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  1. D

    [SOLVED] MSI 3080 TI keeps crashing?

    Hello, so about 3 months ago I bought a MSI 3080 Ti OC 12gb. My problem is whenever I play any sort of gpu intensive game for example, either my whole computer will restart or the game will crash. I am not really sure why this is happening, but all Ive really tried is reinstalling my drivers. I...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Can't install windows 10 from flash drive due to messing with bios settings

    Hello, I have a gigabite AB350-gaming3 motherboard. During boot (in what I believe is bios) I set the "Storage boot option control" to UEFI only (from legacy only). This has caused my PC to be unable to start, stating something about repairing. I have reversed this back to "legacy only" but the...
  3. Harq

    Question Is it the wires?

    Hello! Im new to this website and would like to ask to the people who are knowledgeable in these things. I recently bought a new pc but the drivers are old and when i got home i used my old DVI with a DP adapter and other old cables , then i started the pc it turned on but it suddenly it shuts...
  4. L

    Question absolutely no display or idea what has happened while been away from pc today

    okay, i have an msi b450 tomohawk max mb, so it’s not an old broken down one. last night i was using nvidia surround on two monitors to play a game , perfectly fine like always, i didn’t turn it off before turning off the pc and haven’t been on it all day. upon turning it on today , the pc...
  5. V

    Question Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3080Ti "No Signal Detected"

    Hello, I upgraded my PC this past 2 weeks from a 2060 Super, to a 3080Ti here's my current specs: CPU: Intel i9-9900k RAM: 2x16GB 3600MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO GPU: Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 3080 Ti MASTER 12GB PSU: Corsair RM850, RM Series, 80 Plus Gold Certified, 850 W Fully Modular ATX...
  6. R

    Question Green screen just after POST ?

    So I get a solid green screen(3060ti) just after post screen before windows loads, replugging my hdmi cable back in sorts the picture from green to normal until next restart. Started about 1 week ago so I decided to update drivers as I saw new ones were available. When I boot into safe mode no...
  7. ElvenMage

    Question Help with Underperforming Computer; Benchmarks already done

    My computer has been massively underperforming for a while and while I was playing a stuttering game today I finally snapped and ran tons of tests to see what was wrong. My specs are as follows: i5 7400 1060 3gb 2x4gb 2400 MHz RAM (HP 580-023w) The first thing I tried was userbenchmark after...
  8. daviddols

    Question Something is wrong with my pc, but I'm not sure what

    As of recently, I've been experiencing a couple problems on my pc: When playing a video (Youtube, Twitch Stream, any type of video media) the video will freeze, but the audio will continue for a couple seconds and then the video will play normally. (this happens everytime I pause and then...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Displayport Cables 4k resolution

    Hi there computer wizards! I have bought myself a new PC and am now trying to enable Nvidia G-sync, however this requires a Displayport Cable to be connected between my monitor and PC. Now my problem is, my screen is a 175hz screen, however i would like to be able to run a 4k resolution at...
  10. Omeggga

    Question Getting a lot of choppy output despite having high fps

    So I just got my laptop back from repairs, I noticed they installed a new motherboard and the GPU went from 6 GB GDDR5 to 8 GB. Awesome, not only that but I noticed the new CPU is more undervoltable, so I rig it up to a -90 mV and it runs peachy, highest it ever goes is around 95C on Apex...
  11. B

    Question What's going on with my PC?

    My PC has these occassional phases where it does weird <Mod Edit>. It executes the wrong commands for example if i try to open a website in firefox it will open the website in a different tab and if i click on said tab nothing happens. Typing on the keyboard is impossible it just does key...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] Why is my PC putting my tv to standby but my older smaller TV works just fine?

    I just got a new PC and trying to get it set up. Plugged it in just like my old one was set up and it will start to boot then puts my TV to standby like there’s no signal. I took the same PC, HDMI cord, and power cord and tested it on a smaller TV with no problems. Tried again on my main TV in...
  13. TyroneTiggles

    Question Recently built PC having 'floaty' mouse problems and wallpaper magically going black ?

    First time poster here so ill keep it nice and simple! So whats the issue I am having? Well, I'll list them out below as each doesn't seem to be tied to one another but may be? When unplugging a USB device from my computer case's front USB hub, the PC's wallpaper goes black instantly across...
  14. D

    Question "No Signal" on monitor ?

