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  1. A

    Display corruption DVI-I / GPU / Monitor

    Hi, I have an odd problem here. A few weeks ago after booting up my pc the BIOS and Windows screens were very "corrupted" looking... The screen was split into thirds with lots of fuzzy artifacts jumping about. After 2/3 restarts the display then failed to come alive at all. This was remedied...
  2. B

    Is this case good?

    Hey, will this case keep my pc cool? Specs: I5-4690 asus r9 280 Seasonic 620w wd blue 1tb 64mb 2x4gb ballistix ram Carbide series spec-01 ASRock h97 pro 4 Thanks
  3. A

    My computer keeps shutting down when i play games

    The problem is that my computer keeps hard shutting down when i play smite and sometimes skyrim. i dont believe it is a cooling issue as when i put my hand on the computer it doesn't feel too hot. My components are: AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor Nvidia GTX 660 16GB RAM GA-78LMT-USB3...
  4. L

    Maxtor One Touch 3 ticking

    Hi. I stripped the drive down and connected it to a caddy that I know is working. The light flashed alternate red and green. With each'tick' the disc turned slightly but nothing else happened. Any ideas about what is wrong and how I can retrieve the data. Thanks
  5. ChrisDFW1

    stock voltage for fx 8350

    I want to play around with ocing on stock voltages but bios is set to auto. I have read a hundred posts on many forums. Does anyone know what the stock voltage is for this cpu?
  6. Yoplait95

    IS my 8320 not capable of playing Hawken ?

    I have been building a Gaming PC for some time now and have it to the point where I can use it. But, if I play Hawken I only get 30 FPS on ultra no vsync. My gpu setup is a crossfire 7850 2gb, so that can't be the limiting factor. Do I need a better HDD or RAM or a new cpu Idk.. FX-8320 Help...
  7. S

    Are the following components compatible?

    Good evening everyone - I am currently upgrading my PC and would like to know if the components I am buying, will be compatible with eachother. I am going to re-purpose my current graphics card, a Radeon HD 6870 1GB. The new components I am buying are : Motherboard : GA-H87M-D3H CPU : Intel...
  8. M

    Laptops with Dual GPU's

    Hello, I was looking into purchasing a brand new laptop built for gaming. I had my eyes on the MSi GT683DXR but was curious if it was compatible with a dual GPU setup, or any MSi laptops for that matter? If not, are there any laptops one could suggest that could support dual GPUs? Thanks! :)
  9. H

    Quality gaming headset for the money

    Hey guys I was wondering what an affordable but good quality gaming headset would be, basically the best bang for my buck. According to my system specs which can be found here: http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/ca/en/ho/WF06b/12132708-12133156-12133158-12133158-12133158-80230858-80451103.html my...
  10. A

    SPDIF on GTX 460

    Hello. Dumb question time but I can't for the life of me find the SPDIF socket on my Gainward GTX 460 card. Can someone put me out of my misery? :lol: Andy
  11. icon31337

    Core synchronization. Is it possible?

    Is it possible to change a cpu's settings in bios to sychronize all cores? All cores would then be used simultaneously at an equal percentage.
  12. C

    P67 board to cope with 3 Gainward GTX580 3GB Phantoms

    Hello Looking to build a pc with 3 gainward gtx580 3gb phantoms ( tri sli ) , is there currently a motherboard that will take three of these cards ( they are 2.5 slot cards ), also will a standard tri sli bridge fit. Thanks Chris
  13. M

    Q9550 vs AMD Phenom II X6 1100T

    hi! i have a pc with intel q9550 cpu...and i want to change my pc.... u think AMD Phenom II X6 1100T is a good choice, or a better choice?
  14. D

    Haf 922 front panel problem

    I built a new pc with the coolermaster haf 922 case and gigabytes Ga-x58a-ud5 mobo. Whenever i plug my headphones into the front headphone jack i get popups in windows 7 that basically say ive plugged in and unplugged the device. They go off constantly. I also noticed in the HD audio controls...
  15. D

    Dead Power supply

    My power supply died last week it was a generic one basic gaming pc worked great for 2 years i was on computer and it froze i pressed the reset button didnt work held the power button till it shuts off it didnt tried the power button one more time didnt work so i turned off the computer with the...
  16. D

    Need help Deciding on CPU for gaming

    Hello, i was wondering what type of setup i could get so i could last at least 2 years of good performance with coming new games. i was considering keeping my setup with 775 socket since i have the ram and wont have to spend more on that , i was thinking of getting a quad core Intel Core2 Quad...
  17. finn92

    Any differences between an XFX 9800GT from 2008 and an XFX 9800GT now?

    I'm just wondering here whether there is a difference between my XFX 9800GT from back in 2008 and an XFX 9800GT from 2010. My card's screwed up and I have to send it for RMA but if they're gonna give me a new card, I wanna know if there's any performance increase or decrease as well as a...
  18. G

    How can i tell if my cpu hard drive is dead

    is my cpu dead? I've got a virus on my desktop. I just tried to turn it on and windows xp (start up screen) appeared and the screen went blank. I can't even trouble shoot in the safe mode. Please advise.
  19. andy5174

    Intel or AMD or both DOOMED,let's vote!

    "Is AMD doomed?" v.s. "Is Intel doomed"
  20. G

    AMD 6400 BE with 6150M2MA

    ive got a Win fast 6150M2MA (i know cheap mobo) but i read that it wont work with a AMD 6400+ Black Edition, but im sure it will, can anyone confirm it mobo specs = http://www.foxconnchannel.com/Product/Motherboards/detail_comparison.aspx?ID=en-us0000359 CPU =...