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  1. SomeSexyFunction

    Question Asus Rampage III Extreme in 2019?

    I have this mobo back from 2011, and it's running wonderful as it should be with no errors ever. But will it support ddr4 memory and GDDR6 cards ?
  2. S

    HD5970 in 2015 - time to upgrade?

    Hello. Early adopter of the HD5970 here, and I really like the card. Should I upgrade? to the 970 or later in the year with the R300 series? Budget: no more than $350 Here is my rig for your consideration:
  3. L

    Optimal fan configuration [need help]

    Hey forum members, I currently own a Phanteks Enthoo Primo and I am considering fitting it full of fans to ensure minimum temperature. Cost isn't a major issue so I was wondering if some members on the forum could help me out. I have created this diagram as what I imagine would be the optimal...