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  1. JafArmat

    Question Dual monitor setup causes media player lag while playing - windowed borderless

    I have a dual monitor setup and while i'm playing a game in windowed borderless mode on the primary monitor, if i run let's say kmplayer or vlc on the second one and the focus is on the game window, there is a micro lag in the media player, but if i "alt tab" outside the game, the video plays...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Dual Display Head Scracher

    This is a strange one and I'm really hoping someone has encountered this before because it's annoying. I've been in IT for over 10+ years and thats probably why it's so annoying but it is strange. So I have two monitors (no I'm not asking how to re-arrange the monitors :p) laptop is physically...
  3. S

    Question 2nd Monitor slowing down Main Monitor??

    I have 1 Samsung 4K monitor as my main display and a Samsung 4k Tv is my secondary. The Monitor is 60Hz@4K and the tv is 30Hz@4K. When i go to play any game it will run at 30Hz. Even when i have V-sync off ingame it still only displays a max 30Hz. If i only make the monitor display the game...
  4. S

    Question Whenever there are 2 monitors connected there is no signal going to any of them.

    Rx570 graphic card (newest drivers 19.4.3) - I can run only 1 display at time whenever i try to connect second one they are both not working (i see black screen on both, when restarting i can see the screen to enter BIOS but if i enter it or wait for pc to boot both displays go black again) but...
  5. R

    Question FPS drops when running 4k 32" monitor as a second display

    I have frame rate drops when running a 4K monitor as my second display when raiding in World of Warcraft. Disabling the second display seemed to stabilize the FPS. I would like to keep the config without having to disable the second display. Is the best path a second video card? I tried...
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Dual monitor support, will this work?

    Alright so, I have a 60Hz monitor, which I use an HDMI cable coming from my 1060, I am planning on getting a new one soon which will be 144hz probably. I've heard you should not have 2 different ports running at the same time (eg. HDMI on one and Display Port on the other) because it causes sync...
  7. V

    Is it wise to buy an OEM processor?

    I hear that they don't come with box or fan. Is it wise to buy one at cheap price?