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  1. N

    Motherboard advice needed

    I need advice on what 990fx AM3+ motherboard to buy. I want to spend no more than 130, and the one I'm currently looking at is the Asrock Fatality. Just making sure this is my best option.
  2. C

    Request help; Sanyo 46' LCD TV driver for Win 7 64bit Pro

    I would like to ensure I'm getting the most out of my set up. I have a Sanyo 46 inch LCD TV I am using as a main monitor for my Win 7 Pro 64bit via 15 pin connector. I also have an AMD Radeon R9 270 video card. I want to ensure I have the right drivers & set up, if they exists. I've done...
  3. A

    Driver Issue Vs. A Dying Card?

    Hello, Well, I'm not sure if my GPU is dying or whether or not it's the drivers. I've uninstalled the drivers and re installed them, but the issue will still occasionally happen. Basically if I'm playing a game (or watching a video, or sometimes just on the desktop) my screen will flicker, and...
  4. H

    Programs don't connect to internet

    My custom built desktop gaming computer has been working fine for 7-8 months now when last week the internet just completely stopped working for every program. Ran troubleshooting (when does that help), and did everything I could think of including reseting the router, disabling the firewall...
  5. S

    Components for a new gaming rig

    I am about to build my first gaming rig and wanted to know which configuration will be best under 60000inr.please post me the whole configuration including monitor.
  6. H

    New ASUS G10, Errors, missing drivers, and a new to pc user who is very confused!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to pc gaming and recently bought an ASUS g10, pre-built pc. I have basic computer knowledge only and wanted to ensure the computer was in no way defective so I have been checking the event log. I have a repeating error 41-Kernel/power...Says something about computer was...
  7. jaghpanther

    Upgrade 275 SLI to 580 SLI or 660ti SLI

    My daughter inherited my tertiary system: Q8300 @ 3.7 EVGA 790i FTW BFG 275 SLI She tends to play city building and civ games with the occasional Shogun 2 MP bout. I've seen several refurb EVGA 580's for about $180.00 and 660ti's for $210.00 at my local MC. Is it worth it to upgrade the 275's...