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    CPU Cooler - nzxt case - 4790k (lga1150) red in colour.

    Hello, With the case, the side panel is see through. So for the cpu fan, ideally I want something that matches the case. Which is red and black. Ideally with red LEDs. Been searching for ages, and everything isn't red, or doesn't fit the socket. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks! Marc.
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    Cooling a computer in enclosed space

    Just had a new wardrobe with an enclosure for my computer. The computer is running very hot, with case temps getting to : 31C and GPU temps: 82C The area around the computer seems very warm, and the surface of the case is warm to touch.] I am currently using a desk fan to try and circulate the...
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    Best Upload Speed

    I'm living in the NE of England and I'm looking for the fastest possible upload speed I can find, my luck only manages to find around 19 Mbps. I would be more happy with around 30+, anyone know of any providers whether private or industry. I tried looking into business broadband but looks...
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    what can cause a computer to go blue in and out while using it

    i can use my laptop fine and search the web and ev erythin but the pages n screen goes in and out the color blue,, it doesnt interfer with what i am doin i can still surf the web email type and everythin ..just wonderin what could be goin on with my computer and if there is a way i could fix it...
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    Making Sure Computer Temperatures are Good

    My computer's been a bit slow lately, so I'm running some diagnostics. I've had trouble finding clear info online about what temperatures are healthy in my computer. Can someone glance over this screenshot of HWMonitor and let me know if anything looks bad? The ambient room temperature is...