Question GTX 1080 Founders Edition Cooler Issue


Mar 24, 2018
I have a GTX 1080 Founders Edition that I recently got from a friend. He had it in a small crappy case, so to make room, he took parts of the shroud off, and lost some parts. More specifically, most of the screws, and the little plastic window that went over the fins of the heat sink. My issue is, is that whenever it gets under a load, it throttles to around 70C, and I don't have much options. Should I just spend $50 on a cooler?


Contributing Writer
I find it hard to believe that space was so cramped that he needed to pull off parts to save 3mm of space.

Sounds like a terrible friend.

Also, it sounds like something else is going on, but likely with the airflow in your own case. If the original cooler is still in place (minus a few plastic bits) then cooling should be relatively decent, unless enough of the shroud was removed to prevent ducting of airflow from the cooler fans.

Remove the side of your case, find a house fan and set it to the highest setting, blowing directly into the case opening. See if the temps change.

If not, the cooler needs to be re-seated or you need a new cooler...or the card might have something fundamentally wrong.

If the temps change by more than 5C, then you need to address the airflow over the card, including shrouding or case airflow.