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  1. T

    black friday pc building

    should I buy pc parts on blackfriday so the parts are cheaper? what time do you guys recommend buying pc parts?
  2. I

    Random flickering of pixels

    I've been encountering a problem with my PC lately. I get random flickering pixels such as on the picture above. They seem to be following patterns of what's happening on the screen. I've watched a video on YouTube called animator vs animation and it was following characters over the screen...
  3. D

    M.2 SSD Not detected, HP ENVY

    To anyone that can help: I have a HP envy x360 M6-W105DX convertible laptop. It has an M.2 slot compatible with an 256GB SATA TLC M.2 SSD (manual linked below) To that end i purchased a Samsung EVO 860 SATA 250GB V-NAND SSD (linked below) and installed it into the slot. The Problem: The SSD...
  4. A

    Acer Aspire e14 e5-473g-304w no display only blue light when turned on

    No acer logo on startup, no display, only blue lights after pushing power button or when charging.
  5. B

    System Guard Runtime Monitor Broker Service causing High memory usage

    need help on how to remove system guard run time monitor. Its using up a lot of memory. When i start my computer its fine but then it ramps up. sorry i'm not too computer savvy. I've looked into run time broker and tried those methods but this may be something different? when i try to close it...
  6. T

    r5 2600 OC target - 4.2 ghz

    i would like to get r5 2600 to a stable 4,2ghz overclock and was wondering if someone could sugest me a good b450 board to do so, best m-atx (no m-atx available for x470). and what would be better for cooling - ml 240 lite or dark rock pro 4? (have only these two options) i know there are...
  7. Z

    After installing new drivers, PC fails to post, no beeps. Parts should be fine?

    I recently had a fried motherboard due to the front panel usbs being shorted out. I replaced this board with another one that had the same CPU socket, chipset, and supported ram. When I booted for the first time Windows (10) gave me a notification that something was wrong and gave me the option...
  8. M

    Is this PSU good?

    Is the Xilence ATX2.3 PSU 500W XN052 PSU good for a gtx 1070 ti? I have a Cooler Master masterwatt 500 lite but its faulty and doesn't boot. I heard that I should get at least a 80+ bronze certified but I'm kinda running low
  9. william.arnesson02

    PC Build 2018

    So, I have planned a pc build for a while now and I wanted to ask this community what you think because I know you guys are the best at this So the components are as following - i7 8700k - Nzxt Kraken x52 - Asus Prime Z370-A - Corsair Vengence LPX 8Gb - Asus Geforce GTX 1070 ROG Strix 8Gb -...
  10. D

    Corsair fans? Hd120 and ml140

    So I have 3 HD120s and i have a AiO i want to change the fans to 2 ML140s, i just have a hub for like 6 fans rgb but I don't know if my mobo has enough headers for it (Z370 Aorus Gaming 7) if not how do I power them? Do I need a commander pro? Also I want to get led strips do I need corsair only...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] Do I need to upgrade my computer ?

    I have desktop with the following configuration core 2 duo E7300 8 gb ddr2 gskill gigabyte eg45mud2h 120 gb wd ssd ati hd4850 Windows 7 64bit This machine was decommissioned as a HTPC and I now mainly use it as my main desktop. After upgrading to a SSD recently, there was tremendous...
  12. A

    SSD Life Expextancy

    Hello, I record a lot of videos on my PC, though the Xbox app on Windows 10. My question is that, my SSD total host writes are approaching 1500GB with 94 percent total health. It’s been less than a year since, I have had possoession of this drive why has the health gone done very quick?
  13. K

    R9 380 4G Triple monitor troubles (2 Ultrawides and 1 4K)

    So I seem to have run into an issue with my chosen monitor setup. I assumed I could just use some adapter cables to get all of my screens hooked up, but I am unable to get the resolutions I want. I was led to believe that my current graphics card could drive 1 ea. 2560x1080 screens from each DVI...
  14. BobMcSmith

    Rom file is incompatible with this BIOS

    Hello! I need a BIOS update for a CPU of a computer I have, and when I try to flash the BIOS, I just get the message, "Rom file is incompatible with this BIOS". The CPU is the i5 650, and the motherboard is the ASUS P7P55-H. I have tried a couple of different BIOS versions, but no luck. Thanks...
  15. L

    how to connect bose AV28 media center to new SAMSUNG QE65Q9FNATXXU 65" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV

    i have the old but still working well Bose system which used to connect via optical cables straight into the panasonic 55" HD tv. now that ive purchased the latest samsung tv, i can only get 1 speaker working as i can only connect bose via 1 optical cable due to this tv connecting all usbs, hdmi...
  16. D

    IT8720F Chip fried

    My Motherboard is the GA-990FXA-UD3 Rev1.1 and the ITE Chip (IT8720F JXS) is damaged and it does not work now Where can i buy a new one that works on my motherboard? Do i need a specific chip? Sorry for my bad english.
  17. D

    Motherboard won't recognize my 2 storage drives...

    So yesterday, I built a PC for my friend (specs are listed below). It all went very smoothly. I booted into the BIOS to check if the motherboard was detecting all of my hardware. I have a Seagate Barracuda 2TB hard drive and a Kingston A400 240GB SSD. They were both recognized by the...
  18. M

    MSi Gaming M7 Z270

    So I have an MSI Gaming M7 Z270 as the title states, and I was wondering if I needed to use both the 8-pin and the 4-pin power connector for my CPU? I'm running an i7-7700k if that helps. Saw another thread with the same question but I wasn't sure if my CPU was classified as power hungry so I...
  19. J

    Cheapest upgradeable laptop?

    Hello,I've been researching and i found out that building a laptop with the specs I require is cheaper than buying one,so after even more research I found out that I can save myself the price of:The shell/case,the motherboard,the screen,the mousepad,the keyboard,the speakers,and the CD drive,if...
  20. E

    HDD or SSD sleeps during work

    Hi, In the past few days I've been facing a weird issue. My hard drive or ssd(or both) tend to enter some kind of sleep mode during my pc usage I noticed that by hearing the sound of them turning on during mid-session and sometimes when I try opening Windows Explorer while they're asleep it...