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    Help has anyone tested the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M on V-Ray RT GPU render

    i am not in the budget for a workstation , so i want a gaming graphics card that would work with V-ray RT GPU render
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    FX 6300, 6350, or 8320.

    I want a FX cpu, but cant decide between the 6300, 6350, or 8320. Things to Note:I do not plan to overclock. The medium need I want out of my computer is to have 40 google chrome/ firefox tabs open while watching 720p Youtube videos and listening to music on win music player whilst playing tf2...
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    Accesing computer from phone via bluetooth or internet

    Im trying to figure out i way i can connect my phone to my pc via bluetooth or internet to acces files or tell it to boot remotely so it will already be at my homescreen by the time i get home any ideas on how to do this or any other neat applications that i could do with it?
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    Disk cleanup. Safe to delete everything?

    Is it safe to delete everything that is given as an option in disk cleanup? Like the windows update cleanup?