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  1. X

    WD 1tb or seagate 1tb internal hard drives !!

    I am having a seagate st31000524as 7200.12 1tb hdd from around 6yrs, after 2 yrs of usage it causes me lot of trouble......i don't know how it was lasting so long after this much time ok i want to buy a new hdd, so i'm definitely going for WD blue WD10EZEX but while searching it i found that...
  2. A

    Stereo speakers and sub work in realtek test but no other sound at all.

    So I have two normal speakers and a sub-woofer. In the past I had it set up so I had left, right, and the sub playing center. Now I want to change it to stereo speakers and a sub. On the back of my PC I have a green,blue,and pink jacks. Right now I have a audio jack plugged into the pink jack...
  3. A

    Whats wrong with my computer, keeps restarting.. This is the errors. Microsoft windows 10 pro intel i7 3770 cpu Hyperx Kingston 8g ram 750 watt power supply gtx 980 4gb If you need more info let me know, thanks. So, the computer will randomly restart, its never restarted while im at...
  4. watrhous

    PCI-Express 3.0 VS Sata 3 SSD

    Can someone please explain what the advantages of the PCI E ssd over a Sata 3 ssd is? I am putting together a box and am putting in a ssd but am not familiar with these PCI E drives. My board has the PCI E 3.0 and so i was considering getting one but is it just the read/write speeds that are...
  5. A

    GTX 950M graphics card and motherboard

    Hello! I know really few things about hardware. I bought a premade ASUS desktop PC yesterday and i realized it has the GTX-950M graphics card. I found this card is mainly for laptops, but they also exist for desktops. These desktops if i understood right use some smalle motherboards. My PC has...
  6. B

    No Signal on monitor

    My monitor is saying that there is no signal but it was working before, I used it on this computer earlier and it was working since I made it today and now is showing no signal.. I've tried using 2 different VGA cables (have to do it through VGA) to my monitor and changed monitor and still no...
  7. T

    Random annoying noise from speaker

    I have "Logitech Z-313" (2+1 speaker) and and randomly (even when they are not plugged into computer or phone) they make annoying sounds for about 30 seconds. The sound is the same, even when the volume is all the way down. When I plug it to phone suddenly annoying sound disappers but the...
  8. G

    Constant BSOD and freezing

    Hi my computer has been getting a lot of blue screens and freezing randomly whether I'm gaming or surfing the web. I used WhoCrashed to analyze the dump files and this is what came up, any ideas on how to fix this? thanks On Tue 9/27/2016 8:51:25 PM GMT your computer crashed crash dump file...
  9. zack_gray

    Sound Card - which power-cables can be used?

    So I have an Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus 7.1 (longest name ever) sound card, which I purchased solely for the 7.1 feature and customisable sound setup (I have hearing damage in my left ear - the setup can be used to compensate for this). I've recently rebuilt my rig (specs below) and in particular...
  10. Q

    Will it work?

    Hi im buying an r9 390 used for 260, i currently have an evga 500w 80+ psu and my cpu is a i5 4690. Will it be safe to run this gpu using my current power supply?
  11. L

    CPU-Z Shows 8gb of RAM but my computer is only using 4gb of RAM in single channel

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-HD2 (3.0) RAM: 2x4gb Ballistix Sport DDR3 1600 In CPU-Z it says I have all 8gb of RAM but that they are only running in single channel mode and when I check in my computer setting it only says I have 4gb. Now I don't know whether my RAM is not compatible with this...
  12. F

    Do I have to uninstall old GPU drivers? Will not be upgrading to new GPU for some weeks.

