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gtx 880m

Forum discussion tagged with gtx 880m.
  1. F

    Question Weird dedicated graphics card failure, help please.

    Greetings, it's been 7 years since I bought my MSI GT72 2PE Dominator Pro Gaming Laptop and everything was fine until one month ago. I was playing a recently released game (Mount & Blade Bannerlord) when my laptop screen turned black and I had to turn off and on the computer. What I saw when the...
  2. Sgtjacques

    Windows 10 hdd has locked

    My windows 10 hdd has locked itself and now i cant unlock it. I came back to my pc and it was locked up so i hit the reset button. I then got a black screen telling me to insert a boot drive. Further looking into it, it turns out that my hdd locked itself. Can anyone help?
  3. L

    Receiving faxes offline

    Hi guys. Unfortunately due to my line of work I am increasingly needing to send and receive faxes. I leave my home PC for weeks on end and was wondering if there is a fax modem that will store the faxes in memory or wake up the computer out of standby to receive the fax. Can anybody recommend...
  4. N

    Recording/Playback Devices Broken

    Hello there! I've had an issue for the past 3-4 months now where Windows 10 isn't detecting my USB headset (or anything for that matter) as a playback or recording device I believe the cause of my issue was me using a program called CheVolume which allowed you to choose which application was...
  5. I

    some dude is ddosing me. help

    so i think some kid on my skype is ddosing me but im not sure. how can i tell that he's ddosing me? hes a friend but im not sure if its him thats ddosing me. how can i tell if its him ddosing me and how do i prevent it?
  6. M

    First attempt at an overclock, looking for advice / opinions please.

    Hi All, I've had my current system for around 2 years now. When I originally got the system I thought I'd look into overclocking the CPU. The short of it was I failed and it blue screened, not knowing what I was doing I reverted it back and just shied away from attempting it again. A few...