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  1. AntonioHimself

    Question CPU Ramping up all fans

    This may be a really dumb question but is the CPU, whenever the temperature increases, meant to make not just the CPU fan ramp up but ALL the PC fans? i don't think I've had this issue before... asking because i have 6 fans (2 for water cooling) (4 pc fans) and as you can guess... it gets loud...
  2. R

    Question Lower amps fan for GTX 1060 (t129215sm 0.25amp replacing t129215sh 0.30amp)

    Hello everybody, I bought a replacement fan for this GTX 1060. The original fan is a t129215sh 0.3 amp. The seller sent me a t129215sm 0.25amp. My first thought was to immediately return it. Upon further examination, I see that they look the same, have the same dimensions and have the same...
  3. K

    Question what's up with this fan hub?

    case: Lian Li Lancool 215 Fans were working fine, in fact I had all my fans plugged into the fan hub/controller. I took off the side panel to see if it had a switch on it for different performance modes and in doing so I accidently turned off my pc. When I put the side panel back on and turned...
  4. Mahdikkm

    Question Closing door case makes gpu fan spinning very fast

    Hello Everyone. There is a problem when I close the doorcase GPU fan on second slot spin very fast and the cause of this Windows freeze ann blue Screen Appear my pc configuration is : CPU: Core i9-9900K CPU Cooling: CoolerMaster Liquid ML120R MainBoard: MSI MPG Z390 Memory : 64 GB Kingeston...
  5. [SOLVED] Strange infos from "Fan Control V112"

    Dear Community :D I've installed "Fan Control V112" a few days ago and realized, that one fan has a very low and the other an extremely high rpm. Is that normal, or do I have to look after that? Many many thanks! In bios, one fan is always at 0 rpm, maybe its the CPU?
  6. TwinDenis

    Question Hearing a higher pitch noise on the front panel fan

    Hello, I am currently having a PC which is relatively new (purchased last year) the PC seems to be making an odd noise lately that possibly comes from the front panel fan (Corsair 400q default fan on the front), it could be the hard drive as well but it is hard to tell (the hard disk does not...
  7. H

    Question I can’t find out if my fans are 2pin, 3pin or 4pin

    Hello. I have 4 case fans and 1 CPU fan. My Cpu fan has a 3 pin connection I can control it’s speed through BIOS but system fan slot on my motherboard is running idle. Other 4 fans directly connected to the PSU and because of that I can’t control their speed. I need to find out if I can somehow...
  8. PeteZapollo

    Question Faulty fan caught fire - why didn't PSU short circuit protection kick in?

    Hi all, So a low-quality fan in my PC decided to stop spinning and eventually burnt out. With it, it burnt the cable all the way down to the molex connector. What I want to know is why the PC continued to stay on? The PSU is a Thermaltake 750W 80+ Gold so I don't believe the quality is at...
  9. hernangds

    Question Wraith Prism Cooler works intermittently

    Hi everyone. I was asked to perform maintenance on a radio station PC used for streaming video. The PC is a Ryzen 3700x (warith prism cooler) on a Gigabyte Aorus A520 Elite motherboard. They called me because their software (they mainly use Vmix) started to run a bit slow one day. I told the...
  10. SBaksh

    Question Regular fan to ARGB Hub

    Hi, Can i connect a regular 3 pin (III) fan to an ARGB Thermalright Hub? Thanks
  11. B

    Question GPU Fan Suddenly Stopped Working Properly

    So, my Nvidia RTX 2060S has 3 fans, the one on the very right all in a sudden started spinning way slower than usual, and when it does, it makes a weird buzzing sound. I opened up my case and did some cleaning to make sure there's no dust that could be causing any trouble but unfortunately that...
  12. H

    Question My GT 1030's fan is making a noise and is not spinning properly.

    So one day I noticed my GPU making random noise (sounds like someone with a lawn mower outside was cutting grass, buzzing noise) and firstly I thought that there might be a bit of dust compiling so I decided to clean it out. After I had done that, it stopped for 2-3 days, but then it happened...
  13. E

    Question Pc runs - Fans only turn on at 70 degrees

    So I've had this pc since about 2018, I'm not sure what caused this or when it started but my front intakes only turn on when cpu hits around 70 degrees. They go from 0-100 for a few seconds, then turn off. Sometimes even less than a second. The fans are called "ThermalTake Riing 14 LED RGB...
  14. W

    Question How do I fix an off balance case fan?

    I have a Deepcool Matrexx 55 mesh 4f case and everything has gone well except one of the fans is off balance. When you look at the fan when it’s spinning it wobbles just enough to make a noise. How would I go about fixing the fan since the fans are pre-installed in the case?
  15. Question Bottom case fan, Noctua NF-A15, better as intake or exhaust in Fractal Torrent Compact (which already has 2x180mm front)?

