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  1. [SOLVED] Hard drive cooling?

    It's called Evercool Nighthawk, it seemingly has an intake and exhaust fan which are pointed to the logic board; Found it for quite cheap and was wondering if there was any palpable benefit from this kind of product or if it would actually harm my drive, because of vibrations for example
  2. R

    ASUS ROG STRIX GL503VD not performing as expected

    I just got this laptop last month and so far I doesn't reach my expectation it has: Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80Ghz (8 CPUs) ----- Intel HD Graphics 630 16gb RAM GTX 1050 4gb (notebook) and i expected this launching apps fast or without a noticeable stutter even just opening File Explore it...
  3. G

    Input lag on tv

    I have a TCL 55 inch 4k smart tv (55s401 series) and there is a massive input lag from my computer to tv. I've put it into gaming mode but that only changed it's slightly, I've also turned off features and nothing really helps. I have checked my graphics card on my computer and it does support...
  4. rohan.vaddiparty

    Opinions and Queries about a Laptop i'm gonna buy

    Hello, So I am usually a PC guy but I wanted a Laptop for portability and have some queries related to it. Firstly, My Laptop usage is usually, Checking my website, Preparing Quotations, Basic Microsoft Office work, ( We are Electronic Manufacturers ) and CS:GO. Only CS:GO. Nothing else. I have...
  5. K

    Getting BSOD R9 390

    So, I have been getting this issue for like half a year after updating my drivers. First, it was just random computer freezing and need of a reset. Then about 2 months ago, it started to do the blue screens when quitting any game. I researched a lot around the internet for a cause of...
  6. LabrieD

    Trying to figure out if my PSU is busted?

    Hi, I've got a Solid Gear SDGR-650E that came with a bare-bones kit I bought off of Tiger Direct almost exactly two years ago and I can't seem to figure out if the problem I've been having the past 24 hours is my power supply or something else in the computer. Yesterday night I had my computer...
  7. P

    Will a single r9 390 handle a 144hz 1080p monitor?

    Will a sapphire nitro r9 390 and an i5 6500 be able to handle a 144hz 1080p monitor?