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  1. J

    Question Power Supply SATA power restrictions?

    I have an old Rosewill Silent Night 500w PSU that has 4 8-pin connectors on it for pcie or sata connections I guess. It doesn't look like a standard 8 pin sata connector fits so I'm assuming they are specific to the power supply. My question is I only have one cable that fits into the socket...
  2. S

    Question How many 16TB hard drives can a Threadripper 3970x server with 256GB ram handle?

    Hi everyone, first timer here. The title pretty much says it all. I've been considering building a storage server myself, with these components: Server case: Norco RPC-4244 ( ) CPU: AMD Threadripper 3970x (32core/64thread) GPU: Gtx 1050 (...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] DIY Server - Will it work?

    Hi, I'd like to build a virtualization server so that I can have different VMs for FreeNAS, pfSense, web server, etc. This is a domestic build. I pick the following hardware, can you share thoughts? Also, what virtualization software would you run on this? Case: Cooler Master HAF XB EVO...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] FreeNAS network is not showing on my SMB windows desktop

    Hi Everyone, I am using FREENAS to set up my NAS. I did the proper steps to get to the IP address, I pinged my network and user. Everything seemed fine and works. I shared it with the SMB Windows as well. While checking the network drive area, I do not see my drive or my drives there. The...
  5. Flashgo1

    [SOLVED] Building first FreeNAS system

    Building my first FreeNAS system and wondering if the overall design looks good. I am not married to the cpu, mobo, or RAM. also it might be a while before i buy. I am just going for the general outline and see were my holes are at. I have read multiple threads talking about going with an...
  6. dmmass

    Question freenas problem

    So i want to install freenas on an old pc but i cant seem to install it. I've tried installing it on hdd and on an ssd (tested and working fine). The freenas image is on a cd becouse the board wont boot from usb. The strange thing that happens is the install steps start 1of 4 and the system...
  7. I

    Question Best NAS software for beginners?

    (Not sure if this is the proper topic, sorry if it's not) So I've been using FreeNAS for a few months, and I've had nothing but issues with it. It seems like every week I'm posting something on their forum asking for help with a different issue. Anyway, after getting passive aggressive after...
  8. D

    Says my GTX980 is a GTX 970

    So I just got my GTX 980 and popped the card in and updated the driver. After doing so I went to go into afterburner and noticed that it says the card is a GTX 970. So I then open up HWMonitor and Nvidia Control Panel and they both said the same thing. I restarted my computer and it is still...
  9. I

    Different type of ram

    Can you pair different type of ram into a motherboard??
  10. S

    harddisk show message format then i format it and now try restore my file

    hi my harddisk show message format then i format it and now try restore my files i have big size file videos like 2 giga maype total size files 1 tera i use this program : MiniTool Power Data Recovery DiskInternals Partition Recovery EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard all this application show...
  11. S

    Should i upgrade my monitor?

    Right now i'm using 768p 18.5inch monitor. But i wanted to upgrade to 21.5 inch 1080p resolution. So is there any big difference/benefit only in 3inch larger display ?
  12. W

    Windows asking to connect to phone, can't find a "Don't have phone" option to end annoying nag

    I've had Windows for nearly 2 years now and I just recently did a clean format and install but ever since, it's asking for me to connect to the phone. I see this at log on screen on booting up, and via the pop up slide box roughly every hour. I have never connected a phone before and I only...
  13. E

    What is the pci-e version of this mobo?

    What exactly is the pci-e of this motherboard? and does pci-e version can affect gpu performance?
  14. K

    Artifacts = GPU or PSU?

    I have found a few threads that more or less concern the same issue, but seeing as my hardware is different, I figured I would register and ask myself. Backstory I installed windows 7 about 4 days ago after having windows 10 and I had no problems until today. After a PC crash, I had blue...
  15. G

    EVGA Guarantees Its GTX 1080 Ti K|NGP|N Edition Is Capable Of 2,025MHz OC Speeds

    EVGA has once again collaborated with extreme overclocker Vince "K|NGP|N" Lucido to develop the new EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti K|NGP|N Edition. EVGA Guarantees Its GTX 1080 Ti K|NGP|N Edition Is Capable Of 2,025MHz OC Speeds : Read more
  16. B

    Fps drop dramatically after reinstall windows

    Hello, MY fps recently droped in CSGO from 250-300 constant to around 50-80 after I changed the number of processor in msconfig from 2 to 1. I went to msconfig and did stupid which was changing the processor number from 2 to 1 without knowing what it will do. Later on I found out that my fps...
  17. J

    Built new pc, no display on monitor

    Okay so I have read many posts about this but I am still having the same problem and going through many checklists and guides. Everything is brand new and there is no display what so ever on the screen after being built. Someone please help me My specs are: AMD fx 6300 CPU Asus 970 pro...
  18. The White Knight

    I can't figure out how to change the background color for wallpapers on WIN10!

    I looked everywhere online and I couldn't find a thing. For example I have a wallpaper centered and the backdrop is black but I want to change it to other colors such as white. This was a piece of cake on win7.
  19. S

    Upgrade my PC or Buy a new one

    Specs: Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67 Ghz 4 Gb RAM GForce GT 430 P55A-UD3P Motherboard. I know I've already posted about what video card I should get I just want your opinion on whether or not upgrading could be worth it compared to buying a new computer. I am poor so upgrading is more...
  20. B

    Memory almost full in idle?

    I just upgraded my PC from this: CPU: Athlon II x2 240 RAM: 3GB Motherboard: Asus M4N78 SE to this: CPU: i5 - 4460 RAM: 8GB Motherboard: Gigabyte H97 Gaming 3 I thought 8GB would be enough but ever since i upgraded the RAM usage its almost full even if i'm not running much. Here are some...