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  1. J

    Question What is a good fan controller?

    My motherboard is the Gigabyte B450M DS3H. I do not OC so i am fine with a budget board, the only issue I am facing is that my case has three fans (4 if including CPU fan) but only two spots for fans. One being the CPU and one being a regular case fan. I do not want to hook the other two up to...
  2. W

    Question I have an 3 pin connecter on my case fan do I need an 4 pin adapter to connect my case fan?

    I have an 3 pin connector do I need an 4 pin Adapter to connect the chassis" fan on my case in my asrock B250m-hdv? thanks for the help
  3. D

    Question Adding additional fans withot MB support

    Hi, not a leading expert on fan solutions, I hope you guys can give me an answer, I could not find one online. I have a crappy case, and I want to upgrade, I want better airflow and generally more fans. I have an Asus Z87-K MB, which supports 1 CPU fan and 2 Case fans, so far so good. I want...
  4. T

    Question Fans are too loud

    Hello, I have recently build my own gaming pc and the cpu fan and the case fans are all too loud. i have tried turning the fans down with msi command center but command center crashes my system sometimes but it went much quieter that way. But now i have deactivated command center due to the...
  5. F

    Question CPU fan error with Ryzen 3700x stock cooler

    So i just got my 3700x and connected it to my motherboard.I have an Asus Strix f350 gaming motherboard. The cpu comes with a wraith prism cooler.When i am connecting the cpu fan cable to cpu fan header the rgb turns on but the fan spins for a second and then it stops. It posts and shows cpu fan...
  6. Minky7

    [SOLVED] NZXT X61 Fan RPM Not Controlled By CAM?

    I'm having an issue with my NZXT X61, I've had some issues previously, but none related to this. This time (after a case swap, everything is plugged in correctly), no matter what I set the fan speed percentage to in the CAM software the fans continue to run at 1200-1350 RPM. It's rather annoying...
  7. K

    [SOLVED] Old CPU fan on a newer motherboard as a system fan

    Hi! I found this really old 3-pin CPU fan on one of my old PCs (12 years old). I was wondering if I could use it as an additional system fan on my 2016 build. Motherboard: MSI Z170-A PRO (MS-7971). The old fan: DC12V 0.24A I really don't want to fry anything and that's why I am asking this...
  8. O

    Question Windows Memory Diagnostic tool stuck for 2 days

    Hello, I've had many weird issues with my desktop PC which was ordered from a local tech store in my area. It's under warranty with dell. My display monitors have blacked out while watching YouTube etc. I read it could be a ram issue as I updated all my graphic drivers and tried different...
  9. M

    Question cooler master ml240r Fans not detected

    Hi all, I’ve recently put together a new build and I noticed on the bios page that the radiator fans for my ML240R were not being detected. I tried to do some testing like plugging the pump into CPU OPT. The pump was detected and could be configured, so I moved the radiator fans from CPU FAN to...
  10. Question Connecting a fan to RGB_HEADER causes beeping. Any alternatives?

    I have an asrock 2320m pro4 motherboard. I recently got a new case (nzxt h500). This comes with 2 exhaust fans which I have plugged into the 2 case fan slots of my mobo (a 3 pin and 4pin). But now I want to add an intake fan. I only have two slots on my motherboard left, one called amd header...
  11. R

    Question warranty XFX

    hi , I bought one XFX RX 580 4gb GPu a few months ago from a sell´s site for second hand products on my country .... the seller sent me the product and on first impressions everything looked nice , I had 1 year warranty yet by the store he bought from and 1 year from xfx .... few days ago I...
  12. Takenfal

    Info Lenovo products have a really bad fan management

    My Product: Model: Lenovo ThinkPad E560 CPU: i5-6200u GPU: AMD R7 M370 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 SSD: PNY CS900 240 GB Purpose of this topic: help the community and (maybe) the designers and developers I want to write this post to inform the Lenovo community and all the users that Lenovo designers and...
  13. jackfloyd2005

    [SOLVED] Does Fan Shroud on AMD Wraith Cooler Do Anything?

    Hello. Recently I have thought about buying a new kit of RAM for my Ryzen 2600 build. However, I noticed that the AMD logo on the fan's protective/decorative shroud blocks me from removing the ram and replacing it. I know that it is possible to remove just the shroud part that has the logo on...
  14. K

    Question My motherboard has a 4 pin led strip connector but rgb fans I want to install require a 3-pin. What should I do?

    The mobo I have is the MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon. All RGB fans require a 3-pin but I do not believe it has any. What was included with the motherboard was a RGB extension that allows me to split two RGB LED Strips, both having 4-pin connectors. Please let me know what I have to do. Thank you.
  15. jlam55555

    Question Understanding heatsinks with multi-platform support? (LGA 1366 and LGA 115x)

    Hi, computer noob here looking to make a first PC on a budget. I have a CPU (Xeon X5570) that uses the LGA 1366 socket. I'm looking for a CPU fan. There are some fans that say they support both LGA 1366 and 1151, but I thought that they were different sizes. Examples: Quiet CPU Dual Looped...
  16. T

    Question Corrosion on GPU heatsink

    So I bought a few graphics cards second hand online and they have a lot of corrosion on the heatsink, which increased temperatures and caused the card to thermal throttle greatly. After looking into it, apparently the corrosion can be cleaned off and should not happen again if I use an anti...
  17. R

    Question 1050 TI humming

    I have had this 1050 Ti for about a year and a half now and just recently its started humming. I am upgrading soon but for the time I am trying to find a solution. The heatsink and fan look very dusty, should I try and give them a clean or could it be the bearing? I have tried to change the fan...
  18. A

    Question Got a new gpu, is it okay to set manual fan speed?

    Hi guys, As it is shown on the title, a month ago, I bought a new gpu an AMD RX580 gigabyte version 8gb, however when I play any game the temperature goes up to 75C, almost everytime, and when I took a look at the fan speed while it is on automatic, I found it working with only 30-35%, so I...
  19. T

    [SOLVED] Different RPM chassis fan question.

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this question. New to PC . I am building a PC that will be all air flow no liquid cooling. I will have a total of 6 chassis fans on my PC. Problem is the mother board has only 2 connections for chassis fans. So I am getting one of these Silver Stone PWM fan...
  20. F

    [SOLVED] gpu fan stopping, starting, stopping, starting...etc... HELP

    My new Zotac 1070ti's second fan (one furthest from connection to motherboard) ramps up to speed, stalls out, then spins back up. While the gpu didnt heat up too much under load it did rattle almost constantly due to the fan. Any solutions?