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  1. Rook080907

    Question RTX 2060 fan sound weird, anyone got a solution?

    I’ve got this problem with my left gpu fan that sound like something jamming it. If somebody got some solution for this because im worried that it would overheat of some sort. Rtx fan
  2. Teguu

    Question Case fan randomly doing buzzing noise

    Sometimes i turn on the pc and one fan starts doing a loud buzzing noise (and it doesn't stop) , other times it doesn't and the pc works fine. I cheked if the temperatures where high, just to see if the fan was working at max beacause of that, but that was not the case. Could it be that the fan...
  3. woodson75

    Build Advice Define R5 paired with MSI PRO B760M-A --> fan queries

    Planning to pair the Define R5 with the MSI PRO B760M-A and had a question about fan headers. From the motherboard specs it looks like it has two system fan headers, so I believe that should cover the two included case fans. From what I've seen/read about the R5, it also comes with a fan...
  4. B

    Question Removed 8GB Hardware Reserved Memory: Resulted in loud PC fans.

    TLDR: Fixed an issue with Hardware Reserved Memory and afterwards it made my fans loud and annoying to listen to. Did the fan sound change for a normal reason or did we mess something up? If it's normal, what can I do to lower the sound of them (if possible). I was on my PC after owning it for...
  5. undeadAtom

    Question CPU Fan struggles to spin

    Hello. I have a ASUS H81M-K and i5 4460 Recently, out of blue, I have noticed my CPU Fan stopped spinning when doing normal tasks on Windows. I don't know what could be the cause since I haven't changed anything in BIOS. It is important to note that the fan struggles to spin, after let's say...
  6. marlomite

    Question One of the cooling fans on a new build has started spinning slower ?

    Hello, I have a new pc build and today one of the cooling fans at the top of the case started spinning slower and is making an annoying sound. Does anyone know what the problem may be? Here is a video I took of the fans running: View:
  7. T

    Question How many fans is too many fans?

    I've replaced the stock DC fans in my Corsair Carbide 100R silent edition case with Noctua NF-S12B PWM front and back, and am wondering about the benefits of adding a second fan to the front. The intake fan is currently half way up, above the drive bays, and I could add one of the old stock fans...
  8. fruub

    Question ASUS 2070 Super fan issues

    Hey there having some issues with my GPU, it doesnt overheat but i still find it weird and its pretty annoying to listen to Its like one of the fans is trying to rev up/start but it wont, i have 2 videos of it, one of before i cleaned out my PC a bit and one after, the weird thing is the GPU fan...
  9. lazarba

    Question Laptop CPU Fan spins for a sec then stops, but laptop boots fine ?

    Hello. I have acquired an old Lenovo 3000 N200 laptop that had not been used in 4-5 years. I booted it up, it worked fine until it shut itself off. After some digging around I noticed the fan wasn't spinning, so it appears the laptop had overheated. I opened it up and noticed that every time I...
  10. W

    Question Case fans starting upon boot, then stopping, then sequentially starting

    Hi, I'm having an issue with my case fans. I have just had built a PC with the following: Fractal Designs Meshify Lite RGB case which comes with 4 case fans Gigabyte b760m ds3h ax ddr5 motherboard...
  11. Weekdays133

    Question is there anyway to get a fan bracket for the hyper 212 evo

    my fan bracket (the clips for the fans) broke so can i find one somewhere
  12. PeterGriff12

    Question Fan is Detected in BIOS But Not in Windows

    I disassembled my PC (pre-build Lenovo AIO) for cleaning. When I put it all back, the fan was no longer detectable in any software I tried (Lenovo Diagnostics Tool, SpeedFan, HWMonitor, MSI Afterburner). In the BIOS the fan status is reported as "operating", and it does seem to be working fine...
  13. samgenovese03

    Question DeepCool Fan Hub - Controlling Fan Speed

    Hello, I recently just built my first pc, its built in a NZXT H5 Elite. The case comes with 3 fans, one in the bottom to cool the GPU, and two in the front. I then added two with my liquid cooler, and then one more in the rear as an exhaust. So, I have 6 fans all up. My motherboard I am using...
  14. InSaneJeSter

    Question Palit RTX 3070 Ti temperature issue ?

