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  1. sweps

    Question DTS AND Equaliser not working on Hyperx Cloud Alpha Wireless headphones ?

    [Moderator Note: OP orginally flagged as "Solved". No indication that the problem was solved so changed to "Question".] I literally just bought these headphones, installed the NGENUITY software, and when I try to activate DTS or the Equalizer, there's simply no change. It shows as active...
  2. hadiahmed29

    Question DTS sound not working on SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC ?

    Hi guys hope you are all well, I recently bought Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDac I've been configuring around the Sonar but I've noticed that the DTS isn't working, like no difference if you turn it off or on in the SS Engine software like it means it's not working. I downloaded this DTS...
  3. G

    Question Looking for a good soundbar under £500

    Hi all, I am trying to get some nice soundbar or speakers for tv (LG BX) but prefer soundbar as i don't have much space. The TV has very nice features related to sound Dolby Atmos support, eARC, hdml 2.1 but doesn't support some DTS which is annoying tbh. My budget is under £500 i really want...
  4. T

    Question DTS:X Ultra doesn't work on Windows 11 ?

    Hi! My motherboard is Z590 AORUS ULTRA (rev 1.0) and it comes with DTS:X Ultra software/license. It comes as 2 softwares : DTS Sound Unbound which comes with activated license for DTS Headphone:X and DTS:X Decoder, other app is DTS:X Ultra where user can use "content mode",equalizer etc., stuff...
  5. bestmak

    [SOLVED] Equalizer settings not being applied to all speakers in 5.1 setup ?

    Hi everyone! The last time I was active in these forums was around 6 years ago, so I am glad to see the community is still so active :) My Specs/Setup: Logitech Z906 5.1 Speakers Connected using TOSLINK S/PDIF Optical Cable Motherboard: ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING/AURA Audio Chipset/Codec: Realtek...
  6. Z

    Question DTS Custom with USB adapter?

    I am using an Astro A10 with the splitter that it came with, and I'm also using equalizer apo to improve the mic quality, and DTS Custom is turned on. Basically, because the microphone is plugged directly into the pc 3.5mm jack, naturally it has a lot of noise, so I want to remove the noise from...
  7. sidcrimson

    [SOLVED] 5.1 Audio From Pc to Soundbar Via HDMI / DisplayPort

    Need help with setting up 5.1 Audio out on my Pc! My rig Asus H81MCS * No TOSLINK OUT/ HDMI audio out * i3 4130 16GB RAM Windows 10 Video Card : GTX 1660 Super TV : LG UJ725T Soundbar : LGSL8YG PC right now is connected to the TV via HDMI ( Using HDMI 2.1 ver Cable ) And My soundbar is...
  8. amjadh678

    [SOLVED] Connect a DTS TV and Non DTS Soundbar

    Hi Mates, So I ran into a bit of a problem.. I bought an Mi 4x 50 inch TV which has support for Dolby and DTS audio formats.. I was watching some of my DTS movies from my external HDD but then I found out that the in-built speakers of TV isn't good enough.. So I decided to order a soundbar...
  9. F

    Question audio extractor

    Hi, I am planning to sell my HTPC and use my laptop for connecting to my home cinema. It consists of a Logitech z-5400 and some old 1080p Samsung smart tv. The HTPC had a SPDIF connection, but I will lose this option on my laptop. Apparently, the television had no pass thru option for DTS and...
  10. G

    Question Onkyo SKS-HT870 crossover confusion with Onkyo TX-NR656

    Hi, I'm a pretty new home theater enthusiast but I know a few things here and there when it comes to home audio. I've been using the SKS-HT870 (7.1) speakers with the NR656 A/V for a while now and what I've found is that there's one setting I can't seem to figure out. I've done some research on...
  11. G

    FSP Releases New Modular Flex ATX Power Supplies

    FSP, the OEM behind the Flex ATX power supply form factor, introduces fully modular Flex ATX PSUs in 220W and 250W versions with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency. FSP Releases New Modular Flex ATX Power Supplies : Read more
  12. L

    Can my motherboard run gtx 1060?

