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  1. DaPro_Skillz

    [SOLVED] I’m planning to build a PC in the near future and wanted some feedback on my list.

    I wanted to save some money on my new PC. My friend and I have been tweaking this list for 5 months now, preparing. If there’s anything different you’d do, please let me know. Feedback would be great! The PC will be used for gaming in 1080p 144hz (GTA V, Minecraft, Warzone, Roblox), streaming...
  2. K

    Question Suggestions on PC Build for brother? [CAD]

    My little brother wants to build a PC for the first time this is his list: I was wonder if I could get some feedback from the community if there are any suggestions on changes to this build to be cheaper or better. He is using it mostly for gaming but...
  3. D

    Question Check Laptop Specification - How good is it?

    Hi Guys, Need your expert feedback on the below laptop Specifications. I intend to use it for: Photoshop, Filmora, OBS Studio (not for streaming games) and for other application like MS Office, Microsoft Teams, etc... Please advice. Thanks. Laptop Specifications Processor Brand Intel...
  4. M

    Question New Build - Feedback Appreciated

    Hi folks, I'm looking to put together a new PC build following the death of my previous one. I've put together some initial specs and would really appreciate your expert advice, comments and feedback! I'm looking to use it as a work PC (nothing too strenuous) but more importantly to play games...
  5. SSJ1NOT

    Discussion First build, is this good?

    Hey, This is mye first pc build, and i am Just wondering if everything went well 😅 Cpu frequency: 4601.21 mhz Cpu tmp: 27-29c Cpu voltage: 1.188v Pch: 33.0 Memory frequency: 2133.33mhz Systemt tmp: 28.0c Memory voltage: 1.188v Vrm mos: 30.0c Specs on computer: I7 9700k RTX 2070...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Need some feedback on a build.

    I am going for a mid-tier build. Just need some feedback on some parts! Thank you very much! PC partpicker list: PCPartPicker Part List: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor ($217.99 @...
  7. SteelScorpionX

    [SOLVED] My first Build 2.5k (Need feedback)

    Hi so as you read on the title im building my very first gaming pc after years of playing games on low settings to max 60 fps.. Now although i'v got no extra money to spend i decided to not hold back and build the best pc i can afford.. So i built a 1080p 240fps system and i would like to hear...
  8. L

    Question Headphones with Dual Jack - Static Noise Loop

    I have a pair of headphones with two 3.5mm jacks, they allow me to listen to audio from two different sources at once. I also have a KVM (sort of) that lets me switch between my work computer and home computer at the click of a button. My goal: To be able to listen to audio from my work...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] New Build Idea - Feedback

    Hey Guys, Below is a build I have put together. I have around £1200 for a complete system and I would like to mainly game at 1400p res @ 144hz. Any feedback would be great. Thank you
  10. P

    [SOLVED] New Build - Would like feedback There’s a link to the parts. Only thing I have left to buy is the CPU & GPU which I will get this Friday. The 2700x and 5700 work very well together, I was just wondering if it’s a great combo or is there a better duo I can get...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] What do you think I should upgrade next in my PC?

    I am not really experienced in the PC building thing I know stuff but I dont know what works with what and what is the most important to upgrade next. So my PC specs rn is: GPU: GTX 1050ti 4GB CPU Ryzen 3 1300x Ram: 8GB DDR4 Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING there is no SSD. Yeah that's...
  12. M

    Question Feedback on Build

    The cpu, memory, and gpu (gtx 1070) I'm taking from my older build, and I was looking for general feedback on a potential gpu upgrade, and if anyone has built in a node 202 if these parts will fit. ​ PCPartPicker Part List...
  13. deva7666

    Build Advice Feedback on build/PC

    Hello! (Apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum, please feel free to move or tell me to post it elsewhere) I recently got some nice feedback on another part of this forum but was hoping to get some overall feedback from the community on this new PC I'm building. For starts, while...
  14. J

    Question Preparing for High-End Gaming Build - looking for help/feedback on GPU and Monitor

    As the title implies, I’m looking to upgrade – essentially rebuild save for a few components – my PC and am somewhat struggling to definitively choose a GPU and monitor. I currently have the following specs: • I5-6600k (CM 212 evo cooling) • MSI Z170 gaming M5 • Corsair Vengeance LPX...
  15. A

    Question Cant decide on build/ feedback on parts

    Ive been saving for a new pc build for a whilöe now seeing as my current build isnt keeping up with the games i want to play (plus everything has been upgraded to the point of me having to upgrade everything just for one singular component). Looking around the internet, and hours of research...
  16. M

    Question M-Audio AV42 Monitors giving constant feedback.

    I have purchased a pair of M-Audio AV-42 Monitors for my home PC and I'm having feedback issues coming from both speakers. I've even gone as far as having the monitors replaced with the same model and I'm still having this issue, so I don't think the monitors are the problem. The monitors are...
  17. P

    Installing BIOS Problem after changing OS

    Desktop PC (self-made) which was running on Win 7. I upgraded to Win 7 Pro and everything went wrong. Windows disappeared, I have no idea what I did wrong. Now, I have re-formatted the HDD holding the OS, and tried to re-install Windows. I can get the BIOS to ensure that the machine boots...
  18. S

    To increase graphics memory.

    Hi.I have a Lenovo ideapad 300 with 4 gb DDR4 ram and 2 gb AMD radeon (intel r hd graphics 520).i want to upgrade the graphics it possible without replacing the existing card?if so,how?If not,can i replace it with another 4 gb graphics card? Ps.I am going to upgrade my RAM to 8gb.
  19. G

    Laptop fan turning off when charger is plugged and starts when charger is removed.

    Laptop fan turns off completely when charger is plugged on. The system get heated But when I remove the charger, it gets started. Please help.
  20. G

    Best gaming headset around $100

    Dog chewed up my Cloud 2's and need a new headset. I would get a mod mic with some good headphones, but they dont seem to console friendly