    Hello yesterday after games and video editor, I ran into a problem with the temperature of the video card, in a strange way it is almost always at a hot spot of about 90 degrees and above. Then I checked in different programs and tests the temperature does not correspond to the use or frequency...
  15. Dexxly_uk

    Question can i fix psu fan grinding noise with compressed air?

    I have had this issue for a while now and i just wanted to know if it could be dust or if i need to replace the psu due to a bad fan bearing, The psu is very dusty so it could be that it is very loud and makes clicking and car engine like noises at lower rpm mainly when cold .
  16. AFantasyHero

    Question Black Screen, GPU Fans %100 randomly - In Need of Advice

    Hi guys! Recently I have bought a RTX 3080 ti EVGA xc3. I have undervolted my GPU so It only uses 240w during loads and doesn't go past 68C so I can use it with my 580w PSU during the time that my new PSU gets shipped. (It will take around 2 weeks) My PSU is about 6 years old but I've never had...
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Thermalright peerless assassin 120

    What are your thoughts about pairing this cooler(Thermalright peerless assassin 120) with the i7 13700k my only demands are gaming I don't do much of heavy load other than gaming
  18. C

    Question Unknown on-off buzzing noise coming from PC

    I'm getting random buzzing sounds coming from my PC. It goes in and out at random and doesn't seem to be affected when my system is under load (such as heavy gaming). I have replaced both my power supply and case fans as they seemed like the most obvious culprits, but the noise has persisted...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] Need help configuring BIOS settings

    Hi guys, due to some BSOD problems detailed in this thread I've just updated the BIOS for my motherboard, which is the MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4. I didn't realize that doing so would reset all my BIOS settings, until I noticed that my frame rate in games dropped by as much as 30 fps in some scenes...
  20. route45

    [SOLVED] My new RTX 3050 fans are not moving?

    I got a new PC and everything seems good. I was testing game performance and noticed that my temps would go up as high as 60C without my GeForce RTX 3050 fans not spinning. It's a 0 RPM. My old GPU, RTX 2060 Ti, does not have this problem as it would always spin. Could this be a defect GPU?
  21. tanday

    [SOLVED] my pc fans run like V12 car engine

    so suddenly when my pc getting heated a little bit around 56 Celsius degree the cpu fans start running very crazy it keeps speed up and slow down randomly for a while then stay at high speed and its very loud. Is there a proper way to fix this? I got my thermal paste renewed, pc cleaned with air...
  22. K

    Question PWM Fans seem to be really loud after change of PC-Case (incl. Fans) - can´t put them lower than 60 %?

    Hello everyone, I have just finished installing the old setup of my girlfriend in her newly gifted PC-Case. Since the System was running before, it was pretty clear that everything should work fine after the rebuild. The Problem we are having now is that the Case-fans, which were included with...
  23. F

    Question Lian Li

    Hi guys, thanks for your replies. When I went to imgur at the time of making this post it was saying something like it wasnt accepting new members or something. Isnt doing that now. I solved the problem by simply buying a Razor argb controller. I had previously bought 2 Lian Li controllers...
  24. G

    Question Alienware Aurora R13 - Fans Making Noise Through Speakers (EMI?)

    Ever since I upgraded to my Alienware Aurora R13, I've noticed a faint high pitched buzzing/whirring sound whenever I move my mouse and whenever CPU activity spikes. My previous speaker setup was some small 3" speakers with little output, so the sound was hardly noticeable, although I always...
  25. S

    [SOLVED] Will it hurt my GPU if I turn off AUTO FAN STOP at low TEMPS?

    I have a GIGABYTE AORUS 4070 TI ELITE. It has a Really nice looking Fan RBG but it turns off when GPU Fans are turned off. If I turn off auto off will that harm my gpu?
  26. R

    Question PWM, DC, fan splitter.

