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  1. C

    Question GPU Performance / Unity Games Crashing Often

    I'm new to posting & asking for help so bare with me. So unsure of the real problem, i'd like to say I am fairly experienced with computers / computer hardware but can't seem to solve my current issue. Below are userbenchmark results. GTX 1080 was bought from a close friend, good condition...
  2. G

    Question Rattling noise from GPU fans

    Hi there, I own a Zotac Geforce GTX 1080 AMP! Edition ( not extreme, but the one with 2 fans) and when the fans are between 78% and 95% there is a rattling noise coming from them ( the higher the percentage, the louder the noise) but between 0%-77% and 96%-100% it's gone. Why is there a rattling...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] If I sell my founders edition gtx 1080, how much could I get?

    I am thinking of upgrading my GPU to a rtx 2070 super. If I sell my founders edition gtx 1080 (with out the box, got the computer second hand) how much should I expect to get? Also, I have a 6700k processer, any bottleneck issues possible, or no?
  4. avdhut 161

    Question Can I use two graphic cards without sli

    I have galax 1080 and ryzen 7 2600 mobo is Gigabyte B450M I wanted to take one more graphic card as a multi gpu rather than in sli I want one card as 3d renderer(using octane renderer or any of the renderers) and other to play games or work something else. Is it compatible with my current...
  5. Crankyx

    Question Asus Rog Strix GTX 1080 Fan Problem

    Hi, I'm a Asus Rog Strix GTX 1080 user for almost 3 years. There has been a fan speed problem occured on my GPU, which i believe happened right after Windows had updated itself. Fans on the card works only at 0% or 100%. I can't make it run on lower levels. Its on automatic...
  6. mrcstalgic

    [SOLVED] Multiple GPUs (2080ti,1080)? *NOT* running SLI for multiple Monitors? (4k, 2x 1440p)

    OK so I've got 3 Monitors, (Asus PG27UQ 4k 144hz) Monitor, (Asus PG279Q 1440p 144hz) Monitor, and (The Razer Raptor 27 1440p 144hz) Display all hooked up to a 2080ti, but with 1 gpu pushing that many pixels I was wondering if adding in like a 1080 to run both 1440p displays would take some of...
  7. Thoriaan

    Question PC crushes when 2 gpsu are plugged in

    Im new here. I recently upgraded my pc , I was running a geforce 1070 for a couple of years. I upgraded my pc, bough a second GPU, a 1080ti. Im a graphic designer , i do a lot of rendering so i got both my 1070 and 1080ti plugged in for rendering purpouse. Im also a gamer, both of my gpu's...
  8. hamees hariz

    [SOLVED] how many GTX1080 can fit in asus -> Z10PE-D16?

    i have total of 8 gtx 1080 & 1 gtx 1080 ti i like to build a low cost gpu based server can any one suggest a good mother board that can fit 4 gpu at least
  9. R

    [SOLVED] GTX 1080 in 2019

    Hi guys, I am wondering if the GTX 1080 could still be a good option nowadays. The deals that I have in hand are: gtx 1660 220€ gtx 1660ti 280€ rx 590 220€ gtx 1080 220€ I’m not keen on buying amd cause for what I can understand, It would be better to get a NVIDIA for a little 3D modelling...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Is it a fair trade?

    My friend and I are going to trade graphics cards. His (SC2 1080ti) for my (Evga 1080 SC plus $180.00). Is that a fair trade or no. I trust him, but neither him nor I really know the fair card prices right now. How much for a EVGA 1080 SC? How much for SC2 1080ti? If any of you know a little...
  11. E

    Question Recommendations on current build

    Currently this is my build: Ryzen 5 1600 Nvidia GTX 1080 16gb Corsair vengeance 3000mhz Ram ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F Socket AM4 AMD B350 DDR4 Did I cut corners when I came to the build should I have bought a more expensive cpu to go alongside the 1080 or is that build good enough?
  12. F

    Question Is this a GPU issue with 11 displays?

    Hello, I have a setup that includes 11 overall displays, all are 1920 * 1080 besides a couple that are 1920*1200 and one 4k tv. These displays are connected to four GTX 1080 cards and the CPU is an Intel Core i7-7700 both of which I believe are slightly overclocked. The issue is that we are...
  13. E

    Question Gpu making strange noise when playing games

    Hello, so I have a problem I’ve had my new pc now about 6 months, not had a problem Until now. It was pre built as I don’t know much about pc’s I’m not very technical. But recently especially when loading up games my gpu seems to be making a really high pitch noise. It’s loud as a game starts up...
  14. T

    Question New Ryzen 2600x build, Gpu in 2nd slot, Games crash after 30-60 min.

    Hello everyone, We have a new build with the following components: Ryzen 2600X Asus Strix 450F Mobo Msi Armor 1080 G-skil Aegis RAM, 3000mhz We could not fit the GPU into the first PCI- x slot, parts of the mobo were blocking it, so it runs in the second slot. Games crash to desktop after 30...