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  1. ciro_881

    [SOLVED] No fan tab on Msi Afterburner [FIXED]

    After updating my drivers I can't find the fan tab on Msi Afterburner. I've already tried uninstalling Msi Afterburner, uninstalling the gpu driver and installing them back and installing Msi Afterburner again. What do I do now? It's getting pretty hot where I live and I need a more aggressive...
  2. T

    Question Help GPU not working

    Was changing out my extension cables because I didn’t like the ones I had in the case, after turning the pc on I realized the 8 pin to the gpu wasn’t plugged in all the way. Plugged it all the way in while pc was on and it doesnt turn on. Black screen. Gpu fans not running. Everything else...
  3. M

    Question Problem with Nvidia gpu on Asus laptop

    Well i bought an used laptop ASUS K55vm (but its k55vj on the cover 😑) with two graphics intel hd 4000 and NVIDIA 635m. [Bought] from someone after asking him about nvidia he said that its working fine i beieved him. So later i made a fresh win 10 install and updated the bios but after...
  4. Mateja14

    [SOLVED] Gpu clock speed

    Hello, I have an Amd graphics card which is clocked to 1430Mhz. In some games it stays on the min clock speed: 300Mhz, but in the same game in main menu it is literally the max clock speed. I am not sure what to do, I have seen some forums but they are all for nvidia graphics cards and requires...
  5. rainyman13

    Question I can't use my laptop's discrete GPU ?

    Hi I have samsung np350v5x-s04ae laptop (i5 - 4GB ram) , when i try playing video games with the primary discrete GPU (AMD 7670m) it starts lagging and fps drops to the ground and changing the game quality settings doesn't help . But I can play the same game with the intel 400 iGPU . I wonder...
  6. Fatboi69

    Question Low gpu usage in games

    Hi guys , I hope no one's running into issues like me. So I have a system with these specs : ~CPU : Ryzen 7 3700x ~GPU : Gtx 1070ti Strix ~Storage : 256gb Xpg nvme / 2tb HDD Seagate Barracuda. ~OS : win 10 ~PSU : 1000w thermaltake ~Cooling: stock AMD RGB...
  7. gamingguy69

    [SOLVED] No display after unplugging PCIe power cable from GPU ?

    Help, my pc's not displaying after i unplugged the power cable from the gpu (yes only the cable not the gpu) then turned it on by using the igpu but didn't display anything. Tried to go back using the gpu display and plugged the power cable back to the gpu then turned it on but same result...
  8. Keval31671

    Question Gpu usage around 70-80%

    Hi, i'm having issues with fps in some games. I've been playing Sekiro and i cannot playing it at max cause i get from 60 to even 40 fps. Lowering graphics to high helps a little but still sometimes drops to 50. I noted that my gpu usage wasn't higher than 70%-80%. Is there a way i can get...
  9. KingSlayer69

    [SOLVED] Help with possible dying monitor

    Hey,around a month ago I started noticing weird flickering and random freezing/screen bleeding basically everywhere(games,videos,even basic pc/web surfing)-attached a video and I'll explain why it was filmed with my phone.My gpu is a rx590 fatboy and the monitor is some samsung(idk the exact...
  10. shubh123

    [SOLVED] PC Shuts down during gaming when I plug my hdmi into my gpu ?

    Hello I have a issue where everytime I plug my hdmi into my gpu and play any game my pc shuts off I get bad fps in games and when I watch a video and go into fullscreen I get green lines that come on my screen for a few seconds. I ran a gpu stress test and my pc shuts off instantly when I start...
  11. oraopapao

    Question Rx 580 nitro+ 4gb weird fan noise and fan not spinning when it is supposed to

    Hello i have built a pc recently and i notice that on my rx 580 one of the fans is not working and when it tries to spin its making weird noises. I saw a video in which someone cleanes the fans insides and puts grease. I wanted to try it but first im asking for your opinion. Please help!
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Is RX 5700 XT Red Devil worth it?

    Hello everyone, I just got a suggestion for my new PC GPU, which is RX 5700 XT Red Devil 8gb, but when i looked for some reviews it says that has some problems, like the long screws from factory, or the bios, the drivers, and i also saw that is somewhere near or below the 2070 RTX Super power...