    I have the following setup: Case: Fractal Torrent Compact (two front fans 180mm, which I think are intakes) CPU cooler: Noctua NH-D15S with one fan (Noctua logo facing the rear side of the case) I have two questions about what I should do with my Noctua NF-A15 fan which I luckily got for a...
  16. L

    Question My PC is dying PLS HELP

    my specs are Cpu Amd fx 9590 Gpu msi GeForce 1060 6 gb gaming x Motherboard asrock 970a-g/3.1 Psu evga 700 b 80 plus bronze Cpu cooler thermaltake water 3.0 240 argb sync tt premium edition Storage multiple ssds and hdds Ram 24 gb My problems. I built this pc in let’s say 2016 Only played rust...
  17. H

    Question High GPU temperature since updating driver ?

    I updated my laptop's GPU driver and it's description has changed from "AMD FirePro" to "AMD Radeon R7 265 Series", and now every time i plug in my laptop my GPU temperature starts rising. What Should i Do?
  18. L

    Question Weird Fan Noise on Startup

    When I first power up my pc it now makes the noise you can hear in the video. Any ideas on why that noise happens and after running for a while it stops. The noise also stops after doing multiple restarts of the pc. I have an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3.59 GHz with a 2070 super...
  19. T

    Question i7 8700k Corsair H100i v2 CPU Fan at 4000rpm always?

    I have an i7 8700k with a Corsair h100i V2 cooler on it and in HWMonitor it is showing as the CPU Fan as 3900-4100rpm always. Even when not performing any tasks. I installed iCUE from corsair and the pump is showing as 1900-2000rpm and fans are anywhere from 300-500rpm depending on if i have it...
  20. P

    Question Strange GPU noise? Coil Whine or fan related?

    Hi all, I'm hearing strange noises from my RTX 3060 I believe, at first I thought it might be coil whine but I couldn't confirm it. Changing fan speed doesn't seem to affect it either and it emits the winding, high pitched noise (last 6 seconds of the video below) every minute or so. What do...
  21. ScalesQ

    Question Random cable

    Ok, so i'm really confused. My case came with 3 ARGB fans that are connected together and have an output to SATA. But there is also another cable - VDG in 3pin that connects to my motherboard. I pulled it out and nothing changed, the rgb on the fans still works, the rgb switch on the case still...
  22. tehbubbles

    Question Should I update GPU vs CPU?

    Hi there - I have an AMD Ryzen 3 2300X Quad-Core Processor and a Radeon RX 570 Series GPU, and I just expanded my memory to 16gb. I am still struggling with a lot of the newer games. I bought Icarus and I can only play for 30 minutes before the game crashes, even on the lowest graphics setting...
  23. J

    Question CPU Cooler Compatibility (Antec Neptune 120 on LGA1700)

    So I purchased an Antec Neptune 120 which is compatible with LGA 1150 / 1151 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 1200 / 2011-V3 / 2066 (According to Antec website) Rookie mistake as I have an intel 12600kf (LGA 1700) Anyone know of any good work arounds ie. can I purchase one of these two and use that with...
  24. K

    [SOLVED] How many fans can i attach to my motherboard ?

    Hi people , i want to change my case , and the case has 5 fans , i want to know does my motherboard have the sockets for installing 5 fan sockets ? System is (My System) MB : MSI H510M-PRO RAM : ADATA 3200 8gx2 CPU : Intel I5 , 11400 GPU : Asus GTX 1650 (4g) GDDR6 Cooling : Green Notus 95 PSU ...
  25. H

    Question Fractal Design 7 compact - fan configuration

    Intended for next build: Fractal Design 7 Compact (already here) MSI Z690 Tomahawk DDR4 Wifi 12700K, 32 GB 3600 Mhz, 2 NVME PCIe SSDs 1 TB 970 Evo Plus, 3080 Be quiet Dark Rock 4 cooler Silent Wing 3 Fans: Back 120mm, Top Rear 140mm, Front 2 x 140mm Does it make sense to add another 120mm...
  26. Xnairoz

    Question Fan speed Ignoring fan curve and going to 5000 rpm

    Hi im new on the forum but after some thoughts and searching the web i couldn't find a fix for my problem. I got a rtx 2080 and when i game the temps get higher of course, but my fan rpm goes from idle to 5000 rpm and back. So i installed Msi afterburner for a custom fan curve, but when i play a...
  27. Islam Zwail

    Question Can i use F-USB port on board for run front case fan ?

