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  1. S

    Question ASUS UEFI on AsRock Motherboard

    So, i changed my FX 6300 and AsRock AM3 motherboard for this Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 motherboard and an i5 3570k , the only issue is that is has an ASUS Uefi on it instead of its original firmware. All the PC Monitoring software recognizes the mobo as "ASUS P8-H61-M LX3". Can I Flash the mobo so it...
  2. J

    Question VMware Workstation Pro - USB PROBLEM "Unknown Error"

    I Can not connect any USB Please Help....
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2400G/ 1070 8gb

    Hi guys ! 5-6 months ago I built an ryzen 5 2400g build (my mistake) and recently bought gtx 1070 palit 8gb jetstream. I am experiencing bottlenecks in BF1, every other game runs smooth as butter. I do have a plan upgrading to ryzen 3000 when it comes out but until then Im stuck with this. Would...
  4. Shinigami187

    Question GTX 960 G1 2g Windforce Upgrade

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/tDpXr6 My current build and what i want to do is find an upgrade from my GTX 960 and mainly want to just focus on 1080p High to Ultra settings on my ultra-wide monitor. Budget is around $200-220 tops and plan to upgrade sometime next month and wanted to know what...
  5. Y

    Question Where could i find a mouse with a 3 programmable middle click

    HI, so I've been looking for a mouse lately and i haven't found any of my taste... my friend has this mouse the "gigabyte M6900" "...
  6. C

    Question z370 gaming 7 gives 18 as error

    So, i just bought everything new from amazon: Intel i7 9700k, z370 gaming 7 , EVGA G3 750, a working HD, 970 EVO M.2 SSD, 2x 8GB gskill ram 3200 mhz and Corsair H45. The GPU is RTX 2080 but i took it out for the tests. With the GPU or without it the problem is the same. The problem is that when...
  7. C

    Question Possible mobo short or malfuntioning?

    I just got my PC back from repair for a corrupted windows. I noticed when I got it back that they reseated one of the two 8GB ram sticks I have, next to each other (One 8gb in a red slot and one in the black right next to it) when my b360 gaming plus mobo has dual channel memory slots. I had...
  8. fishy_fizz

    Question m.2 SSD detected in bios but doesn't show up in windows

    I was installing an nvme m.2 ssd to my laptop. I plugged it in but it didn't show up in This PC. Then I checked bios setup, the ssd was detected in bios, but device manager and disk manager didn't show the ssd. The ssd is fine because I used it in a USB-m.2 converter and it worked fine. The m.2...
  9. Y

    [SOLVED] Pleas could help me?

    Hi there i am about to build a new pc gamers my question is: I have screen (lg 49" full hd smart) I want advice for pc build that I can play games on my screen at 1080p 60 hz in high sittings? My budget about 1000$ Thanks in advance
  10. M

    Question Possible to Move a program?

    My old HDD was running windows 7 64 bit but it decided to stop booting. I pulled the HDD and installed a new one as well as a new processor and upgraded to windows 10. Later I found out the the old HDD wasn't dead so I did some file recovery. Also my old HDD/OS has Malwarebytes with the lifetime...
  11. Joefy

    Question Is it normal for my i5 8600k to be at 35c while idle?

    My CPU temp currently is 38c is that okay for being idle I have a i5 8600k
  12. Z

    Question Acer monitor defect fixable?

    Hello I just received this curved 24" monitor but i noticed something in the top left corner, a weirdly shaped black thing i think it is not a dead pixel because when i applied pressure on it it changed shape, should i just return it or maybe there is a fix? the monitor is an acer ed242qr btw...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] HDD not showing up after installing SSD

    So I bought new 1TB ssd and after installing it my 1TB HDD dissapierd not even showing in device manager idk what to do I unplugged it and plugged it back to be sure that I didnt unpluged it by accident but that was not a problem. Here you can see that only my SSDs are showing up...
  14. E

    Question power supply 320 watt compatible gpu 250 watt ???

    ihave gxt 780 ti i want to run power supply 320 watt Does he work with me? --------------------------------- info pc --------------------------------- hp elite 8200 i5 2400 ram 8 gb ssd 240 ------------------------------ Thank you
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Upgrade/new build

    Im wondering whether it's worth upgrading my system or buying a new one entirely. This is my current system Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB Gigabyte INTEL LGA1151 H170 8GB RAM 620W PSU I don't need to buy monitors or storage. I want a system that can play...
  16. T

    Question PC turns back on after clicking shutdown.

