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  1. C

    Question How do I find out if a laptops motherboard is compatible with GPU upgrade?

    When I bought my laptop it was with the idea to be able to upgrade it later down the line. I both it at the beginning of 2018 with pretty much the lowest specs hardware I could. It came with 8gb ddr3 ram, 1tb HDD, gtx1060 and i7-7700 HQ 2.8-3.8GHz, 45W, 6MB Cache. Over the last two years I've...
  2. Noammi26

    [SOLVED] PC Won't Recognize GPU After Connecting New Monitor

    Hey, I bought a new monitor yesterday, and when I connect it to my computer, it doesn't recognize my regular GPU, only the built-in GPU that comes with the motherboard. But when I connect my old monitor back, the GPU works just fine. I have a GTX 1070 And Built-in GPU Intel UHD Graphics 630 I...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] GPU to pair with old Dell Optiplex 990

    Hey guys, So I got an old dell optiplex 990 MT a couple years back for 90 bucks. It came with an i7 2600, no ram, no hard drive, a radeon hd 5450, and all the other stock components. I started by swapping out the powersupply and removed the crappy 260w stock powersupply and popped a...
  4. S

    Question My GPU fans are not spinning and the pc restarts when playing a specific game

    Hello, I have been having a problem with my GPU, the fans are not spinning and only when I am playing League of legends my PC randomly restarts itself and nothing that indicates why, but I am sure that the GPU is at fault but I do not know how to resolve the problem.
  5. potche

    [SOLVED] Not sure if my PC is dying.

    Here's my specs. Interesting details include : both of the inner fans on my 1070 have not worked for 2 years, my plastic CPU cooler fan also does not work, the heat sink is still there though. My score on Furmark ( Preset 1920x1080 ) is 5870. I have never had any heat issues. My main reason...
  6. X

    Question Gpu not work

    Ok, so i have a problem my gpu (gtx 1070) isn’t working on my laptop. Frequency are normal and memory clock are but the gpu usage is at 0 and in game like Rainbow six siege im only getting 29 to 40 frames I tried reinstalling the drivers Specs -i7 6700hq - 16gb ram -gtx 1070 Asus g752vs Update...
  7. S

    Question Will my new graphic card a gtx 1070 , 1080 or rtx 2070 , 2080 support msi b150 gaming m3 motherboard

    I'm worried because I don't know will my motherboard which I bought in 2016 will support my new GPU I already have a gtx 960 4GB working really good with a Corsair 650 PSU Thinking to upgrade my GPU now but will the new GPU support my Motherboard or I'll have to change my Motherboard too...
  8. Justannoob

    [SOLVED] monitor has no signal after installing new gpu

    CPU:8086k Motherboard:msi z390 carbon pro ac Ram: corsair vengeance lpx 32gb (4x8b) SSD/HDD: corsair 980 gb M.2 GPU: Asus ROG Strix GTX1070 PSU: corsair hx1200i Chassis: Gamemax abyss OS: Windows 10 (everything is brand new!) I just finished builing my first pc. After installing windows 10 i...
  9. D

    Question Strange Color Distortion

    Upon further inspection, I've found this is actually a display issue not a GPU issue. To reiterate, these blue lines have started showing up on my monitor but only when certain colors are present and contrasting. For example the CMD window is pure black when maximized, except blue lines at the...
  10. B

    Question Should I buy a bulk GPU?

    Hello, today I have found a new bulk GTX 1070 for around 200 dollars lower price than the retail version (nearly 40% lower). The warranty is 3 months, instead of 36 months retail version. Is it worth a buy? BTW I need it for gaming.
  11. N

    Question Big noob needs help, GPU running at 96C when gaming

    i7 - 6700 3.40GHz 16gb ram Nvidia 1070 8gb graphics card My GPU is running between 90-96C temp whenever i try to game on it.. ive tried cleaning it out from dust with compressed air but it does not seem to help is there anything i can do about it because running it at 90-96C (while shit ingame...
  12. V

    Question Low FPS after somewhat new update

    I am having fps issues after the somewhat new Windows 10 update. New updates have come out to try fix it since then but one game has been affected heavily: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. It is still stuck at 20-40fps no matter what. It normally gets 130+ fps on Ultra with ReShade...
  13. E

    Question Problems with new 1070

    So i just got a new 1070 today, but there seems to be something very wrong going on. Whenever i go start up my PC, it wont boot. However if i use a second card in another pcie slot, it will boot up just fine, without even plugging the second card to a monitor. It is also very clear that the 1070...