    Can i use F-USB port on board for run front case fan ?
  28. H

    Question 12700K - TDP and PL2 settings

    Intention to buy an Intel 12700K CPU and mainboard MSI Z690 tomahawk DDR4 Wifi. The CPU power ist needed for around 1-2 days every other 14 days. Otherwise it is very important for me to have a very, very quiet PC with fans barely noticible. Target is 700 rpm for silent wing 3 fans in case and...
  29. A

    Question CPU Fan compatibility ?

    I want to know if the CPU fan from a Foxconn 2abf motherboard is compatible with a Dell Optiplex 790/990 MT motherboard ? Both have LGA 1155 socket. Ty
  30. P

    Question Rear exhaust fan not spinning

    I've tried plugging in two different fans in my motherboard but they just wont spin. I have a gigabyte b450m ds3h and there's only one port for a fan other than the one for the CPU fan (which works fine.)
  31. tom244

    Question I am confused and need help with NZXT Kraken X63 and Single NZXT AER RGB 2 120MM

    Hello, im getting the in the Title listed Parts and i wanted to know how i put them, i wanted the AIO Kraken X63 to suck air in, and the single fan to suck air out. Is that correct?
  32. Question Strange issue after replacing GPU fan

    Hello all, I am fighting with a strange issue at GPU fan system. But firstly my components: i5 11500, msi b560m pro, 16gb 3200 and Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb with the new fans (exactly the same like previous) -> I am using...
  33. E

    Question Issue w/ MSI Laptop's CPU Fan

    Hi, I'm experiencing yet another issue with a CPU fan from yet... another MSI laptop. The fan makes strange pulsing sounds like its a motor being turned off and on, and it will occasionally or rarely make clicking sounds. In MSI's Dragon Center, it's also being shown that the CPU's RPM will...
  34. alceryes

    Info Zero RPM GPU fan settings are the enemy!

    I just discovered something VERY interesting. Zero RPM fans have been a thing for over a decade, but I didn't realize how much of a detriment they can be to GPU temps. Zero RPM fan settings are the enemy! BY DEFAULT, the Radeon software had my GPU fans completely off until around 62ºC (guessing...
  35. Hex_621

    Question CPU fan randomly spiking without noticeable temp/load spike

    Hello everyone! I have an Intel I7 4770s CPU and it's stock cooler fan randomly spikes up to 3000-ish rpm for around a second before falling back down again to around 1000 rpm. I have monitored it with Open hardware monitor, there is nothing out of the ordinary other than the fan speed spiking...
  36. A

    Question Which devices are Gen2 ARGB can normal ARGB fans be some how changed to Gen 2 ARGB

    Which devices are Gen2 ARGB can normal ARGB fans be some how changed to Gen 2 ARGB Cooler Master says their ARGB Gen2 controller A1 allows something called Multi-Layer Mode Where if the fans are also ARGB Gen 2 if the fans are daisy chained or connected using a splitter or hub each individual...
  37. A

    Question Laptop GPU Fan Runs High Speed For No Reason - Sometimes for up to 5mins!

    I've just bought a used Asus MSI Strix 15 GL530GE laptop. The spec is: OS - Windows 10 Home Edition CPU: i7-8750H RAM: 8GB OS Drive: 128GB SSD Data Drive: 1TB SSD GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti Initial Problem: When I bought the laptop, the fans would be running at high speed constantly and...
  38. A

    Question Cooler Master MasterPlus Compatibility with Deep cool AIO and fans

    I have a DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX L360 ARGB AIO which came with 3X CF120 fans(The ones without holo ring) and planning to get 3 more CF120 Plus fans(The ones with holo ring) will the lights in the pump and all these fans be controlled using Cooler Master MasterPlus Software if I purchase and use the...
  39. Question Fan Suddenly Goes High RPM

    Hi. I experienced something unusual on my GPU. After I restarted my computer, my GPU fan suddenly went 3000 RPM. In few seconds after that, the fan went to 0 RPM. Is it normal thing or is there any problems in my computer? I provide a screenshot of the RPM graph below.
  40. I

    Question Case Fans 100% speed when waking up from sleep mode Phanteks PWM Hub

    Mobo: Gigabyte AB350 Gaming-3 CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo w/ be quiet Pure Wings 2 120mm PSU: EVGA SuperNova 750 G3 GPU: R9 380 4G CASE: Phanteks Enthoo (PH-ES614PTG_BK) Case Fans: 2x stock 140mm Case Fans, 3x ThermalTake Pure 12 120mm ARGB, 2x BeQuiet Pure Wings 2 120mm BIOS...