    Alright, I haven't found this exact question so I must ask it myself, I HAVE A GTX 980Ti installed right now, I just sold it on Ebay (SO I MUST UNINSTALL IT RIGHT NOW AND PACKAGE IT UP) and would like to know if I must uninstall the Drivers (And which ones if I must) I WILL NOT be upgrading to...
  13. C

    Safe Temperatures for Hardware ( CPU and GPU )

    My idle temperatures of my processor is currently around 28 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius under load gaming, I've seen it climb to about 49 degrees Celsius maximum so I'm curious to know if these are really safe temperatures for my CPU because at the time of building the system my idle...
  14. Oli_The_Anarchist

    Budget gaming systems

    Hi there guys I was wondering what you guys think about building lga 775 modded with a lga 771 xeon in it, like a 5440 then with about 4gb of ram, possibly 8 and something like a 750ti or similar, then 500g hard drive and a basic case. Basically i was wondering how much a system like this would...
  15. Z

    1gb fraphic card supported e4500

    tell me "can it supported 1gb or 2gb graphic card"intel E4500?
  16. C

    Windows 7 64bit goes to 32bit automatically

    Good day to all, I have just done the clean install of Windows 7 on my system, because have encountered an issue during the free upgrade to windows 10 last month and I am also having issue installing my 2016 MS Office 64bit that I have purchased. So I reinstalled my Windows 7 back to my...
  17. D

    Which is better?

    I don't really know much about laptop hardware, but I was hoping one of you lovely people could help me in deciding which is better in all around for gaming and just normal use. I plan on using it for university, along with medium gaming. First one: Laptop 1 Second one: Laptop 2 Thanks for...
  18. O

    Formatting USB Sticks

    I have an option of buying a batch of "fake" 64 GB USB sticks, they are sold as 64 gb but the chip inside clearly says 16GB, However, when connected to the computer, it reports a 62 GB USB memory is connected. When I test it with my H2Testw 1.4 program, it onlys finds 15.2 GB of valid verifyable...
  19. A

    gtx 1080 vs r9 290 power requierments

    I currently got an r9 290, and i consider switching it out with a gtx 1080. I dont know what psu i got, but its large enough for the r9 290, which is, to my understanding, pretty power-hungry. Would i have enough power for the 1080? I dont know my psu, except that its silver+, and i dont have...
  20. 3DnTechNut

    ASRock x99 Extreme4 RAM question.

    I just installed the ASRock x99 Extreme4 and bought 64GB of 2400 DDR4 RAM in 4 16GB Kits (2x8GB); installing 32GB (4 x 8GB sticks) works fine using A1, B1, C1, D1, however if I add any of the remaining sticks of RAM and start the system, it hangs and will not boot up. So to get 64GB or 128GB of...
  21. U

    can anyone tell me how to make my laptop sleep after every 25 mins in a loop. that is i want to sleep regardless if i am using

    auto sleep loop every 25th min help with command needed. I dont want to use power options because that will make it sleep if my laptop is in active. I want to make my laptop sleep every 25mins regardless if i am using the computer or not. This has to be without me setting a timer every 25min...
  22. K

    My main cursor is disappearing for no reason.

    I have been using an HP Pavilion x360 convertible for over half a year now and this problem just recently started. My main cursor would just disappear without any reason and would not return unless I restarted my laptop. The cursors for other uses are unaffected. I have searched the internet for...
  23. W

    CPU Fan Runs and Stops with GPU after Accidental PCIe WiFi Card Removal during Windows Restore

    After many attempts to diagnose the issue, I really need some help here. Here is the the issue described in sequence: System specification: 4 GB DDR3 RAM in dual-channel mode (2GB each) Intel dual-core E5700 CPU Zotac GT 440 1GB Synergy edition GPU (minimum 300 watts) Corsair VS 450 PSU -...
  24. T

    What clock speed could I get out of my FX-8350 with my Motherboard?

    I'm new to overclocking and don't not have the best motherboard for overclocking (an ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0). I know I can't get a big boost (like 5GHz) but could I maybe get a smaller OC like 4.5GHz?
  25. A

    bottleneck this gpu?

    would a A10 7870k bottleneck an 970 gtx?
  26. R

    Windows 10 controller support.