    Most of the time, when I shut down my pc, using the start button > shutdown my pc sounds like it is shutting down, then it suddenly turns back on after maybe 3-5 seconds, I've tried several fixes but can't seem to work it out. Almost as if I clicked restart/sleep and then resuming from there...
  17. V

    Question ASUS B250M-A Unable to install windows via usb or internal optical drives.

    I have been building my computers for years and this issue is a first for me, and I am kinda stumped. Feeling like it is a motherboard issue, but I think I have narrowed it down either to 3 things. PSU, CPU, Motherboard. (RAM has been tested on another machine) I have an ASUS b250m-a...
  18. C

    Question PC wont Boot Up after installing a new graphic card. (RX 470 powercolor)

    Destop Spec. PSU 680Watt MB: H81M-VG4 R2.0 (V 1.5 UPDATED) GPU : RX 470 Red Devil Powercolor 4GB I recently upgrade my GPU from GTX 650 1GB (6PINs) to RX 470 4GB (8 PINs). Both the 6Pin to 8pin converter needed to power it up. However when I tried to turn on the computer it does not boot...
  19. M

    Question Which CPU upgrade is better?

    Hi, I'm currently running an i5-4670k OC to 4.00GHz, but even after the overclock I'm starting to notice my CPU falling behind on most recent games. I've been looking up benchmarks, comparisons for some CPU's Due to the fact i gotta replace ram, mobo and CPU i need to find out what will last me...
  20. B

    [SOLVED] Wraith RGB Cooler for Ryzen 5 1600X?

    Would this cooler be sufficient to cool a non-overclocked Ryzen 5 - 1600X?
  21. S

    Question Won't boot to windows 7 but HDD is fine?

    Hello, I have an issue since this morning on my HDD. I have windows 10 installed on a SSD and a Windows 7 on a HDD. I'm using Windows 7 and when i tried booting on the HDD, the PC went straight to the SSD. So i disabled the boot option for SSD and now the pc will just go into Bios. Whenever it...
  22. Iniaskle

    Question Wrong PSU for RX 570

    Hi there, I made a very stupid mistake,it's my brother's birthday so i ordered him an rx 570 that needs a 1 x 6 pin, guess what his psu doesn't have that. what is a recommended psu that is NOT expensive with not expensive i mean under 55 euro's. This is his psu right now, it's a terrible one...
  23. Ziraf

    Question Can rgb fan and rgb cooler lights on non-rgb mobo?

    My mobo Asrock b360m pro4 is not an rbg. So how can i make the fan and cooler rgb?
  24. E

    Question +What's Wrong With My Computer?

    My computers overall performance is lacking, with video game lag spikes, frame rate drops, and even the occasional crash. This performance issue is seen not just in games, but daily tasks that require virtually no effort for the computer. I think the problem might be hardware related, but I'm...
  25. Y

    Question Does my motherboard’s IO (USB Ports to be exact) need a cable to power all of the ports?

    I’m a beginner PC builder, and this is my first PC. I have noticed that I have to plug in wires for my Case’s USB 3.0 ports to work. There are also USB 2 ports on my motherboard, do I need to plug in wires for those too? Motherboard: Asus TUF B450m-Plus Gaming Case: CoolerMaster mb600l
  26. T

    Question I think I adjusted intels turbo

    Hey all! I have an Acer Nitro 5 with the i5-8300h and the 1050ti. I was having heat issues (85c) so I downloaded intels extreme tuning utility and undervolted my laptop to -.140 and changed the wattage on both the long term and short to 20 watts instead of 45 watts. It looks like i effectively...
  27. Question 205.5 degree PCH temperature

    Because I have a broken brain, I decided I should put together a new PC from scratch recently, despite my inexperience. Here's the build. The missing video card is a GeForce GTX 1080 that was transplanted from my old computer to this new one. I don't think I screwed up too bad. PC seems to run...
  28. B

    [SOLVED] Updating gaming system

    Hello I'm looking for advice on upgrading my motherboard, cpu and memory for gaming. I'm not looking to spend more than $800. Currently one channel on my mobo doesn't recognize ram so I'm only able to run 12gb. Case: Cooler master HAFX CPU: Intel I7 930 2.80GHz Mobo: ASUS P6X58D Premium...
  29. V

    [SOLVED] what is causing the issue here?

