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  1. A

    Question Best Mobo for i5-6600k plus future expansion

    Fellas, I’ve had enough of Xbox’s bullshit for a while now, and this build has been slowly burning for a long time. I’ve had an i5-6600k and GTX 1060-3GB that I got basically for free about 2 years ago. I understand they’re dated, but the free-ness is the center of this build. I’ve...
  2. KvotheOyeinstein

    Question Turbo Boost on top of manual Overclock, safe or not?

    So I'm rather new to overclocking and am just trying to get a decent overclock on my i5-6600K which is base 3.5. I followed a guide and set it 4.2, and it was fine did a stress test with y-cruncher and cinebench r20. Both went fine, no crashes and I was about to test it out on a game when I...
  3. S

    Im going to buy 144hz monitor

    Hey guys, i want to buy 144hz monitor and i want to know if it help with ''ghosting'' when i can only get 60fps in games.. Thanks for replies!