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  1. Vasaeleth

    [SOLVED] Loud PSU fan noise after replacing GPU

    Hey everyone TL:DR: New GPU, PSU fan goes really loud now on load. Should I think of replacing my PSU for a new one? I recently switched out my EVGA GTX1060 SC with an EVGA RTX2060 Super XC Ultra; I also switched some chinese brand front intake fans with a couple of Corsair ML140 and...
  2. T

    Question Help! CPU fan running at 4500RPM despite normal temps.

    My CPU fans sometimes run very loud despite relatively normal temperatures. I tried changing the Fan Speed settings through the BIOS to Quiet and it still happens. BIOS has three options to choose. [Normal, Quiet, Fast]. My PC is some Lenovo Small Form Factor OEM built. Images: View...
  3. T

    Question CPU fan rpm spiking

    Opening non super intensive programs like Chrome, and basically anything on my computer makes my CPU fan rpm and temp spike up from 1100 to 1400 RPM and 45 degrees C to 50+ degrees C within a couple seconds, I've tried changing the fan step up and step down time to longer intervals in my bios...
  4. joaogomes98

    Question Weird griding noise from the computer

    I recently noticed that my PC is doing this weird griding noise and it is hard not to listen to it. I think that it has something to do with my GPU since it is only noticeable when the GPU is under heavy load (99% use). I even go as far as saying the fans are the issue here. But I am not sure...
  5. A

    Question Can the cpu fan cable be snug on the cpu fan heatsink? Or is that dangerous?

    My cpu fan cable is snug between the screws and the heatsink, literally hugging the heatsink for cable management. Is this dangerous to the cable or the heatsink?
  6. Question Graphics card fan going over 100% when power limit is hit?

    Hello, My graphics cards fan is going around 5500RPM and it appears to be when the power limit hits 1, as seen in MSI. I dont think its down to temprateur as its only getting to around 70 Deg and I have had cards go much hotter in the past. I have set a custom fan curve and it appears to...
  7. C

    Question Explain fans and temperature in motherboard

    Hi, I am currently using a ASROCK B360M Pro4, and recently I am installing a new water cooling system (Corsair h100). then, I try to monitor my cpu temperature through the iCUe software from Corsair. From that software I see a CPU temp (which is normal), GPU temp (normal as well). and then I saw...
  8. BananaMasterz

    Question Does molex from the PSU have rpm controll?

    Can't seem to be able to find an answer to this so: I have motherboard with only one fan header (2 if we include the CPU fan) and I have 2 case fans. One can be plugged in normally and have rpm controll but the other I've connect using Arduino cables to molex 12 v and ground. I see molex has...
  9. Hootla1

    [SOLVED] My i7 6700 is crazy loud

    Whenever I play a demanding game (Modern Warfare for example) the noise that comes from my i7 is unreal. I can almost hear it over the game play with headphones on. This isn't a recent issue, it has pretty much always been like this. Although I think it's getting louder, to the point now where I...
  10. M

    Question Where do i plug in power sw, reset sw and H.D.DLED

    Please help. My motherboard is ASRock x570 phantom gaming 4 atx This is my first pc build and my case contains 3 fans extra which I have trouble connecting to. I have managed to connect Audio and U.S.B ports They all have 2 pins, motherboard contains inputs called RGB_LED1, ADDR_LED1...
  11. O

    Question Fan rattle?

    I was cleaning the front filter of my H710i and when I finished there was now a rattling noise from the top fans that won’t stop unless I press down on the panel. I checked to see if any wires were hitting the fans but nothing. I can’t seem to find what the rattling noise is coming from. The...
  12. FredGarvin

    Question Need a Case, PSU and Fan

    Hello Everybody - I decided to build a new PC, first one in like 10 years. I bought a Ryzen 3900x, an ASRock B450M-HDV R4.0 board and some memory. I need to find a case, a PSU and a cooler, but I've been out of the game so long, I've no idea what's good. For a case I tend to lean towards...
  13. MattixNow

    Question Jerky CPU Fan - Cooler Master Hyper TX3

    Hello i got a problem with my CPU fan Cooler Master Hyper TX3i, the fan isn't constant, it's jerky. How can i repair this ? Here is a video of my fan :
  14. R

    Question Older motherboard with rgb?

    Hey everyone. I recently had a problem with my pc and had to fix up some parts. While fixing the problem I decided to get new rgb fans for my case. I have a gigabyte Z97M-D3H LGA 1150 motherboard. I was wondering if this board would allow me to use and customize the lights on the fans using the...
  15. J

    Question 3PIN RGB fan connector (4 pin on motherboard)

    Hello, I bought a Rosewill prism black case, and the RGB fan connector seems to only have 3 pins, my mother board only supports 4 pin RGB. am I S.O.L or is there something im missing? (seems im missing the remote also?) Case(rosewill prism S black) Motherboard (MSI MPG z390 gaming)
  16. pags11

    Question GTX 2080 Super: Only 1 fan spinning under load

    Less than 2 weeks old and I just noticed that only fan 2 on the GPU is spinning, even when under load at temps above 70. I have tried using MSI Afterburner to manually spin the fan but no luck. What can I do? Thanks
  17. U

    [SOLVED] CPU Liquid Cooling Heating Question

    So to sum this up i bought a computer back in 2017 which is, the computer runs great aside from me noticing when starting certain games the computer CPU fan really turns on and starts heating up the...
  18. M

    Question Lubricating Asus Strix 970

    Hi I have the mentioned gpu and I need to lubricate the fans, but cant find a hole where I can apply the oil.Can someone guide me how to get the oil to the bearing
  19. D

    Question Hardware faliure

    so i just disassembled my 4 years old laptop to clean its dust and i found a ton of it , after assembling it following an instruction video of course it boots up normally it works normally but when i open any games the laptop fan after a couple of seconds becomes loud than the computer shuts...
  20. R

    [SOLVED] How to safely fix/open Fractal Prism fan?

    One of the case fans on my Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB recently stopped spinning. The rgb works but it doesn't spin. I took the case apart and if I manually spin it with my hand it's much more rigid than the other fans. The other fans keep spinning and this one just stops immediately...