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  1. J

    Question What is a good pc build for heavily modding that’s around 800$

    I am building my very first pc and I want to be able to heavily mod and have a ENB for games like Fallout new Vegas. Does anybody know a good computer build that is around 800$-900$?
  2. S

    SSD Form Factor for new XPS 13 9360

    I would like to upgrade the 128gb SSD to a 500gb SSD or 1TB SSD. Does anyone know which one will work with the new XPS 13 9360? What is the form factor? 2" or M.2? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. O

    CPU for a 400$ Budget Mid-range Set up

    I have the problem with the CPU for my set up: (already have 1TB HDD) Case Z3 Neo Plus Main Gigabyte F2A68HM-HD2 CPU AMD Athlon II X4 845K Ram Ram Gskill RIPJAWS X 8GB (Single) GPU SapphireRX460 Dual Fan OC 2GB All of that cost me 360$ in my 400$ budget set up plus a little...
  4. SacredBlood77

    Is a 550w PSU enough for a Gtx 1070?

    I'm planning on getting an after market card and using at least the built in boost clock, and I also want to OC my i5 6600k to a very safe level. Will an EVGA G2 550w Gold Plus be sufficient? Also I have: Msi z170 m5 MOBO, 212 evo cpu cooler, Corsair vengeance lpx 3000mhz 2x8 ram, Samsung Evo...
  5. S

    Best cat for 100ft ethernet cables?

    I plan on running a long cable from one part of our house through the wall to another part. I want to know which CAT is best to reduce signal deterioration.
  6. G

    Looking for power supply (wattage) and graphics cards.

    I am planning on building my own PC know the dilemma I have is with the ASUS M5A78L-M and the DDR3 problem. I would like to know a graphics card that would be good for games like G.T.A. for example.Also, I need a good power supply. My part list is :- ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 Motherboard Cooler Master...
  7. A

    Good LGA 1150 Motherboard with dual SLI support

    I have a MSI N760 TF OC and i am going to change my processor from i3 540 to i7 4770k , i am also thinking of adding one more gtx 760 in SLI so that my performance level can reach upto or near of that of GTX Titan so suggest me some good board with only dual SLI also what i am thing of is...
  8. S

    Power Supply Connectors

    I'm having some problems with my graphics card (not major, but low fps, and low benchmark scores compared to other users with the same card). The card required two 6 pin PCIe connectors. My PSU comes with PCIe cords with two 6pin connectors attached to each. Is it safe to attach both of them to...