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  1. snaznd

    [SOLVED] Annoying FPS hiccups/stutters/drops I've been dealing with for 3 years ?

    I have been dealing with FPS hiccups/drops since I build my first PC back in 2017. Almost every, depending on the area or game. I lose at least 1-20 fps every 5 seconds. I have literally done EVERYTHING you could think of doing to fix it. It's not the OS, all my parts have been replaced (except...
  2. Lakshya01

    Question 3 beep when start cpu

    when i click on cpu power button to start, it beeps 3 times then pc reboots normally it's happening every day. i don't know what the issue,i checked out an post on Microsoft but they saying check memory modules or put it on different slot i tried but still it's not worked for me, my power supply...
  3. itmesoham

    [SOLVED] Dual channel Ram compatibility

    So I want to upgrade my Corsair vengeance lpx 8gb ddr4 2400mhz to 8+16 gb Corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 3200mhz. If I do so, will they run in dual channel mode? My motherboard is Gigabyte h110. Thanks.
  4. Cold2428

    [SOLVED] Need suggestions for new motherboard

    Hi. I bought hp pavilion power desktop. U can look up for specs using serial number 4CE801303Y My motherboard just fried. And new one hp is very expensive almost 400-500$ and that too will take like a month or two to get it delivered. I checked my pc parts in a shop. All parts working fine even...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Worth upgradin?

    I have been working a little bit and earned som money, and i want to upgrade my cpu. The question is if its worth it? I have just enough to buy an Ryzen 5 3600 and a msi b450 tomahawk max, and i feel like i should. My cpu is at 100% all the time and i can feel that my cpu is tired and that i...
  6. AlecS2k@

    [SOLVED] New GPU Problem

    Hi all! I bought a new video card, a Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super OC(I changed the old video card because it started to show artifacts.). The problem is that after mounting it on the motherboard, the monitor displays the message "No signal", and the motherboard speaker makes 1 beep, 3 short beeps, 2...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Can I add another another 4GB RAM in H110M CS motherboard.

    I have a H110M - CS motherboard. I currently have 4GB DDR4 RAM. Can I add other 4GB RAM. I only have 2 RAM slots. Don't know if it will work. I know It should be of same frequency, voltage etc. But still can I?
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Which components should i upgrade?

    I have a decision problem! My current pc specs is Case NZXT H500 Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 cpu cooler HK ASUS Prime Z270-P motherboard CPU Intel Core i5 6600K 3.5GHz LGA1151 Socket ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Dual fan - 6GB GDDR Corsair Vengeance Lpx 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 SSD WD Blue 3D NAND...
  9. C

    Question PC UPGRADE 2020

    Hello everyone, I am currently thinking on upgrading my gaming PC which i...
  10. Garou

    Question FPS problem - Bottleneck of the computer

    My FPS is always very unreliable. Sometimes it goes to 220, and suddenly it goes to 80. It is on a regular basis very unsteady. I have tried everything I could to adjust settings. I adjusted on nvidia panel(more performance), adjusted game settings to the lowest they can be, checked that my...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] RTX 2070 Super: Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC vs ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 Super

    Goodmorning people, Ive been shopping for some new GPUs to treat myself for the holiday season. Im deciding between the Gigabyte and ASUS cards. ASUS one is better on paper but is that performance noticeable? The Gigabyte card is $678 CAD, much better then the value of the ASUS one which is...
  12. kira1636

    [SOLVED] Need assistance with hardware for i5 8600k

    I’m building a gaming pc to play The Sims 4. I have made my decision on building a pc with i5 8600k cpu. I would like recommendations on which comments I should add to my computer. The only part that I have purchased is a tower case - Thermaltake V200 Tempered Glass RGB Edition 12V MB Sync...
  13. S

    Question Any solutions ?

    Hi i have a problem with my pc, i'm using hpz210, when i power on the pc it shows a screen with hp logo and it says " Press Esc for startup menu", the problem is that when i press Esc nothing happen even if i pressed any key, the issue happened after I entered the bios and changing some settings...
  14. MSabry

    Question why when ever I turn on my brother PC the screen is just black like the PC is turned off

    I've checked. The ram no beeps or anything
  15. P

    [SOLVED] What components could I switch out?

    I have some problems with fps in games such as apex, gta 5, pubg etc. Sometimes it's normal and it doesn't lag, but sometimes it's like gaming with a potato. I think it's cpu or ram problem, but I'm not so good at computers. So what could I change in my pc to make fps better? Pc specs: Cpu...