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  1. R

    Question SSD Mysteriously Cannot Be Formatted or Cleaned

    Short version: my SSD cannot be formatted, deleted, or cleaned. Almost every tool I use reports no problems or appears to work, but the drive remains unaffected. What the heck could cause this? None of my searching has turned up anyone with a problem like this. Long version: I've been running...
  2. ArchieB

    [SOLVED] Temporarily replacing SSD in PC with one to be wiped

    Hi, I currently have a PC with one SSD and one Hard Drive in. The operating system is on the SSD aswell as a few games. The rest is on the HDD. I have an SSD from my old computer that needs to be wiped before I sell the old PC, so I was planning on taking the HDD out my current PC, plugging in...
  3. M

    Question My power went out while installing something onto an SSD and now it is not being recognized by my pc in any way, shape, or form!

    Before I ask anything let me explain how I have my drives set up. I have an HDD that is set as my default drive. I use that one to boot up Windows and everything. Most of my files are on there. I recently got a secondary 1TB SSD as I'm a video editor and it really would help to have faster...
  4. K

    Question Need to format Drive, but 100GB of something is still on there

    I need to dual boot Windows 10 and KDE neon, I have a 655 partition which I previously used to store games, films, downloads etc. I cleared the whole thing out by some stuff to other drives and deleting junk. So no files exist on it anymore However, when I look 100 GB is still present I searched...
  5. J

    Best G.Skill 16gb(2x8gb) ram for gaming?

    I'm looking for the best G skill 16gb ram for my PC. Just want to fully use the 6gb of my GPU, I don't really plan to overclock unless needed because I'm only in 1080p, and i'll be using only the default overclocking mode of the MSI gaming app if ever needed, don't have much experience OC and I...