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  1. MisakiAoi

    Question RTX 4060 - MSI Ventus 2x black oc or gaming x?

    So the question is if it worth it to pay additional ~40$ for gaming x? I have 1660ti gaming x and it always worked perfectly and I like how quiet it is. I know ventus have plastic backplate, is it so bad? And how is the noise? I don't care about RGB, but often play at nights when someone is...
  2. Kevsticle

    Question Problem with new i7-12700K build, please help!

    Gigabyte Z690 GAMING X (1.0) DDR5, Intel i7-12700K and Corsair CMK32GX5M2B5600C36 will not POST, fans spin fast speed. I have CPU and DRAM lights alternatively flashing and eventually I get 4 long beeps and the system resets and repeats. I have flashed the BIOS using the USB and button method...
  3. thetechissue

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte B450 Gaming X BIOS update

    Do I need to downgrade to F32 before updating to F60? The current bios version is F52. Thanks!
  4. H

    Question MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X - found rubber O-ring?

    So... I have recently upgraded from my MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X to an RTX 3070 (fantastic piece of kit!), and have obviously removed the card from my rig to box up and re-sell to a new owner... However, when removing the card from my rig, I put it down on the table, picked it up again and there...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] 9900k temps getting too hot (+90C) while XMP is activated (under Prime95 small ffts Non AVX)

    Hey there, I have got a 9900k on stock settings with 2x8 RAM 3000mhz overclocked with XMP, every time i try prime95 small ffts non avx temps tend to go between 90 to 95 degrees (tried with and without XMP), everytime I try with AVX it shoots up to 100 degrees; while gaming temps tend to go...
  6. mranimo

    Question I have no antialiasing at all... (GTX 1060)

    I have an MSI Gaming X GTX1060 6gb and I don't have any antialiasing at all. Nor in games nor in Windows. It's very annoying and ugly. I have the newest nvidia drivers. I tried every options in the nv control panel and every settings at games but nothing changed at all. I tried to reinstall...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] zotak 1660 super or msi 1660 super

    hello can anyone compare components on zotak 1660 super amp and msi 1660 Super ventus or gaming x..since cpu and memory is same. what about capacitors, power unit etc ? gaming x has better cooler.. i know that ! out of 3 options which has best components ? also which will be better for 4k...
  8. Giannaros

    [SOLVED] How much power can my 8pin give?

    Hey guys, I have a thermaltake toughpower 850 but it's a bit old. Here are the specs: My question is this. I have ordered an MSI gaming X 2060 super which requires 175W and my psu, while it does have a pci-e connector, I am...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Msi rtx 2070 super ventus oc it is hot?

    Hi. I was looking for a gpu gtx 2060 super and I found an msi rtx 2060 super gaming x and for about 15 usd more, I got an msi rtx 2070 super ventus oc. The only thing that stopped me from buying the 2070 super right now, is that I didn't find many reviews on the internet about this model and...
  10. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] Should i buy mining used RX 570?

    Hi. I wanna buy a gpu. I've found mining used MSI RX 570 Gaming X 4G. The seller reliable and sold many cards and buyers are satisfied. Card used 3 months for mining. It has 7 month warranty and full box content. In FurMark test it giving average 88 FPS at 1920X1440 resolution without MSAA...
  11. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] GPU won't fit in case

    Hi i've bought MSI RX 570 Gaming X 4G. I've unboxed it and tried to plug it to mothetboard. But the card crossed to HDD Cage for 3CM so i couldn't plug it. I tried to plug it through HDD cage and the card is successfully plugged in case but card's 8 Pin power connector stuck inside so i can't...
  12. M

    Question GTX 1080 EVGA FTW2 vs MSI Gaming X

    Hello good people, I need your help and advice once again. I've taken the decision to upgrade to a GTX 1080 (currently having the MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X) due to how the prices on my local market have shifted lately. I've narrowed down my options to two specific offers - an EVGA FTW2 with its...
  13. ultra3950

    Question PLEASE HELP bricked pc CANT BOOT INTO WINDOWS 10

    i installed the MSI GAMING APP and clicked on the gaming mode it told me to restart and i did i came back about 15 minutes later and it was still on loading windows, i didnt think much about it but i became frustrated but i have no clue where to go. I can boot into my bios I tried booting into...