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  1. J

    Question Cryorig R1 Mounting Screw Came Loose on Mounting Bracket

    I'm building a new PC, first time I've ever built one from scratch. I'm nearly finished but I've ran into a couple snags. One is that I may have bent some of the pins in the CPU socket (gonna have a friend help me out to see if it's salvageable) but the other—which I think is probably what lead...
  2. georgens

    [SOLVED] Thermal Paste and Booting

    Right so I recently cleaned my heat sink fan with a nylon paint brush, and decided to take the heat sink off the cpu, drying the thermal paste, i put it back on and now the pc starts but doesnt show anything to the monitors, does it just need fresh thermal paste or have i messed up the cpu...
  3. W

    Question what heat sink will fit in this case?

  4. Question Heatsink screw bush loose on the motherboard

    Hi. There's these screw bushes that should be stuck to the motherboard, but one of mine isn't and I don't know how to fix that. Should I glued them? (See in the second image,the screw in the black arm of the heat sink, there's a hole in the motherboard where that bush should be stuck) View...
  5. jlam55555

    Question Understanding heatsinks with multi-platform support? (LGA 1366 and LGA 115x)

    Hi, computer noob here looking to make a first PC on a budget. I have a CPU (Xeon X5570) that uses the LGA 1366 socket. I'm looking for a CPU fan. There are some fans that say they support both LGA 1366 and 1151, but I thought that they were different sizes. Examples: Quiet CPU Dual Looped...
  6. M

    Question Would this step up in CPU cooler really allow significantly better performance?

    Hi all, I've had a Scythe Big Shuriken 2 Rev. B for a number of years now on an intel 6700k. Initially it was in a mini-ITX case, hence the need for a low profile. For a while now I've been in a tower case & in most usage the limiting factor I am hitting is my CPU in rendering a content...
  7. thirumalai94

    Question Can I fit corsair Hydro series H45 to Intel DH61WW motherboard

    I have DH61WW Motherboard. Recently I bought GTX 1060 graphics card and it makes so much heat. So I am planning to buy one liquid cooling system. Since Corsair hydro H45 meets my budget, I would like to buy that But I don't know that compatibility with my motherboard. If it is not gonna...
  8. A

    Question Heat sink inside of brand new PSU loose!

    I bought a RM850x and I when opening the package and lift the psu unit up I hear this metal clanking sound of somewhat, I then find out it's a heat sink loose inside the PSU, it doesn't look like it's actually doing any damage because it's only loose on one end.. (if that makes any sense)...
  9. T

    EVGA GQ or G3 for a 650W power supply ?

    i heard bad things about the g3 having production issues .. so should i avoid it ? as its anyways 30$ more than the GQ so i dont want to risk it and pay more
  10. C

    System won't post, help needed.

    First i should say that english is not my native language so it may be broken. I already did all of this steps http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems My config is: B250m-plus Asus Mobo i7700k 2x8gb ddr4 2400 hiperx Gtx 1060 6gb galax Corsair...
  11. R

    SATA data cable won't lock into Samsung EVO 850

    I have transferred my SSD back and forth a few times to different machines and notice now that the data cable will not lock into place anymore and will come out with very little force. I believe that the little tab inside has broken off. What are my options to keep it locked. I wish it was...
  12. R

    HyperX Cloud II 7.1 Surround Sound Problem

    I just recently got my HyperX Cloud II in the mail and was extremely excited to try the surround sound. To my disappointment, there was a constant static noise in the background loud enough to annoy me. I can't use surround sound at all.. some help would be appreciated.
  13. T

    msi gtx 970 - z87 g4g msi gaming mobo.

    struggling to get my display working on my monitor having just fit my gtx 970. I had to fit a new PSU (evga) and i think i've wired it up correct - obviously haven't. Read this and the second post confuses me a little...
  14. NOOB2PRO

    Dual booted Windows 10 with Windows 7, want to get rid of windows 7

    So I have dual booted windows 10 with windows 7 cause I didn't know if I was gonna like it. Turns out, I like it alot! So I want to get rid of my copy of Windows 7 so only windows 10 is on my PC. The only problem is that theyre both installed on the same HDD and my copy of windows 7 has some...
  15. O

    Good gaming/streaming pc under $1000 *Canada pricing

    i have been playing video games for a bit on my laptop, but it recently broke down. I plan on building new desktop in about a month when i have enough money for it and new help finding want parts to use for under $1000. I want to start streaming on twitch with this build, mostly league of...
  16. J

    GTX 780 or GTX 980?

    I recently built a pc and have been holding off on buying a graphics card because I knew the GTX 900 series was right around the corner. Now with it being released I'm wondering if I should get the GTX 980 or just get the GTX 780 since I can get it for $314 via Newegg w/ MIR? Is the 980 really...
  17. B

    Budget Z97 Mobo recommendation?

    I'm trying to build my first computer, most of the parts *seem* easy enough but there are so many motherboards I don't know where to start. This is my build as of now (RAM, PSU, and case are stand-ins): http://pcpartpicker.com/p/nNFLpg This comes in at significantly over my budget ($600-$700)...
  18. A

    Intel/Nvidia or AMD/Radeon for next gen gaming?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be buying parts for my first gaming rig soon, but I'm stuck where everyone else seems to be stuck at; intel/nvidia or amd/radeon? I can't figure out if an i5 4590 with an evga gtx 770 or an fx 8320 with a dd r9 290 would be better, for next gen? I know they both will work...
  19. R

    Is my system performing as it should?

    Hello guys, A month ago I put together a completely new system and i'm not sure if it's performing as well as it should. Could anyone give me confirmation? Specs: i5 4670k @4.0 GHz Asus GTX 780 DirectCU II OC 8 gb DDR3 RAM overclocked to 1600 MHz MSI Z87-G45 Gaming motherboard Corsair CS650M...
  20. N

    PC won't start after sleep mode, urgent.

    Hello, I have an urgent problem with my PC Yesterday I put it into sleep mode and today it won't start. It has never happened before. The LED flashes signalising it is in a sleep mode but nothing wakes the PC up. I tried: - ctrl-alt-del to turn it on, but no effect - using anything to turn it...