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  1. X

    [SOLVED] GPU (msi 1080 x) PCI-E 6 pin shorts computer

    Hello all, I recently ran into a problem with my computer where every time I turn it on it almost immediately shuts off. The lights will flash on and then off again. It is not a problem with the motherboard as the PCI-EX slots are A-OK. Unfortunately, I noticed that whenever the 6 pin PCI-E...
  2. C

    Question GPU crashing under load ingame but not in benchmark tests

    Hi there, A few months ago I upgraded to a GTX 1080 ti (considered used but acceptable by the seller) for work and personal purposes. I have since had a couple issues with it, not least recently, which I'll detail here: Under load during games (my usual testing game is the Long Dark) the...
  3. Babarali85

    [SOLVED] Gtx1080 with No Display

    Hi, I was playing a game when suddenly my computer shut down with just my RAM's lights working. After restarting, the system seemed to boot up just fine but the problem was that I was not getting any display (just a black screen). The gpu is an msi gtx1080. Luckily I had a spare gtx970 with me...
  4. gabrieldupontspam

    [SOLVED] GTX 1080 Founders Edition Cooler Issue

    I have a GTX 1080 Founders Edition that I recently got from a friend. He had it in a small crappy case, so to make room, he took parts of the shroud off, and lost some parts. More specifically, most of the screws, and the little plastic window that went over the fins of the heat sink. My issue...
  5. D

    Question My New Build Is Not Running The Average Amount Of FPS It Should Be Getting In Games

    Hey i need help with this i built a new PC and i started to run games on it on 1080p and it was getting fps averages like my old 1050ti but ive cleared drivers and everything for it i dont understand the problem when i launch rust i play it in 50fps on all low settings and im not impressed when...
  6. Boowy

    Question 2x less FPS with GTX1080

    Hello everyone! I recently get my self GTX1080 Armor OC from MSI and im experiencing twice as low FPS than i see in lots of differend benchmarks on youtube or benchmark sites. My iron: View: -i7 4790k (Turbo Boost on all cores ON, 4.5GHz) -GTX1080 MSI Armor OC...