Question Low gpu usage in games

Jul 20, 2021
Hi guys , I hope no one's running into issues like me. So I have a
system with these specs :

~CPU : Ryzen 7 3700x
~GPU : Gtx 1070ti Strix
~Storage : 256gb Xpg nvme / 2tb HDD Seagate Barracuda.
~OS : win 10
~PSU : 1000w thermaltake
~Cooling: stock AMD RGB cooler(CPU).
~RAM: 2×8 (16gb) @ 3200mhz Corsair RGB.
~Mobo: Asus prime B550m

•Problem: i have stuttering/ FPS drops/low GPU usage/ GPU usage fluctuations and high latency In all games.
I never had these issues before , so before these issues my GPU would be fully utilized i.e 98% ~ 99% my CPU would change its clock speeds normally and its usage was around 30~40%.

•Attempted solutions:
*Tried reinstalling drivers/reverting back to older drivers.
*Tried changingpowerplan to maximum performance for GPU & CPU.
*Tried resetting PC in Windows settings.
*Tried clean caches and optimizing drives.
*Tried running all games in full screen, vsync disabled & ran them as administrator.
*updated bios through Asus armoury crate.
*Did furmark tests & monitored using HW monitor.
*GPU temps 70°~75° when underload & CPU temps 62°~70° Max for both .
*Disabled full screen optimizations for all games
*Set priority high , hardware acceleration on , high performance for all games in graphics settings in Windows.
*Nvme temps 60° Max and HDD 50° Max & Ram 55° Max.
*Disabled any kind of overlays and disabled gamemode.
*CPU clock is now fixed @4.5ghz on all cores because I oc it , before it were between 3.9 and 4.05ghz.
*Tried oc the GPU . Also noticed cck or core clock fluctuations during monitoring as it went from 1773 to 1835 or 1822 however memory clock was fine.


Edit #1: my GPU is fully utilized during furmark or MSI kmbustor but i did see lower core clock speeds.
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