    Hello i bought a new computer but there is bad graphics card ( gtx 745 ) and i would like to change it with gtx 1060 but i'm not sure if my motherboard can run it can somebody please tell me if it can run it? there are specifications of motherboard: Manufacturer Acer Model Aspire XC-780(KBL)...
  13. D

    PC Building Noob

    As stated in title I've never built a pc before but I'm looking to build a monster. Mobo- Maximus IX Hero CPU- Intel i7-7700k GPU- GTX 1080TI Ripjaws V DDR4 16GB RAM 500GB SSD and I plan on adding 1TB HDD And the case I've chosen was the Corsair 780T. I've been looking into liquid cooling and...
  14. F

    Computer crashes just after an hour of gaming

    Hey guys i recently bought some components to build a new gaming pc and it all seems fine until i start to play games, every time i play any game e get these multi colored squares on my screen and it crashs. I have a ryzen 5 1400, Rx 570 gaming 4gb, 2x4gb 2400 ram Cx430w ps, 1 rear fan and 2...
  15. R

    Old power button on new pc?

    Is there any chance that this might damage the board? The cable has all the right connections, it's about 10 years old, the pc was working at the time. Thank you for your time.
  16. T

    Fixing/saving a decently working hdd (help!)

    1.The incident 2. Home fixing attempt 3. friend place and using the secondary hdd 4. the issue that persist. 1. Ok, so I had a sad incident... Tower fell on the side and had 2 hdd in it... Next thing I know.. The OS doesn't boot and I have very limited options in how I could try to fix it...
  17. S

    Swapping low gb ssd or original hd to a larger ssd before first boot

    So let me preface this with the fact that I am a total noob, so if you're so kind as to respond please speak in terms at or just below laymans. If any of the questions I pose don't make sense because I dont get the concept, I'm not using the right terms or am making up options and things please...
  18. B

    GPU Probably burned

    After hours of messing around with my pc and reading threads I think my GPU might be fried for good. So this is how it started: I recently placed my case between my desk and a wall. When before it was on top of my desk. And now on this particulary hot day and doing some heavy GPU tasks on my pc...
  19. Tony1337

    How good is this motherboard? Msi z97 gaming 7

    how are the vrms for this motherboard and how good will it me at overclocking?
  20. RLBalane

    Check this out: Budget Gaming PC

    Hey guys! I need your help :D I am planning to build a "budget" Gaming PC and I want you guys to check out the components I chose to see if there are issues you encountered with some of these components and also if they are reliable, durable, decent and effective enough for a "budget" Gaming...
  21. waterise

    Clicking Noise? asRock Z77 Extreme 4

    I've had my PC for 2 years this August. I finally decided to clean it out and there was dust on the Hyper 212 Evo Cooler like no other, along with the other fan and all over the PC inside. I cleaned it out, but now I'm getting this clicking noise when I plugged it all back in. Here's the...
  22. Orbit Storm

    Force IP Reset via Cloned MAC Address

    First and foremost, I sincerely apologize if this topic is outside the normal range of questions. I'm looking to force a reset on the public WAN but it seems our provider, Comcast, is unable to assist with this directly without escalating the request that could take several days, including a...
  23. ISetsunaI

    EVGA KBoost Temperature

    When i crank up my fans all the way up and K-Boost is on for my EVGA SC 970 Card, it always seem to stay at a temperature of 35-45. Is this a green flag for me to allow it to be on K-Boost the whole day or am i missing something?
  24. E

    Playable games with integrated graphics.

    So I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C55-A-1N1 and I know that I won't be able to play games such as Crysis or any other AAA title seeing as how it runs off of integrated graphics. I'm mainly curious as to whether it can cope with games such as Bastion, Dust an Elsyian tale and maybe even...
  25. M

    games that are playable on this computer

    Hello guys I want to know that my PC will support which of the GPU Ecs g31t - m5 Core 2 duo e7500 4gb ram Gpu (plz suggest any) Games I want to play are-: Cod ghosts ,bf4,NFS rivals, watch dogs And my pcie is 1.0 I want to play smoothly not any type of screen resolution is recommended And my...