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  1. S

    [SOLVED] Confused between PWM and SYS_FAN headers connections

    Hello, I bought a case Gaming Spirit Of Gamer Ghost 5 ARGB Edition, it has two 200 mm and one 120mm case fans, and it is accompanied by an ARGB hub which has cables outputs ( 3pins RGB & VGD, 4pins PWM). Fans are pre-configured in the Hub. (To be honest i could not find the brand of the hub to...
  2. c0nr

    [SOLVED] 4pin CPU cooler won't work but 3pin does

    So I recently got a new mobo (Gigabyte Auros B450I wifi pro), heatsink (Noctua NH-L12S), fans and case but I ran into a problem of my Noctua A12x15 PWM fan that came with the heatsink will not spin past POST. I did some tweaking to fix: Reseat the connector Reset BIOS swapped fans used UEFI fan...
  3. Therealfifi11

    Question Advice on upgrading Laptop CPU

    Hey everyone. Since there is a lot of data on the internet about the subject I am about to reveal, I would really appreciate the opinion of other people. Recently I have bought an old Fujitsu Lifebook s792 just for studying as I am already using Desktop PC for gaming occasionally. My laptop...
  4. Therealfifi11

    Question Having trouble finding Fujitsu Lifebook S792 BIOS update

    Hey everyone. After tons of research and no luck I decided to finally register and talk to the awesome people here. My problem is following. I cannot seem to find the update for my BIOS, on Fujitsu Lifebook s792 motherboard model FUJITSU FJNB239. What the point of it is, I want to be able to...
  5. G

    Question Weird Twittering Bird Noise Coming From Brand New PC?

    View: Hi would anyone have an idea of what this weird noise is please? ( NOISE is not as loud as the audio file, more like a small bird in the corner of my room) BRAND NEW PC, USED FOR ONLY 2 DAYS - HERE ARE THE COMPONENTS I THINK MIGHT BE...
  6. Tackwood

    [SOLVED] How many case fans can I plug into my motherboard and if possible can the be plugged into my power supply instead?

    Hello. About 3 years ago I bought a prebuild cyberpower pc, but over time i have replaced every component except for the case and the power supply. I was planning on buying the NZXT H510 , because as far as I'm concerned it is a pretty solid case. On top of this I was going to buy a 3-pack of...
  7. cmine20

    Question TUF B450M Pro. Compatible rgb fan(4-pin)

    Hello everyone.. I've been thinking of buying a rgb fan to my system unit and I want it to be sync on motherboard. Can you guys recommend me some rgb fan with aura sync features? (4-pin Headers)
  8. PaPies

    Question CPU Falsely at 91C, Fan at 100%, Not always (Need Help)

    Hello, I've recently built a computer and I have this problem where it would report the CPU being at 91-95C and spin the fans to oblivion (As I have 7 fans) Cooling in question is ML360R RGB from Coolermaster. MB: Gigabyte Gaming X I can't 100% confirm, but if I leave the fans at Normal...
  9. Multifilter

    Question R9 295x2 Radiator=fan?

    I would like to buy a normal fan for the radiator of an R9 295x2 video card. Which do you think would be the better choice? Akasa Viper 120mm or Corsair SP120 (Not RBG)
  10. Thisisnotharry

    Question GPU fan attempts to spin and stops

    My GPU has recently been overheating, it is a GTX 1650 and when I took off the side panel of the PC case, upon startup the fan attempts to spin but stops. When running a game, it gets so hot that it turns the displays off at 99 degrees. I have tried setting a custom profile in MSI afterburner...
  11. L

    Question Airflow pc, What is the best fan position

    Hello! I have a new computer case, but I have a problem with the fan connected above the HDD slot in the picture below. Do I need to put air in or out? Photo link:
  12. mmzf

    Question dell m6400 heating issue

    i have a dell m6400 p8400, it is having heating issue. I've got it serviced and applied thermal paste by my self. on my normal usage like youtube or some browsing, i reach max temp 61c and when i turn on fan speed to max then they come back to 36-40c. on auto settings it reaches 50+ itself, my...
  13. G

    Question Why are my motherboard temps and voltages reading 0?

    Hi all, I was recently installing a new PCIe wireless card and I started getting a CPU fan error on boot, and the CPU fan would spin up to 100%. This would obviously prevent me from booting. When I entered the firmware, all of my motherboard/CPU temps and voltages would read 0 or N/A...
  14. T

    Question Case Fan Loud Sound?

    Recently out of the blue, my PC started making a loud sound (sort of sounds like a loud buzz or whirring). I thought that maybe one of the case fans had built dust up so I clean the inside of the PC with air duster, and vacuum. The sound went away for a week and then came back again. I tried...
  15. O

    Question Help with Thermaltake View 71 rgb case small controller

    Hello there guys, I have a problem and can't seem to solve it. I connected the fans with the controller and when i plug the 4pin from the controller to my Asus Rog Strix X470 F-Gaming into the rgb header pin my fans don't spin and the rgb doesn't work ? But when i plug into a pin for fan my...
  16. S

    Question PSU Fan is making painfully loud noise

    When i turn on my pc,the psu fan starts to spin and makes a painfully loud to hear sound,and if i like smash the table,it goes normal for a while and gets loud again. Help
  17. F

    Question Fans at full speed and Bios not showing fan RPM

    Hello. I built a new PC today and its all working apart from the fans on my case and aio fans, which are running at full speed and the bios cannot find the fans as they say n/a (see screenshot) View: Ive tried switching sata and usb cables around I am also using a...
  18. T

    Question My PC has a couple of issues.

    Hi there fellow gamers and computer enthusiasts. I've been having a gaming PC with an i9-9900K, RTX 2080 Ti and 32GB of RAM for 1 year and 4 months now and I never changed it's thermal paste. Aside from this, like 2 months ago the rear case fan, the one which takes out the air which my Noctua...
  19. sigwaller

    Question Using Corsair SP without a fan hub ?

    Hi guys, I have a question: can i use a corsair rgb fan without hub? I want connect with the motherboard (Asrock B365) and then control the led with the asrock lighting. Thanks!
  20. SEV7N_TV

    Question How can I connect multiple rgb fans to one header?

    Hi there, I recently bought the motherboard I would like to use for my build (Msi b450 A Pro Max) which only has one rgb header. I would like to be able to connect 4 total fans, how can I go about doing so safely? I also plan on getting a liquid cooling radiator in the near future (ML240L...