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  1. J

    Question HOW CAN I REDUCE MY FAN SPEED!??!! please helpppp

    Hello guys. i have a sony vaio laptop model sve14a2m1ew and my fan is doing a terrible noise. my cpu fan speed is 5921 rpm cpu is at 49c i have tried to rduce it with speed fan but it didnt work, i tried via bios however there wasnt the fan control option neither the power option any help and...
  2. A

    Question PC turns on but no signal.

    I tried plugging both (separate times) my hdmi and dp to the gpu and the motherboard. First try got me nothing. Took the tower down and unplugged everything and put it back. Found the CPU cooler/fan loose. tightened that. got signal but CPU temp was 100c. Took tower panel off and tightened the...
  3. velocci

    Question Mid tower case with exhaust fan in the front

    Hi all, are there any mid atx tower cases where the exhaust fan is in the front instead of the back? The case will go in a cubby in my entertainment center in the basement. So the back will be covered and the basement is colder so i can use the warm are.
  4. velocci

    Question why do we need thermal glue?

    HI all, I know this is a stupid question, but why do we need thermal glue between the cpu and heatsink? the bottom of the heatsink is flat and so is the cpu. why not just put the HSF directly on the cpu?
  5. T

    [SOLVED] [Solved]Help! I built a new PC. Lights and fans turn on but there's no display.

    Hi, I built a new PC. These are the parts. I installed everything and the fans and LEDS turn on, but when I plug in a monitor nothing happens. I've checked the power supply, the connections; I re-placed the RAM, the CPU, and, the GPU, but nothing seems to work. This happened to me in a previous...
  6. W

    Question Zenbook Flip ux362FA noisy. to return or not?

    I am a bit disappointed because the Zenbook Flip ux362FA (i7 whiskey, 16gb, 512GB ssd) overall is quite noisy. My CPU usage is the regular 2%-10% most of the time and the temp is 50-60c averagely, however the fan will go off and on and it's mostly on. It is not a wild fan noise, but it is still...
  7. velocci

    Question cooler for an i7-8700k

    Hi all, can someone recommend a good air fan/cooler for the i7-8700k? One that isn't too expensive, doesn't interfere with memory and isn't too difficult to install?
  8. maxx0531

    Question CPU fan does not spin. NO POST

    Hello everyone! I recently had a fried motherboard. So I decided it was time for new components (previously 9 year old build). I brought a new PSU (MAXPRO 750w), new mobo (ASRock AB350 Pro4), New CPU (Ryzen 5) and a new stick of ram to go with the new board (Crucia Ballistix Sport 8gb DDR4).'...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] ASRock Z370 Pro4 BIOS 4 Fan

    Being a person who prefers the latest and greatest, I updated the BIOS of my ASRock Z370 Pro4. Ever since then the CPU fan revs up every so often, usually randomly during a game, but even when opening an application like Quicken or Word. Any idea why this is happening and how it can be...
  10. Abracus

    Question Will Cooler Master RGB fans work with NZXT Hue+?

    So yeah, I just got gifted some CM MF120R Adressable RGB fans. Will the rgb work if I plug them into a HUE+?
  11. velocci

    Question RM650x fan doesn't spin up

    Hi all, i have a Corsair RM650x PSU and the fan doesn't spin up. I know it depends on how much load is on it or how hot it is. I have an i5-660 cpu ,1050Ti video card and an SSD. do you think this is enough load for the PSU to have the fan spin? and is it supposed to spin when you first turn on...
  12. H

    Question Pc wont start , psu gpu and cpu fan keep spinning and stop for 3 secs and restart

    So 2 Months ago i was sitting at home and my gaming pc was in sleep mode , suddenly i heard explosion coming from my pc , exactly from my psu 400w without any sticker that show which brand is , i replace the psu with cx 450 and install it in the motherboard , connect all the pins correctly and...
  13. daniyalkh14

    Question HP omen 15 fans ramp up

    Hello i bought a used hp omen 15 (7700hq,1050 4gb)everything about it is fine except one problem its fan ramp up and down for no reason,sometimes they stay at high speed for too long,even even laptop is idle, i've tried finding settings in bios but no luck, tried updating nvidia drivers,tried...
  14. V

    Question One of the three fans on my GPU has stopped working today - still safe to use?

    Okay, so today as I mentioned above one of the fans stopped working. My GPU model is a Gigabyte GTX 980 TI G1 Gaming card. I couldn't fix the fan by myself, I will pay for a repair, but I am not sure if it's completely safe to use it until then. It is magnetic, but it also has something else...
  15. X

    Question CPU fan is failing to turn

    Hello, My cpu fan seems to have died but i don't know if it's motherboard or cpu cooler but it seems like when pc is turning on normally it's spins really slow when i turn a game or something on the fans just die and temps go high
  16. Fujiwara1967

    Question Ryzen 5 fan issue

    Hey i need help i have a Ryzen 5 wraith stealth fan already short heatsink. İ have bought ryzen 5 1500x without fan from AliExpress. İ am not gonna do any overclock. Can i use that fan instead of wraith spire fan ? Thanks
  17. techflame700

    [SOLVED] Should I replace the stock Hyper 212 Evo fan?

    I have a 120mm Corsair fan already from the Corsair H75 (2018 Version). Should I use the H75 fan or leave what's on the Evo? Will the fan fit? Does it make a difference in thermals/noise? Thanks! - Hyper...
  18. R

    Question Thermal paste and shutdown

    Hi! just replaced my dell precision 5510 laptop's motherboard with a new one because it was said to be malfunctions by the dell lab here. the new one started off great, but after a while (about two hours of installations and updates) it showed a blue screen of windows, said there was a problem...
  19. M

    Question Would this step up in CPU cooler really allow significantly better performance?

    Hi all, I've had a Scythe Big Shuriken 2 Rev. B for a number of years now on an intel 6700k. Initially it was in a mini-ITX case, hence the need for a low profile. For a while now I've been in a tower case & in most usage the limiting factor I am hitting is my CPU in rendering a content...
  20. M

    Question Nvidia cooler cover and fan interchangeability

    Hi, I was lucky to get an Nvidia GTX Titan Black at a very good price (specifically for massive double-precision number crunching) - without the fan and cooler cover. I built one using a centrifugal blower and stiff board but had to cancel the first fluid simulation job I gave it within a couple...