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    Question sound through controller but not through computer itself

    Hello there, I have been using a headphone/mic combo since I upgraded my computer. Everything was working fine till a few days ago when the sound through my headphones began to get choppy/static and would cut out. Now it doesn't work at all. The device does shows up in playback devices. I have...
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    Question headphones wont work unless the pc is rebooted

    hello i have been having this problem for a while now and i didnt bother solving it until now becuse it is not that problematic but now it annoys me. when i turn my computer on my headphones dont work, if i restart the pc the headphones work for some reson. i tried "troubleshoot sound problems"...
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    Switching between Integrated and Dedicated Graphics

    I'm currently running a computer with a dedicated Nvidia graphics card but I was trying to run programs using my integrated Intel graphics instead (as can be done via laptops). However, my Nvidia Control Panel doesn't have the option of letting me select a graphics processor to use to run a...