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  1. K

    Question Performance Problems in some games after reinstalling Windows 10

    Hello guys, I hope I'm in the right forum category, if not I want to apologize in advance, but I don't know which topic would suit best. I have a huge problem with my laptop at the moment and hope that anybody can help me. First, my system: MSI GP66 Leopard 11UH-028 Processor...
  2. L

    Question GTA online crashes after a few minutes!

    My RIG: Processor: Ryzen 3 1300X Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H Ram: 8GB 2666 MHz*1 GPU: RX 480 8GB So,I recently installed GTA 5 from Epic Games. After settings the graphic settings to 1080p high,I hopped in to a GTA online public server. Game crashed after 5 minutes of playing. Relaunched...
  3. M4R70U

    [SOLVED] Why do i have bad fps in GTA V?

    I bought a Asus Rog Strix RX 580 8GB second hand. It working fine in all games in ultra settings,only GTA V is having problems with my pc... My Setup: Ryzen 5 2400G, 2X8 2666mhz a-data ram. If need more info i'll answer.
  4. MareksN

    Question Gta V Online stuttering

    Hello, I am having issues where my fps is around 45-50 fps in gta v online, but cpu is usage is around 50% on all cores, I have tried setting even cores, which helped a little and even using only 3 cores, which made it worse as there were times where 1 core hit the 100% mark. Maybe someone has...
  5. V

    Question GTA Online Error code 0xc0000005 (Steam Only)

    Whenever I play GTA Online on Steam, it usually crashes after around 10-45 seconds after loading into GTA Online. I have attempted to launch the game into singleplayer and join online that way, but the game still crashes. Listed below are the logs the game creates from launch until crash...
  6. AstroDoge

    Question GTA V and Online crashes after 15 or 20 minutes

    so when i bought gta v on steam at first i had frame drop problems these were fixed, but there was another big problem, after 15 or 20 minutes my game would crash, it does it like this : first crash 10 mins, 2nd crash 15 mins, 3rd crash 20 mins or when i am lucky it doesnt, this is the error ...
  7. W

    Question Low FPS Low GPU and CPU usage GTA Online

    So i've been playing gta recently and in story mode i get from 90 to 120 FPS average on medium high settings, with 40-50% GPU usage and 40-70% CPU usage. On solo online sessions i get 40-80 FPS with 20-40% GPU usage and 40-50% CPU usage... On public full sessions I get 30-60 FPS average even...
  8. D

    Random shutdowns, CPU overheating?

    Let's start this off by saying that I don't have a lot of knowledge about PC's. Lately I have been encountering a very consistent and annoying problem. Every time I try to play a game, the PC decides to shut itself off after a while. The PC is able to turn right back on after shut down. It...
  9. O

    Using a VGA monitor with an MSI gtx 1050?

    So recently i've been saving to build a new PC. the card i want to get is a MSI GTX 1050 which only has a DVI-D, Display port and HDMI, my current monitor is an older Samsung with 1920 x 1080 and i cant afford a new one so i was planning on using a HDMI to VGA adapter. apon reading other forums...