    I just added my second PWM splitter. So now I have 1 splitter connected to 2 fans (CHA1) and 1 splitter connected to 2 fans (CHA2).... What I did notice however, when booting into BIOS and going to Qfan control, is that the fans were speeding up to 1400... Not all of them... just the ones...
  27. R

    Question Headers max splitter

    Currently I have two fans connected to a Y splitter plugged into CHA2. I bought another y splitter to plug into CHA1. But I was wondering if I could daisy chain the splitter to the splitter already attached to the CHA2 header. I
  28. R

    Question CPU OPT fan not customizable. Help please

    I have an ASUS Prime b550m-a I have a total of 5 fans with 3 intakes, 1 exhaust, and 1 cpu fan my MB only has 2xCHAFAN 1xCPUFAN and 1xCPUOPT So what I did was attached my exhaust to my CHA1header Attached, with a splitter, two intake fans to CHA2 header Attached cpu cooler fan to CPUFAN and my...
  29. T

    Question How high should my front intake fans be?

    To be more specific, right now I currently have 3 - 120 mm front intake fans but I don't know how high or how low each fan should be in order to target the cpu or gpu. (ALSO - I will be adding two more 120mm fans underneath the GPU ) I think that I know that the top front fan intake should be...
  30. K

    [SOLVED] my GPU fans are not at the same RPM is this a problem ?

    hi people . i noticed that my GPU fans are not at the same RPM the other one rotates 60 units (RPM) slower than the other one is it ok ? View:
  31. M

    Legion 5 vs Nitro 5 - AN515-58

    id like to know which of these 2 laptop have better thermal and cooling i did notice that this legion also has coldfront 2.0
  32. Ferminator

    Question Water Cooling Push-Pull Fans Configuration ?

    Hi, I currently have a Corsair H60 liquid cooler (2013 version) strapped into my FX-9590 chip on an AM3+ platform (Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 R5). This particular cooler is 120mm which means smaller radiator and only supports up to 2 fans. As of right now, I am using a Gentle Typhoon 120mm fan in a...
  33. K

    Question What is the size of the fan on a Zotac 1050ti OC 6GB graphics card ?

    What is the size of Fan on the Zotac 1050ti OC 4gb graphic card? My fan is wobbling and making noise so I need to replace it. First I had ordered a 85mm 2 pin fan but when I researched more I found out there are different fan sizes for different cards. So Anyone knows here what is the size of...
  34. Kevin_debruyne

    Question PWM fan speed depends on which things?

    I have msi mobo. Other than cpu fan port there are four number of 4 pin pwm fan connector. If cpu fan port speed depend on cpu temp than what other 4 pin ports speed depend on.??
  35. S

    Question How to use rgb controller with molex connector train

    So I have 6 case fans that came with the case. The fans all only have one cable coming off of them connected to a female/male molex connection. They came already connected in a train. I have the rgb controller conmected to the molex train and the psu, but i have no rgb input for the controller...
  36. Kevin_debruyne

    [SOLVED] computer freezed , when i connected extra fan to sata cable.

    i wouldn't have surprised if i connected fan to motherboard while computer is running and something goes wrong. but i connected sata cable of powersupply to extra single fan when computer was running, and whole computer just freezed, nothing worked not even keyboard or mouse. my extra fan...
  37. TroopieLoop

    Question [HELP] System Fan Readings Spiking Abnormally High

    Specs Case - Deepcool CG560 Motherboard - MSI Pro Z690-P DDR4 CPU - Intel i7 12700k GPU - RTX 3080 10Gb RAM - Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 Power Supply - Corsair RM850x CPU Fan Cooler - Freezer i35 RGB So i just got done with a new build and when i went to set up my fan control in bios i...
  38. baqarah


    While i was playing a game this sound came just out of nowhere even when i turned off the game i still heard it so i turned off my computer. And after that i couldnt hear it anymore but im worried it will come back it sounds like some fan is hitting something but i dont know where and what but i...
  39. DPU

    Question ASUS RTX 3060 fan RPM problem

    Hi, I've bought an ASUS RTX 3060 (single fan) and noticed the default fan RPM was at 40% and more importantly it didn't even change when I stress tested my gpu. So I installed Afterburner and created a custom step curve which had 30% lowest speed and started exponentially rising from 45C and...
  40. sour_cracker63

    Discussion What 120mm fan should I get for my PC?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap, quiet, and nice looking 120mm case fan? Can be in a 3 or 1 pack. Ideally not above $15USD per unit. Thanks!