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  1. D

    AMD FX-9370 and unsupported motherboard

    Hey. This is my first post so I am not sure is it in right place. I made little mistake when I bought FX-9370. I did not realize that CPU is so power hungry. (TDP 220w) my motherboard Asus m5a97 le r2.0 only support max 140w CPU So the question is... Should I upgrade my motherboard or should...
  2. K

    Cpu error overheat

    Hi just got my new rig setup and i encounter this error while booting up "cpu error overheat" here's my specs -I5 7600k -Asus z270f -Asus 1050 ti strix -Gammaxx s40 ( this which i think is the problem?) -Corsair 500
  3. LOL69DV

    Question regarding changing Mobo on a prebuilt pc

    OK so can anyone check if my an MSI Gaming Intel Skylake B150 LGA 1151 DDR4 USB 3.1 ATX Motherboard (B150 Gaming M3) Fit my Lenovo ideacentre Y700 case? My motherboard had failed after a error on BIOS flash, so I need a new Mobo and this Mobo looks similar to my current Lenovo skybay or even...
  4. O

    Unbearable SSD lag

    So I got this Samsung SSD and just put it in my system, downloaded my gpu driver and reinstalled windows 10. But now I have extreme lag when Im playing CSGO: on the minimum settings I get like 30~120 fps. Also in Sony Vegas I get unbearable lag when Im trying to view my project. I've tried...
  5. C

    What drivers do i need to install after building my gaming pc

    So this is going to be my first gaming pc that I'm building from scratch : GTX 1050ti Gigabyte h110m-A I3 6100 Corsair 88r WD 1tb blue 8gb Kingston hyperX Windows 10 I have no idea what drivers I need whatsoever so if you guys could help me I'd really appreciate it
  6. M

    Gtx 1070 at 1080p

    I am planning on getting a 1080p 144hz monitor and was wondering if the gtx 1070 would be overkill and if I should just get an rx 480 or 1060. I will play games like h1Z1, dead by daylight, CSGO, and rainbow Six siege.
  7. T

    GTX 1060, RX 480 or the new Vega card

    Should I get a gtx 1060 6gb or a Rx 480 8gb? Do you guys know anything about how much the new vega card is going to cost? I really want the new card when its coming out. I got a i5-6500 if there is any cards which bottlenecks with it. Sry bad English…
  8. T

    Just wanted to know where is the save game of Assassin's Creed 3 stored?

    I want to copy it to my external hard disk as I wanna format my computer due to virus issues
  9. M

    Touchpad won't work (Lenovo)

    My touchpad is stuck on the loady blue circle thingy. I can move it but it won't click or anything. I am not sure what to do. Can anyone help?
  10. H

    Used GPU? R9 290x

    I've come across a 290x for 150 on craigslist. seller said hes owned it about a year maybe a little more and it got around 10-15 hours of playtime a week. I've been wanting an rx 470 but the longer I wait the more I'm willing to settle for something cheaper. so I'm asking you, is it worth it to...
  11. S

    Recommended processor requirement

    My laptop has an AMD Quad-Core A10-8700P processor and this game I am thinking about downloading says the recommended processor requirement is an i7. Should this game work on my laptop?
  12. N

    opinion on this build

    Hi guys, Opinions on this build and would all these parts fit in the case? this build will also be my first time building a computer myself wish me luck haha
  13. C

    GTX 1050 Ti - Enough power?

    Hello! I want to buy this video card: Into this motherboard: My PSU if you need it: I'm afraid, that the VGA won't get enough power...
  14. D

    Fury x crossfire artifacts weird issue

    My system specs are in my signature. System is 5 months old. Please note that I have never had this issue untill now. System will black screen and artifact when the cards are in crossfire. Cards have both been tested by them selves and have no issues at all they are 100% stable. Bought a...
  15. Dans Hardware

    Final draft of first build lots of info!!

    so technically my first build but i have put in like a billion hours of research over 3 months now and have created about 10 builds on part picker and wasnt happy with any of them. This I am hoping could be the last build idea. 1000 euro is the max including windows but may be able to squeeze...
  16. K

    SD card not showing pictures taken on new DSLR camera

    I have previously used a point and shoot camera but have a new DSLR camera. I used my old SD card in my new camera and while i can see all the pictures when my SD card is in the camera, none of the new pictures DSLR pictures are showing up on my computer. Thanks in advance for your help.
  17. J

    i7 4790k max overclock on air ?

    What have you achieved with this ? :)
  18. S

    What is a good entry level distibution of linux/unix for a programmer?

    So I am looking for a good preferable stable dissolution of Linux or Linux/unix, that comes out of the box ready for a programmer. I am trying to learn the allegro graphics library on windows and it is cumbersome. To some extend pointless since a program that could be made in Linux could be easy...
  19. S

    Windows 10 wont automatically boot, asus bios

    My computer is self assembled from parts I bought on running windows 10. (first one I've ever assembled) Anyways, this week I had a crash apparantly. and now the computer only boots up to the Asus Bios. I can see the bootable drive under bootable devices, and clicking on it...
  20. B

    Pc wont boot

    Computer wont boot when i use 1 or 2 ram sticks. When i dont put ram in boots but after 20 seconds it shuts off. Already had this issue in the past but i fixed it just randomly taking out cpu and putting it back in, but this time its not working. Not sure whats wrong but if cant fix this gonna...
  21. E

    Problems While Playing Rust.

    Hi everyone. When I play Rust or some of the other survival games, I always have problems with freezing and then unfreezing like 6 time in a row and especially when I get into a gun fight it starts to freeze and unfreeze, sometimes it even freezes for like 5 seconds and then someone kills me by...
  22. J

    Upgrading from R9 270x to either Rx470 or Rx480? Motherboard bottlenecks?

