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    Question Huion Q11k v2 no pressure and stuck cursor

    Hey Ive absolutely ran out of ideas, disabled Windows INK, used the fixmypen thing, rebooted the pc, pluged the tablet in/out, reinstalled the drivers, updated the drivers, tried various softwares and nothing. The problem is with how the pen works - once you press to draw the cursor will freeze...
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    [SOLVED] switched an 680 for a 1080 ftw dt and lost fps in CS

    used to get 300 fps with no drops, after switching the gpu i never got 300fps again...suffering with drops too hardware: i7-4770k 32gb ram 1080 ftw
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    Need help with pc build

    I recently saved up enough money to finally build a new pc. I had a friend a create a list for me and I was wondering if any of you would update or say opinions on what I should go with instead. The list was made a couple of months ago and I was just wondering what changes you guys would make...