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  1. RevThawne

    Question Why does my screen go blank after loading into windows?

    Video here: View: Specs; CPU: Intel i5-3330 RAM: 6GB OS: WINDOWS 10 64 BIT PRO Motherboard: I dont know Graphics card: none I've tried restarting, going into system restore (which it does it again after a while), and trying a different monitor. I really hope...
  2. folksrust

    Question Computer Part Problems, big lag spikes and frame drops with good PC parts

    Basically like a week ago-ish I noticed my game starting to lag a little and I look at task manager and the memory usage is at 98% and then a day passes and it starts to lag really bad, like ill scope in with my sniper and it'll lag or if i get shot my game would freeze up making it so I cant...
  3. MrGoblino

    Question Will my ryzen 5 1600 support 2060 if yes will it be decent?

    I was just wondering if I would of bought an 2060 supported my pc and motherboard My motherboard is a A320M-S2H V2 CF and my CPU is a Ryzen 5 1600 will it be fine if yes will i run games nice and smoothly?
  4. A

    Question Ryzen 5 5600x high temps and max fan usage

    I have recently ( a month or two) have been using the Ryzen 5 5600x with the stock wraith cooler and have had no problems till now, I had average temps based on the forums and could barely hear the stock cooler fan. All of a sudden a terrible problems has occurred, this is regarding the heat of...
  5. Nevis

    Question Android phone wont connect to my PC but will connect on other PC

    I was going to transfer files from my phone to my PC but my Phone wouldn't show up on my file explorer, I tried another phone and my PC would recognize it, I also tried plugging my phone to another PC and the PC would recognize it only on mine it wouldn't but my PC would recognize other phones
  6. Engired

    Question GPU stays at 100 in task manager, and whole system starts to lock up.

    It has to be idling for a while for it to lockup. I can only do a few things, not even the right click menu shows up. I can open task manager, and sign out. The GPU logo also goes completely off. After signing out, the logo comes back. Nothing is reporting 100% GPU usage on the first tab of task...
  7. K

    Question Computer turns on but no signal PLEASE HELP

    Hey, I just finished building my PC and it boots the led‘s and fans turn on but I get no signal and my keyboard and mouse dont get power and in the beginning my graphics cards fans start to spin then they stop also idk if thats the case but the leds on my graphics card dont turn on but idk since...
  8. T

    Question Micro stutter/Lag on decent computer

    For the past few weeks my computer has been lagging I'm not sure exactly how to describe it since I'm not very knowledgeable but ill try my best. It started after my pc crashed and i was unable to turn it back on for a few hours until it randomly decided to work since then the issue I'm...
  9. O

    Question Please help ---- graphics glitch after AMD driver update ?

    I had this pc for almost 2 years, after the last AMD drivers update everything is glitching, the desktop, the browser, the game EVERYTHING, here is my problem in a video the vid : View: here is a list of things i have tried: want back to older drivers all the way...
  10. Spanner 69

    Question Help!!! Last year I built myself a pc for gaming and ever since it’s been issue after issue

    Hi Basically last year I built my first gaming pc and ever since there has been a tonne of issues when playing games. every time I attempt to play a game it boots me back to my desktop after 5 minutes or reboots my whole computer into the bios. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600x Corsair Vengeance 2x8 gb...
  11. PCproblem1234

    Question Computer making horizontal lines all across screen after driver update

    Hey guys. Today I played some Valorant and a message popped up telling me that my driver (version 388.13) "has known issuse" I tried updating to the recommended version 441.20. After this i experienced a BSOD with various error codes, in short now my GPU (I think) is causing problems. I get...
  12. nusuntbubu

    Question I have a problem with my pc

    If i enter in an competitiv or casul(CSGO) after some time my screen turn black but pc still run BUT if i enter in warzone i can play all the day without that problem i5 9400f,12 gb ddr4 2400mhz,rx 470 4gb
  13. Michael934

    Question I need help ASAP!!!

    -System Specs- MotherBoard: MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz DDR4 CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken M22 120mm AIO GPU: Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB SSD...
  14. GestuuPL

    Question HELP with cpu voltage

    Hi For starter sorry for my grammar i am from Poland. So after i changed my old cpu (Pentium E6300) and replaced it with Core 2 Quad q9400 my voltage went so high for like 1.8V. When my Pentium had 1.25V or something near this. But Then i decided to switch this Core 2 Quad to my old Pentium...
  15. JerichosEcho

    Question Can you control the LIAN LI 2 RGB lighting from the PC?

    Just got my first PC [case] and went with the LIAN LI II My question is can you control the RGB [lighting] from the PC with a driver? it comes with a rgb control but i can't get the shade of yellow i want.
  16. nusuntbubu

    Question Screen turn of if i enter in cs:go

    If i enter in an competitiv or casul after some time my screen turn black but pc still run i5 9400f,12 gb ddr4 2400mhz,rx 470 4gb
  17. Whin

    Question cpu sudden shutdown

    hello i just change my Motherboard and cpu and im having a trouble on my pc after i change it will suddenly shutdown no warning at all then turn back on i check the temp on bios it instantly goes to 60-80c im using stock heatsink with ryzen 3rd gen. -gigabyte f2a55m hd2 -Amd a8 5600k -8Gb ram...
  18. charliep123

    Question Strange phenomenon when trying to boot (please help)

    I recently put a pc together. At first it wasn’t booting properly but I connected it to a video output and took some other steps which aren’t important. The important thing is that it booted. I assumed that what I had wrong was a front panel cable which was slightly out, but when I went to boot...
  19. C

    Question Out of Ideas...Need Some Help, Please

    About 2-3 weeks ago I had a rather unfortunate run in with an aftermarket fan controller I purchased that killed my motherboard. It was the Lamptron Fan Controller FC-8, I thought it had much better reviews than any I had seen so far, I did a little more digging and was confident that I had made...
  20. nusuntbubu

    Question Pc lag

    Hi i have spikes lag from packet loss and my ping/ latency is spiking ,what i can do My spec:i5 9400f, asus strix rx 470 4gb,12 gb ram ddr4 2400