    My issue is i am getting no signal display on my monitor. I can confirm that it works and has been tested. I have tried a cmos reset aswell with no avail. Onboard graphics does the same. Tried a different cpu and gpu with same results. My Specs are Motherboard - Asus Prime Z390-A CPU - Pentium...
  15. Galzi

    Question why does my pc keeps turning off and on when i installed more ram

    I had 16 gb single channel installed and bought 16gb more of the same ram 3200 mghz but yeat it just reboot loops. someone help me idk what to do
  16. R

    Question Redragon 595 RATRI is not working properly! i cant light the borders back up please help!

    I tried many things! Reconnecting keyboard, resetting computer, uninstalling apps, but to no avail! Is there any way to fix this? i ran an app in german called upgrade process, for the K556R keyboard, it looked like mine so i downloaded the program, ran it and now it has the configurations of...
  17. Gucii_mane


    So I Just build a gaming pc with specs, dark hero VIII, ryzen9 5950x, rtx 3060 32gb of ram and a cpu cooler nzxt kraken z73, and my case has 9 fans in total. But when my pc is idle the temprature go from 40-70 degrees, is that normal?
  18. GalacticGeek_

    [SOLVED] Is 8GB RAM reallly that bad ? or is it something entirely else wrong with my PC? (Halo infinite and Warzone is unplayable).

    PC SPECS : OS :Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i3 9100F @ 3.60GHz RAM: 8.00GB Single-Channel @ 2400MHz MOTHERBOARD: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. PRIME H310M-E R2.0 Graphics Card : 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER Storage: SDD and a HDD SDD (OS is installed here and halo infinite) ...
  19. thegreatestofalltime

    Question System Posts but does not open BIOS or windows

    We added 3 cooler master fans to the system. When I try switching it on, it displays the ASUS Logo but does not proceed to boot windows or open bios. Motherboard: ASUS x570 prime Ryzen 73700 MSI GTx 1660 16GB Corsair Vengence RAM
  20. H

    [SOLVED] RTX 3060 not performing well

    Hey, so I've recently upgraded from a GTX 1070 to a RTX 3060. I thought the upgrade would improve performance greatly, but it hasn't. Games constantly fluctuate in fps and stutter now, and even in CS:GO, an easy game to run, I see only 200 fps even while on a lower resolution. My specs GPU...
  21. K

    Question Need help deciding between two prebuilt's!

    Hello everyone, hope the new year is treating you well, I need help deciding between these two rigs. PC 1 a laptop: MSI GF63 Thin 10UC-675NEU 15.6" 768,45 USD specs: 144 Hz, Ram: DDR4 - 8 GB CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-10500H GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3050 Laptop GPU, 4GB SSD , 512 GB , M.2 via NVMe...
  22. Question White dots on new screen, certain apps

    Getting white dots appearing on screen in certain apps when I interact with anything, but only on my second monitor. Just recently bought the ASUS VG27Q1A monitor and I'm noticing some white dots appearing on screen. I have it hooked up to my DELL laptop which has an rtx 3060 and an 11th gen...

    Question PC Crashes when playing certain games (no blue screen) (PSU is not the issue

    I have no clue what this could be, and why it is doing this, all I know is that its not the PSU and not heat issues along with the ram not being an issue Specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400T CPU @ 2.20GHz, GTX960 4GB, 500W PSU EVGA, Windows 10 Pro 64 BIT, 8GB DDR4 Ram, Motherboard is 0Y7WYT...
  24. NinjaPuffE

    [SOLVED] Unknown Bottleneck

    Recently was having issues with game fps being lower than it should so I ran a benchmark. Almost everything was underperforming, and I don't know why. Any clue what the issue could be? Benchmark results
  25. I

    Question does a Ryzen 2600x need bios update to work with b450

    hello I'm building my first PC and I got a ryzen 5 2600x for Christmas and a b450 motherboard but when I tried to boot it nothing happed no post or anything then a few seconds later the PC turns off by its self so I was wondering if I need a bios update or something to do with the motherboard
  26. Varzoh

    Question Hello beautiful people I have a total of 3 questions in this one forum. You can answer one or all the questions; any answer is greatly appreciated.

    I am planning on buying these components listed here. This PC is being built for adobe creative cloud editing in 4k, occasional cinema 4d, lots of intense stress of pc gaming, etc. First Question: Motherboard The motherboard I planned on getting was a Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI) ATX...

    Question Windows 11 BSOD (afd.sys & ntoskrnl.exe) ?