    Most of the games on my PC, I play with an Xbox 360 controller. So I was wondering weather I could use my PC on tablet mode with the controller. Is it possible?
  27. H

    ASUS VG248QE VS BenQ XL2411Z VS BenQ XL2430T

    which is the best, and is it worth to wait 2 month more so i can afford the 2430t? or are the other just as good? i really need help, because im playing on my 34 inch tv right now, and its hurting my eyes! i need all help i can get! -Hyper
  28. G

    What speed DDR4 for graphic design, 3D Design/rendering and movie editing?

    Hello I am going to build a 5820K or Skylake system for graphic design, 3D design/rendering and movie editing. What speed DDR4 ram is good for this?
  29. D

    Can i load windows 7 from external hdd and use it ?

    i have a 5tb externall hdd and wanted to ask if i can install windows 7 in it and surf windows form the external hdd, so when i go into bios i have option to load windows from my pc hdd or external it possible? hdd is connected to my motherboard with 3.0 usb cable
  30. P

    Gpu get warm and fans spin, no display

    Hey guys im upgrading my computer and i got a 7950 the other day, i put it in fans come on and card gets warm but no display..... I have a 600 watt evga 80 bronze psu and a 8 core 8300. My guess it card is DOA but not sure why fans would turn on and card would get warm. any advice?
  31. T

    Overclocking the Pentium D945 on the MSI G41M-P33 Combo possible?

    I will maybe buy this MB and cpu and I really wan't to know if you can overclock the cpu with this motherboard. I know that it is possible to overclock the cpu but I don't really know with the motherboard.
  32. L

    Ready to upgrade from a 7970 need some advice noob you here

    Current system i2500k/8ram/ssd/850 power/win10 using a Radeon 7970 , was looking at the r390 as a replacement same pins decent price , should be good for a few more years at 1080 I guessing, 2500k @ 4.2 shouldn't be a problem at that resolution would it?any suggestions welcome and thanks in advance
  33. F

    will a 3.0 hardrive work in a 6.0hardrive slot

    will a 3.0 hardrive work in a 6.0 slot
  34. J

    Slow downloads on only 1 computer

    I have a home network configured normally on an ISP that is giving 120mbps checked by One of our computers is downloading extremely slowly (maxes out at 1mbps) while the other 2 are downloading fine. We have checked Steam download settings and everything else we can think of...
  35. L

    Overclocking fx 8320?

    i used to have a fx 6200 that had 3.8 ghz and i wanted to know if it would be fine to oc my 8320 since its at 3.5? i have a M5A97 LE R2.0 so i felt that if my other processor was that high then i should be fine to do so right?
  36. J

    can I run assassins creed syndicate with my rig

    Guys I have fx 8350 And hd 7870 ghz edition 2 gb 8 gb ram corsair How much fps is expected from this I have 1920x .....resolution But in settings it automatically recommended to 1280x 720 I played in the lowest settings and get only 12 to 17 fps on fraps only wats the problem...
  37. O

    HELP with graphics card

    xtr psu 750w win 7 sp1 64bit msi z97 gaming 5 mobo GeForce gtx 970 - dc20c 1tb hard drive and a 120gb ssd So 2 days ago i decide to put in my hard drive and ssd while i was using my old hard drive the whole computer works fine i then add the ssd and drive and the computer stops working, ive...
  38. M

    AMD A10-7850K and older GPU...

    I'm wondering if the A10-7850K would be helped or hindered by using a Sapphire Radeon HD5770 1GB GPU with it? I'm updating my 5-year-old build, replacing pretty much everything (i.e. pretty much a new build) and trying to re-use what I can off the old build. I'm either going to use the above...
  39. M

    R9 390x, msi vs sapphire vs asus vs xfx

    As the title says, which one would you go with is there an actually difference besides msi being 256 bit (whatever that means) The graphics cards
  40. M

    updates on R9 390 and GTX 970 problems, suggestions

    I've been researching a bit on a new video card since my last 7970 died on me. budget is 300-400, and I'm deciding between gtx 970 and the r9 390. I'm leaning towards the GTX 970 primarily because of power consumption because when I had my 7970 and playing all day, my bills are just way too...