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Page 2 - Forum discussion tagged with fans.
  1. N

    Question Need help deciding on AIO and fan placement in Enthoo 719

    Hi guys, So, I'm moving my system over to a new Phanteks Enthoo 719, and the sheer amount of options is making my head spin. In the next month or so I'll have a dual system in here with a custom loop, so I don't want to go crazy with this configuration, but at the very least want passable...
  2. M

    Question RX 570 manual fans settings not saving

    Hi, I like to manually override my RX 570 fan speed which does work but after I shut down or restart my PC it doesn't work. I can still see the settings that I applied but they don't work, so I have to set all the settings back to default and do everything again and then the fans start spinning...
  3. G

    Question Ryzen 5 2600 high temps?

    Hello guys. I built a pc a few months ago. Now that is summer I have noticed my Ryzen 5 2600 temps are getting higher. On bios, the cpu temp is 50°C. When boot up on idle the temps are between 60-70°C. I am using the stock cooler. I have a fractal design meshify c case with 2 stock coolers (1 on...
  4. T

    Question Push-Pull clearance

    Hello all Im looking at making a new pc with a push-pull radiator setup at the top but from my understanding there are not many cases that have that much room. Does anyone have any suggestions as too cases i should be looking at? Thankyou p.s Would also i would prefer if i could use a thicker...
  5. M

    Question Can I get some guidance on how to connect RGB fans?

    Hey, I have a mag x570 tomahawk mobo and got myself Metallicgear Skiron D-rgb 120 fans. I'm having trouble attempting to connect them. The fans come with two cables, one is a 4 pin female connector and the other is a 3 pin daisy chain cable. The packaging says that the fan connects to a D-RGB...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Fan Control

    Hi there! So I recently decided to buy myself a new PC, for which I want to use the Corsair 220T RGB Airflow case. This case has 3 SP120 RGB Pro fans pre-installed, which isn't really enough for me so I decided to install 3 extra fans which means that I should have 6 SP120 RGB Pro fans. Now, I...
  7. R

    Question ASROCK b350 pro 4 fan header issue

    Hi, i recently upgraded my cooling in my rig and i bought 3 SickleFlow 120mm fans and a H500 Case. ( https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/case-fan/sickleflow-120-2000rpm-red-led/ ) ( https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/AB350 Pro4/index.asp ) (...
  8. devilgodspider

    Question Phanteks Evolv Shift Air - clearance questions

    1. What are the measurements allowed for a gpu in order to accommodate a gpu AND a fan below the gpu? 2. Can the Riser cable be exchanged or is it soldered like the previous version of the case? (Evolv Shif) Really need the help guys, or if you have any better options around the same budget...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] 2 pin fan header -possible to use a splitter?

    Hi, I have a case with fan controller which has three 2-pin headers (for 3 fans). I want to connect 4 fans to it, can I simply use a splitter for one of the headers? I didn't mention, the fan controller gets power from sata power. I just want to be sure that it's ok. Thx.
  10. R

    Question Will I be able to run 3+ fans at full speed by connecting a fan hub to my mobo? Which 4 pin should I plug it into?

    My PC here. I'm want to buy 3 of these NF-S12A fans. I already have 4 fans installed(excluding the CPU cooler fan), and no more 4 pin ports on my motherboard. I want to buy this fan hub, but my question is: If I used this fan hub with 4 fans plugged in, where on my motherboard do I plug it in...
  11. C

    Question Best Case & Fans

    Hello, Planning a new build with an i9 9900k & RTX 2080 Ti, so of course I'm going to need some serious cooling. For the i9, I'm planning to go with the Corsair H150i. I just need suggestions on what case is ideal for airflow with that mounted at the front. Also, I'm gonna need some good...
  12. B

    Question What would the likely effect be...

    So I've just ordered a Meshify C with 3950X in it, with stock fans. What would be the likely effect (i.e. noise increase and CPU temp under load) be if I added 2 Noctua NF-P12 REDUX PWM fans as front intakes? What would be the likely effect if I also added another 2 as exhaust fants on the roof?
  13. Liquidxlucidity

    Question Connecting multiple RGB fans

    Alright guys some I just got a new case, fractal design meshify-c. I have the Asus Strix B550-f backordered. I currently have a Cooler Master ML240L AIO on my 3600. I plan on replacing the fans on the AIO and filling my case with the same brand RGB fans. But I'm a little confused on how I should...
  14. K

    Question 1660 Ti fan speed

    Hi I got a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1660 Ti OC this week (to replace my 970) and I am confused about the GPU's fans. Under low stress the card doesn't spin its fans at all but when it reaches 55ish °C the fans suddenly and audibly 'burst' to +2200 RPM for 1 second to then lower to a stable and more...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Can't change case fan speed

    Hi there, I just built a pc for my brother, and have used a fan cable splitter to have enough fan ports. Now I realise I can't change the fan speed in the Speedfan program. Also in the bios I don't see any fans popping up other than the cpu fan. Right now the fans are really cool, which is...
  16. T

    Question CPU Cooler Fan

    A question towards those with somewhat more testing experience with different PC components. In this case it's regarding the performance difference between a variety of fans when attached to the same CPU Heatsink. When you compare performance data of different fans, for instance the BeQuiet...
  17. A

    Question Fans spin for 1 second then stop (PC Boots)

    Just recently bought some upgrades for my PC and assembled it all at the beginning of the week. Everything seemed to be working smoothly except for my chassis fans. Originally I could get them to work after shutting down the pc all the way and starting it up again, but now if I do that the fans...
  18. T

    Question Copper layer on gpu heatsink corroding?

    Today I wanted to repaste my gpu. It had the factory paste on it till today. (It never has been watercooled or the heatsink removed) I looked at the heatspreader and the copper seamed to have tiny dents and the aluminium was showing trough and partially gone. Here are The pictures. Is it okay to...
  19. DaddyBearKuma

    Question HELP! my Gigabyte 5700 XT's fans are not working!

    So I have a problem with my 5700 XT GPU. I got it new and after a week I noticed the high temperature while gaming (90 degrees). Then I noticed that my fans aren't even spinning. I tried everything, MSI afterburner, updating the driver, updating the BIOS etc. I'm clueless.
  20. BDumon02

    Question Problem with darkflash dr12 pro fans

    Hi, So i bought the 6pack kit of darkflash dr12 pro rgb fans and I connected all 6 fans to the hub, in order, so from 1-6 (there are 8 connection points), then I connected the hub, which is molex to my power supply, so the hub is powered, ass well as the fans, but when I turn on my pc, the fans...