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  1. A

    Question Wifi Device freezes my PC

    Hey guys, i just bought a new TP Link wifi device and installed it on my pc, when i turned my pc on everything worked just fine until the windows logo appeard. The loading circle stucked and my pc freezed for like 2 minutes and it got me to a blue screen. I tried restarting my pc like 5 times...
  2. D

    Question Motherboard dead?

    I have a homebuilt, Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 motherboard, AMD Phenom 4 core processor, 8gB Corsair Vengance memory 1600gHz 9-9-9-24 and an Asus video board (inexpensive but I can't find the box and there is no description on the card. Nvidia though). I was using a Corsair VX550W power supply.Unit...
  3. C

    Question High Ping Spikes after crash

    So, a disclaimer is that I'm not quite as savvy with tech as most people. but, regardless. I was playing a game of apex the other day; I've had this computer for a few years now and its never had any problems that shouldn't of happened (Old battery dying out, old graphics card needing replaced...
  4. Benji19912

    Question buttons on tv dead

    as per title, cant do anything with side buttons, do you think i can use my phone as a remote? hopefully is a seperate circuit
  5. T

    Question Benchamark/Stress Test for GPU clock stability testing for Gaming Scenarios

    Hey community! I've been using Firestrike to test GPU OC profiles and noticed that while many of these profiles are stable during testing and yield a much higher Firestrike score than no OC, they are often unstable while gaming. Is there a better tool besides Firestrike to test whether or not an...
  6. P


    Hey guys, I noticed my motherboard got an issue on its bend pins and causes the PC to hang or freeze. I'm wondering will it solve the problem if I rebend the pins? what other related or new issue will it surface in the future?
  7. G

    Question Fresh build has website connectivity problems

    I just built my first computer and so far everything has been going relatively smoothly. After I installed the drivers and updated the bios I then tried to update Windows 10 but Windows says it can not connect to the internet. So I tried Microsoft Edge and that works I can use Bing just fine...
  8. Savitar

    Question my mouse and keyboard is not working when i try to install windows

    So after a long day of having issues with my bios now a new problem came up. When i try to install windows 7 64bit my mouse and keyboard are not working, i saw some solutions on YouTube like changing the usb ports, activating the mouse and keyboard emulation from bios and so far nothing. Can...
  9. C

    Question First built pc problem

    I just built my new pc, everything seemed alright. I turned it on, and bios popped up for only a second. I’ve tried a lot of things, like removing the CMOS battery. But, it won’t seem to come on again. I’ve also looked at the 23 things to do before posting thread, but nothing worked. I’m very...
  10. dominic.bogdan

    Question Secondary HDD Loads when I open a file located in Primary SSD

    Hello guys, I have an ADATA SP900 SSD located in C: and a WD BLUE 500GB located in D: and every time I open any software located in C: I hear noise from the secondary HDD, I open task manager and I see disk D: loading, I noticed this issue when browsing Google Chrome with multiple tabs and I...
  11. MagicElyas

    Question NVLinked 2x 2080s on a MSI x370 Gaming Plus

    Is it possible to make it? i just bought 2 x 2080 gaming X trio for a really good deal and i do not know if i need to switch my motherboard or even if it is possible to make on this motherboard.
  12. B

    Question Is this a Smart Upgrade ?

    I currently have resorted to gaming on a back-up PC due to the death of my main 1155 rig's motherboard. Since I can't source any decent replacements, And to a lesser extent existing hardware is old anyway, I am thinking about shelling out for a new system. My current backup PC specs: *MSI -...
  13. A

    Question Random Freezes

    I've been working on this for a while now so if I forget to list everything I've tried, forgive me. For the last two months my computer has randomly frozen, occasionally making a loud buzzing noise, and will only un-freeze with a hard reboot. The timing roughly coincided with a move to a new...
  14. I

    Question How to enable smart fans/quiet down fans on MSI

    So my fans have been annoyingly loud and I was just wondering how I could quiet them down a bit, my model is the MSI GS63 Stealth 8RE
  15. Z

    Question Help please computer doesn’t turn on

    Ok hey guys I think I have a serious problem with my pc. A few days back my computer turned on fine, but when I started playing games it would reboot,then now my computer doesn’t even post as in it’s just a black screen. Everything is on and working but I may suspect that the cpu is dead,and...
  16. Nellzzz

    Question Windows keeps crashing

    As title says. I've done a clean installation of windows, replaced HD, and checked RAM (using windows tool). I can be browsing the web, listening to music, or trying to play a game. PC will freeze and force me to restart. May I have some help narrowing it down to what could be causing this...
  17. A

    Question Newly Built PC Won't Display Anything

    Hey all- I just recently built my first gaming computer and, for some reason, my PC will not display anything to my monitor. Fans are running, lights are on, and appears to be working- except for the fact it doesn't display anything. It has not POSTed yet or been activated in any way, and it has...
  18. itspstr

    Question i switch my old i3 6100 processor with new i7 7700 but know i feel that the performance of my is low than before. as i play games

    i switch my old i3 6100 processor with new i7 7700 but know i feel that the performance of my pc is low than before. as i play same game now but know i have issues that games lag too much when i used something related to graphics the performance worse as compare of using old i3 6100 processor...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] Maximum ram limit solutions

    Hello I need some tips and solutions. I don't have money and don't want to upgrade my motherboard and cpu. My motherboard has 4 gb RAM limit. I am using now 4 gb ram , with windows 7 64 bit. I always use a torrent client and web browser, my ram usage goes & 95-100 sometimes. I cleaned startup...
  20. D

    [SOLVED] Extending a home network where there are two coax hookups?

    I have an interesting network setup in my new place and was wondering if anyone has experience on how to do this. I feel like most problems are about the opposite - one coax hookup and trying to extend coverage across the house. Old place had one floor, so: coax -> modem -> router, done...