    Hi everyone Not as simple as the title, at least not for me. After doing much research on these two cards, I'm definitely getting one or the other. The only problem is my motherboard and this ties to my question and a previous thread on the components forum...
  23. S

    Replacing Old Motherboard, I have a compatability question. (LGA 1155)

    Hello all, My current computer is a Pre-built that I have slowly swaaped parts into over the last couple of years. I recently bought a new RX 480 (MSI Gaming X if it helps) and the computer wouldn't post. Through some research I found that my current motherboard (Pegatron IPISB-CH2) is the...
  24. D

    looking for a new cpu

    hello i have a gtx 950, 250 gb ssd, intel pentium g3258, and mother board with an 1150 socket any recommendations on a cpu upgrade whether its amd or intel. I have a pretty good gpu so just having trouble thanks??!!
  25. D

    GTA IV graphics issue.

    I recently installed GTA IV on my PC but the game has graphics issue. The buildings and the roads doesn't appear. It takes time to appear. I have windows 10. Does it have anything to do with windows 10 or there's a problem with the game ?? My specs - Intel core i5 6500 3.2ghz. Kingston hyperX...
  26. edward78

    Study: 78% Would Prefer Buying TV Channels A La Carte I do think it is crappy how we pay for cable/satellite & the channels decide they want more from the provider then we get a blackout, while paying the same $$... You think by now there would be a...
  27. PandoranPhoenix

    250gb Samsung EVO vs 240gb HyperX Savage SSD?

    Hi guys! I'm going to build a new desktop pc soon, but I'm stuck on which ssd to buy: 1) 250gb Samsung EVO SSD 2) 240gb HyperX Savage SSD...
  28. M

    I moved files from my Windows c: and it messed up my computer please help

    Hello, I'm new to computers so i don't know what i'm doing. I moved files from my Windows c: because i had no space left so i moved them into my New Volume D: because it is 2 TB and it ended up messing up my computer many things are wrong i was wondering if anyone can help me fix this. I have...
  29. V

    Will a FCPGA988 chip work in and PGA988 Motherboard?

    Hi people, I have been given a Asus A73s laptop with a i7-2670qm 2.2 chip in it. The mobo is fried and i was wondering if i could use the chip in my sons emachine E732-382G50Mnkk i3-380m The Asus is an FCPGA988 chip but my sons eMachine uses a PGA988 chipset. Can I use the i7 my sons computer...
  30. A

    help buying a new motherboard

    i want a motherboard that has a LGA - 1151 socket and it has to be able to support a intel core i3 6100 cpu and it must support ddr3 ram and a gtx 960 i probably wont want to spend more then 60 pound but i will if i have to anyone got any ideas?
  31. H

    Looking for a fully silent 4K monitor

    I recently bought a Samsung 4K 24 inch monitor. After a few days I realized that it is making a humming noise when larger parts of the display are white, regardless of the brightness settings. As I have a completely silent PC the noise is audible and annoying, even though the noise is not loud...
  32. S

    PC extremely underperforming

    Hello! So I have a gtx 770 4gb vmemory gigabyte wjndforce an i5 4670k and 16gbs of ram, before buying battlefield 1 I looked at benchmarks to make sure it would be playable, the person had the exact same setup as mine same CPU GPU everything except I have more video card ram and ram. He gets...
  33. S

    How to open cd drive i cannot find

    How to open cd drive
  34. A

    Can anyone tell me performance approx

    AMD A10-7700K APU ASUS® A68HM PLUS FM2+ 8GB Kingston DDR3 1600MHz AMD Radeon HD 8000 / R7 1TB 3.5" SATA-III 6GB/s Genuine Windows 10 Home this is the main components of a budget pc i've been looking at from pc specialist (fusion 450). could anyone tell me approximately what fps it would run...
  35. Hlsgsz

    Best answer selection etiquette

    Being new to the forum, i obseved that an user is auditing old threads and selecting best answers, so after a little googleing i came across this thread: This led me to want to confirm that what i myself am doing is...
  36. A

    Maximum ram on 32 bit

    What is the maximum ram I can have in 32 bit windows there anything I need to know about my system before I can change to 64bit... If you need to know about my specs ask me..
  37. M

    System Temprature are High

    i bought new parts last week which are the following : i5 6600 Asus z 170 Pro Ram kingeston 16 GB when i build my Computer & ran Speed Fan , it gives me the following temp indicator GPU : 35 CPU : 32 Auxtin 0 : 30 Auxtin 2 : 110 Auxtin 3 : 109 Auxtin 4 : 109 System : 117 what are the...
  38. E

    system freezing randomly

    Currently the computer is randomly freezing while in normal operation like watching YouTube videos. Yesterday it was boot looping and would only start up in safe mode or fail safe mode. We switched hard drives and eventually got Windows reinstalled after resetting the cmos. Step three: History...
  39. G

    M.2 PCIe conneector to sata3

    Samsung 960 PRO And 960 EVO M.2 PCIe SSDs to connect to a laptop with sata3 connector. is there a way to do it? maybe via some cable? will it also be possible to boot the pc from this new SSD if it will be possible to connect? thanks for the help
  40. S

    mixed sizes of memory

    Hi. I have 4 sticks of memory in my 4 slots on my motherboard. Two 2gb sticks, one 4 gb and one 8gb. The 2x2 are corsair ddr3 1600 and the 2 other ones are Ballistix 1600 speed. I'm wondering if I should just get two 8 gb sticks that are both balistix, which might be an option if I can take...