    Hi, I have been recently been having issues with my system, For some reason my Rx 580 does not work with my 16x pcie slot on my mobo but it works with my 8x slot. I get shutdowns trying to go to windows and If I do I get freezes and artifacts, I thought It was a simple broken PCIe slot but I...
  30. obi1kenobi

    Question Help with a wall mount bracket

    Hi all Can someone please help me find a vesa mount or an extended stand/arm for my dell se2717h monitor as it has no bracket option. I don’t want to spend a lot of money just something simple to do the job.
  31. A

    Question Amd driver issues.

    Thanks for all who view this post. I have been having some serious problems with my computer lately. It all started right before I installed and started playing Anthem on my desktop with the new AMD 19.2.3 driver. I experienced black screen on startup, and a blue screen with white writing...
  32. C

    Question Memory problems

    I recently replaced the motherboard and cpu in a computer. The ram from the old combo worked fine in the new combo. Then I tried upgrading the ram from 1x8gb 2400mhz vengeance lpx to a 2x8gb 3000mhz vengeance lpx kit. The computer wouldn't post with both sticks. I tried one stick and it didn't...
  33. F

    Question Upgraded to better CPU but turns out to be slower

    Recently upgraded my g6230 to i5 4690 3.50ghz (2nd hand) but its way slower. Help pls.. Mobo: H81M-A GPU: RX570 4gb Ram: 8Gb Windows 10
  34. B

    Question why does the transfer speed vary so much?

    This is not a perfectly new PC, but this is a very clean PC, the windows was just cleanly reinstalled and there is only one or two trusted third party programs installed. I was trying to cut and paste 100GB video files which comprises 111 files from the PC to a portable passport USB 3.0...
  35. Z

    Question Feel like im being bottlenecked? More info

    So as of right now I have an RTX 2080 with an i5-8400 cpu. I play at 1080p 144hz. I do not really want to upgrade to 1440p because I like playing at high settings and high framerates. My question is will there be alot of bottlenecking if i use my current RTX 2080 and get an i7-8700k and still...
  36. JeroenV

    Question What part of my previously working PC is dead?

    I have a question for you guys. I put together my own PC about 5 years ago and was working perfectly fine. But while playing a game last week I got a BSOD. When trying to start up the PC the next day it wouldn't boot up. After trying to boot up a few times I managed to get it running again...
  37. S

    Question Mystery button on motherboard. Sony vaio svf15n17cxb.

    Ok so I've opened this relic up for the 100th time and I still haven't found one person, piece of literature or errant line of code that can tell me wtf this button is for. Any help would be... well, helpful. Sony was useless. The unintelligible foreigner that works for the holdings co. that...
  38. S

    [SOLVED] new build x2

    so changed some stuff around but now im a little over budget. Still need to buy a desk. Anyway anything you see that is overkill, really like the MOBO and the extra case fans I feel I need. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD - Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor...
  39. S

    Question will a gtx 1050 fit in my pc

    My PC is a Dell Vostro 460 and currently has a GeForce GT 420 in it (which is a single slot GPU). Since a 1050 is a double slot GPU (or so I think, I'm very new to PC building), will it be compatible with my PC? I've seen threads saying that it is, but I just want to make sure.
  40. Question Please help me set RAM at 2400mhz

    Hello, I'm having a very hard time trying to figure out how to run my KVR24N17S8/8 RAM modules at their advertised speed of 2400 Mhz 😓. It only runs at 2133, as soon as I set it to 2400 my computer won't boot (boots in UEFI safe mode) My system configuration is as follows: CPU: Core I7 6700...