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    [SOLVED] Seagate 1tb Drive Not Seen by Disk Management

    I've got a Seagate 1tb Laptop Drive in. I thought it was failing and have recovered the user data by cloning it to another drive using HDDSuperClone Pro a Linux based cloner and data recovery tool. I was then able to run GetDataBack for NTFS in Windows and recover all the data. The problem is...
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    Question my hard drive is not detected sometimes, especially since i plug in a sub flash disk(trying to reinstall the windows)

    trying to revive my old computer, had some problem, but i cant upgrade many things since i dont get money from my mom no more because of this corona thing (no school). so im asking for some options i can try other than upgrading many stuff.
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    Question Raid 1 drive vanished

    I've had a RAID 1 setup on 2 seagate 3TB drives going for about 3 months now without an issue until today. Today, my computer restarted unexpectedly when I stepped away for a few minutes (possibly unrelated). Soon after I noticed my raid drive wasn't showing up. I expected one of the drives had...
  4. JDPC

    XFX Radon HD 5750 512mhz

    I plan to upgrade my GPU near the end of this year but want a decent shooter. I want to play BF4 but I can't play that until I get a new GPU- might get a GTX 660. I was wondering if I could play BF3 on at least medium settings smoothly but my GPU has only 512mhz. Will it run okish?... Current...