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    [SOLVED] Raid 5 rebuild... help!

    Hi, I have an IcyBox cheap 4 bay raid drive with 4x 1TB WD green drives. A couple of weeks ago they started un-mounting on my iMac (Sierra). Stupidly I didn't think anything of it really, so didn't do a recent backup. Then none would mount (I did a couple of partitions on the 3TB drive total) so...
  2. A

    Question Icy Box IB-AC603L-U3

    So as the title suggests, I've bought an Icy Box IB-AC603L-U3 in an attempt to use an older hard drive for storage The issue is - it doesn't work. When I go to Disk Management in order to initialize it, using the GPT Disk option I get ''The Specified Disk is not convertible because the size is...