    Dump file So my computer has been going through a few random bsod while I am playing destiny 2. I did an analysis with both Bluescreenviwer and Windbg. Both point to ntoskrnl.exe or afd.sys. I dont know what to do to solve this. Please help me. Bluescreenviwer analysis...
  28. Ljgray207

    Question I need help!

    I need help! Hey I would like some help, the error LED’s on my mobo keep cycling Specs: Mobo-Aourus b450 pro Wi-Fi CPU-R7 2700x CPU Cooler-Stock Gpu-xfx 5700xt Raw II Ram-32gb (2x16) Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL 3600MHz Case-Thermaltake V200 RGB I was over at afriends with my pc and when I was...
  29. kevinjpalma

    [SOLVED] I don't know what's happening to my PC..

    Specs: NVIDIA GeForce 1650 SUPER AMD Ryzen 5 3500 6-Core Processor 16Gb RAM 256Gb SSD, 2Tb Hard drive I got my PC around 4 months ago, and for a while I was able to run most games on high settings with ease. As of a week ago, Fortnite began to play very choppy, and I was experiencing hard frame...
  30. P

    [SOLVED] PC Freezing problem: PSU or GPU? Or Both!?

    Hi So I've now spent a long while suffering with PC Problems My PC Was fine for a while, until high voltage lines near my house exploded during a freak storm, my PC was on at that moment, then power was lost to my house. since then my PC has had issues Under (somewhat) intense loads, as in...
  31. Amannnn

    [SOLVED] Alternating VGA and DRAM Lights with new CPU install.

    RTX 3070 Ryzen 5 5600x Gskill ripjaw 16gb 3200mhz Galahad AIO Aorus B550 Pro AC Wifi I got a new cpu recently, and upon installing it, I get VGA and DRAM lights on my motherboard that alternate every 10 or so seconds. The fans seem to ramp up in speed around the same time the red lights switch...
  32. M

    [SOLVED] need help with new pc build!

    MOTHERBOARD ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi 6, LGA 1200 (Intel 11th/10th Gen) ATX Gaming Motherboard STORAGE Western Digital WD BLACK SN750 NVMe M.2 2280 500GB PCI-Express 3.0 VIDEO CARD MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 RAM CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB)...
  33. W

    Question Games Close/Crash all the time despite having high fps and normal temperatures

    For a few months now my pc has been crashing from playing games for no reason at all. An example of this happening is seen in Fortnite which I have been trying to play with my mates but I just can't because the game crashes after being in the game and playing for more than 10 minutes making it...
  34. I

    [SOLVED] How to connect DRGB case fans to the motherboard ?

    I am currently building my first pc and I am having a small problem. I am using the strix 270f gaming mobo in a P500A Digital case. I am trying to connect 6 rgb fans to the motherboard. They are from Phanteks, 3 are 120mm and 3 are the 140mm supplied with the case. The d-rgb cable that came with...
  35. NTfarm


    I recently got an rtx 3060 to put in my pc. Putting it in results in the pc fan spinning then stopping immediately. But the pc boots up as normal when the gpu is not installed, it also boots when I don’t have it plugged in to the pc but connected via the pcie cord. My pc specs are: Ryzen 5 2600...
  36. Y

    Question How do I fix my computer ?

    I just upgraded my cpu from a Ryzen 7 3800xt to a ryzen 9 5900x. I have a x570 Aorus Elite and I updated the bios to the most recent one. I also upgraded my cooler to the nzxt z73 and upgraded my ram to 4 sticks of 8gb from 2 sticks of 8gb at the same time that I upgraded my cpu. I have an EVGA...
  37. krocsandsocs

    Question new rtx 3060 ti massively underperforming in my system only

    As the title says I recently got a 3060 ti and it is not performing anywhere near what it should be, it is reaching 60fps in most games on high and struggles on ultra, it is replacing a 1050 ti which was performing about the same. I put it in my friends pc with similar specs to mine (R5...
  38. Mccannaiden21

    Question Computer won’t post

    Building a pc for Christmas, I’ve built quite a bit but never had a problem like this. Originally I had bought a used r5 1600 and a new as rock b450 pro4 i also had some used parts that I know work because I just upgraded my own PC and pulled them out of it. A 750ti and a Corsair cuc 550 psu got...
  39. H

    [SOLVED] Why is my disk going to 100% when downloading ?

    The problem is in the title. I had many problems with my disks (like it running at 100% in games) i fixed this problem by uninstalling Geforce Experience and disabling SysMain. To try to fix the download speed, i reinstalled windows (not formating it) and the problem still occurs. I think it's...