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  1. burgerwithcheese

    Question (SOLVED) 13600KF throttles under full load in the first 20 seconds, then good temps (with AIO)

    Hello guys, i'm stuggling to find an answer while searching on this forum, so I deciced to post the question here. UPDATE: I have found simular posts with spikes but they lasted only +/- 2 seconds. I have completed my new PC build witht the 13600KF intel processor. I am cooling the chip with...
  2. P

    Question i5-13600kf with Cooler Master Hyper H412R ?

    Hi guys. I'm well aware that the H412R is not sufficient to cool the 13600kf. I moved it from a different system. Does anyone have experience with this cooler and its performance with the 13600kf? Before I replace it I would like to hear some different opinions. I tried stress testing the...
  3. S

    Question Blank screen on boot menu

    Hi all I am running into some issues after my recent upgrade where I changed my CPU, motherboard and ram. Atm I am trying to boot to a usb to install windows but I am running into an issue where after selecting the usb to boot into it will either blue screen immediately or will load onto a...
  4. T

    Question i5 13600k bundle? Is this not a good deal?

    Saw this bundle deal on microcenter website. Am I crazy or is this not a good deal?? https://www.microcenter.com/product/5006289/intel-core-i5-13600k,-asus-z690-p-prime-wifi-ddr5,-gskill-32gb-ddr5-6000-kit,-computer-build-combo
  5. saedboi

    Question PSU fan is very loud ?

    Hey. I was playing with smart fan settings and suddenly PSU fan started to rotate a lot and making unpleasent noises. I thought for a moment it will break or something. I dont think that I can set any speed or setting on that PSU fan so I am clueless what to do. Firstly I thought its because of...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] kraken 120mm or bequiet pure loop 120mm for i712700 or 13600k stock

    Hi due to a limited case size, I am needing a watercooler but a small one. The only feedback for the kraken is a vid of a guy using a r5 3600 getting good temps - but a 12700 is like 8 to 15 degrees hotter. Whereas I have seen a video of a guy getting 92 degrees average in aida64 on a 9900k with...
  7. W

    Question Is my 13600k supposed to run this hot when rendering videos?

    Hello, I recently upgraded to a 13600k and was very satisfied with the performance. Games ran noticably better and the temps seemed normal (80C max). Then I tried rendering a video of mine and all hell broke loose; my 9700k would hit around 80C while rendering while this thing would fly up to...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Computer Freezes with still image with brand new parts. Help?

    Hello Forum. I recently bought new parts for my PC and i have freezing problems, can you please help? :/ ----PC---- ● GPU : RTX 3080 ZOTAC AMP HOLO 10GB ● CPU : Intel i5-13600k ● RAM : Kingston HyperX Fury RGB 32GB CL16 3200Mhz ● MOBO : ASUS ROG STRIX z790-a wifi gaming d4 ● SSD : SAMSUNG EVO...