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    Need suggestions for gaming storage set up (6 TB set up + Intel Optane).

    I am planning a new build and already have some parts, now I have to figure out my storage set up. I'm new to this Intel Optane memory accelerator concept. The way I understand, it is a way to get faster load speeds on your HDDs? At first, I was disappointed because I read Optane could only be...
  2. T

    New MB & CPU = New Windows Install?

    I'm going to be upgrading my PC from a i5-6500 & ASRock Z170 Gaming ITX, to an i5-9600K & Asus Strix Z390 itx. All other components will be the same. Can I just plop that in my case and connect everything, and windows will still work just fine? Or will I need to wipe my OS hard drive and...
  3. A

    Looking for some help on new pc build.

    So, I recently upgraded my PCs storage. I got an SSD and a bigger hdd, everything else is the same. I installed the new hardware, but my PC won't but up. It gives text saying no boot drive retart or insert a new boot drive and press any key, which leads to my second problem. The second problem...
  4. A

    Looking for a laptop

    Should I consider a laptop with amd a9 8 GB ram or ryzen 3 with 4 GB of RAM considering both a ddr4 one??
  5. T

    Replacing RAM for the first time(help needed)

    I am going to replace my current Corsair Vengeance 2x4(8GB) memory with another 16GB kit.16GB kit has different CAS,but same speed and voltage... How do i do it? Do i just take old kit out and stick another one in or should i reset Bios settings first?I have never done this before, so i would...
  6. M

    i3 8100 idle temp 55 degree celcius. Is it normal ?

    Chassis fans all are working. i3 8100 I recently bought looks bad. Idle temp (in UEFI screen) rises up to 55~56C. Does it look normal ? My old i5 4460 temp is 46C even without a case fans.
  7. S

    PC is using 16% or more ram on startup. Win 10 64bit pro

    So for the last three weeks I've had this annoying issue. Were upon PC start and even after power cycles. My PC is using more ram than usual. I have 16gb of ddr3 2400mhz ram and another 16gb set of ddr3 1866mhz ram (and memtest says the ram is good.) and it does it for both. Before this issue my...
  8. B

    Custom built PC turns on for 30 seconds then shuts off again

    New computer build won't run properly :/ I have just built a new pc with the following specs: mobo: ASRock X370 gaming K4 cpu: AMD Ryzen 7 1800x ram: G skill trident Z rgb 2x8gb gpu: Asus strip geforce gtx 1080ti psu: Corsair RM 550x storage: m.2 samsung 960 evo Case(incase this...
  9. J

    HDD and SSD not functioning properly

    Hey, so I recently bought an SSD and I plugged out my HDD and installed a new copy of Windows 10 on the SSD, then plugged the HDD back in and set the boot option #1 to the SSD so Windows boots off of it. After downloading a few things and restarting my PC one time I restarted it I got "Scanning...
  10. J

    i7 7700 hq gtx 1050 vry slow

    My processor feels very slow sometimes and even when I tried playing survivio, a 2d game on a website, I was lagging very badly. I can run fortnite at about 60-100 fps, which is ok but when I try to run MINECRAFT, a game anyone can run (same as survivio) I get like 40 fps. Someone, please help me.
  11. C

    new laptop needed

    fast laptop for intermediate computer user, I have an Asus and love this brand.
  12. msproject251

    Arctis 5 vs Cloud revolver s?

    What's better the Arctis 5 vs Cloud revolver s?
  13. E

    Is this good enough

    Hello I have a friend who wants to play pc but play competitive so I told him that he doesn’t need an expensive pc because he should be playing lower setting to crank out more FPS I just want to know if this I good pc I could send him on pcpartpicker...
  14. H

    2008 Jeep Liberty not charging, alternator and battery replaced.

    It died last night when parked at work, unsure how, asking on their behalf. I'm told the alternator and battery have been replaced. After googling for a good 20 minutes I've read everything for potential culprits from a bad alternator to corrosion on the cables. Aforementioned relative insists...
  15. K

    Raid menu is gone after BIOS upgrade

    Hi folks, I know there's been several threads on the similar topic, but I didn't find a solution that works for me, so I have to ask for a help. I've got Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R motherboard. After the BIOS upgrade (Award F8) my Raid has gone missing. That would be all right, if I would still have...
  16. hyrule571

    How RAM Timings Are Determined

    Hello, I'm wondering how RAM timings are determined from commonly known values like tCL, tRCD, tRP, and tRAS, to uncommon values like tRFC and tREF. Are these values determined by what the RAM tells a PC, or does the motherboard determine these values through POST? The reason why I ask is...
  17. J

    Sata 2 vs Sata 3 vs Esata

    Just some questions.... I know the Sata 2 is the downgraded and the Sata 3 is the upgraded. Is the Sata 3 cable the same as Esata cable? Are there any fake Sata 3 out there? I'm asking because I can't seem to tell the difference between the Sata 2 & Sata 3? One source says it must have "Sata...
  18. M

    Replacement Dell HD has no room for clone of original HD

    I'm sorry to be unable to find the answer myself although I bet it's here somewhere. :( Long, frustrating story: --The HD was going in my Dell Inspiron according to their tests and my experience of crashes and freezes; they sent me a replacement. Neither them or I could make image/clone with...
  19. D

    Does the RX 460's (No 6 Pin) Power Consumption Rise higher than 75w?

    Im planning to buy GPU's that run off of the motherboard's PCI E slot (750Ti, 1050, 460), but i dont know if there power consumption can rise higher than 75w? If the motherboard can only provide 75w of power, can the gpu exceed it or not? I need to know this because of my low power Power Supply...
  20. A

    Will a LGA 1151 CPU fit into a LGA 1151 motherboard with a 1150 chipset

    I am thinking of getting the intel i5 6600k for my msi h110m pro-vhl, but idk if they will work together or not. It's my first build I just don't wanna mess up