to clean it but it doesn't look like it was dirt on the lcd. It's not dead pixel either. Anyone here know what it is and is there anything I can do to fix it? Here's the video View...
  15. J

    Question Not Sure If My Laptop Supports NVME?

    Hi guys, I have a MSI GS73VR 7RF STEALTH PRO and I currently have a regular M.2 Sata SSD in it and was wanting to upgrade to a larger one and was wondering if a NVME drive would work in it? I know they have different connectors but am wondering if it is backwards compatible? On the product page...
  16. T

    Question SSD need power cycling everytime i shut down my computer

    Hi guys i have recently bought a Crucial 120GB BX500 Series Sata 6.0Gb/s 3D NAND SSD. Everytime i shut down my computer when i turn it back on it disappears from my drivers and BIOS. I need to use power cycling method to bring it back on. Is that mean my SSD is defective and should i return it...
  17. H

    Photo recover - “iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes”

    Dear all, My father passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly 2 weeks ago. He was the photo taker of the family and his phone is full of thousands of photos from over the years. We knew his passcode but it seems that a few weeks ago, perhaps due to an iOs update, his passcode was changed from...
  18. W

    Question PC Freezes at Windows 10 Install

    Hi all I'm looking for some advice. My PC started playing up at the weekend, videos that played on the day before started stuttering and couldn't cope with 1080p streams. I reset Windows 10, but it failed. I then decided to wipe the SSD and try to install from scratch. Now the windows 10...
  19. Y

    Question Does MSi b450m pro vdh work with ryzen 1700x out the box

    I bought a new board and I don’t know if I have to update bios
  20. kemof

    Question witch is better cooler master v750 or G750M

    i have both and will sold one so i wanna keep better my PC work 24/7. and why G750m have high price if its bronze when v750 gold. thanks for help . cant found PSU list so i ask